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Funding Reached and Stretch Goal Added!

Posted by J2 Product Development, LLC (Creator)

Kordl Fans,

It's official -- Kordl 2 has reached 100% funding and will be manufactured! Yee haw! 

But with 27 days left on Kickstarter, the real fun now begins:

If we reach $15,000 we can unlock a 2nd color OF YOUR CHOICE!

Here's how to VOTE:

1. Like Kordl on Facebook by clicking HERE

2. Leave a comment on the recent "vote post" with your color choice

That's it!

The color with the most votes in the next 27 days gets selected for production! But remember, this only happens if we reach $15,000 funding in the next 27 days -- so please share the link below with everyone you know:

THANK YOU all for your generous support, and we look forward to making Kordl 2 the coolest product it can possibly be!

Best Regards,

John & Joe


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    1. Michal on

      Green or Dark Grey

    2. Missing avatar

      Olivia Cholewa on

      I think red would be great!

    3. Rees Maxwell on

      KS green, of course.

    4. Jon Beige on

      Can we get an update about the results of the voting?

    5. Suzanne Schiller on

      Definitely kickstarter green. (I'm developing a whole collection of "kickstarter green" items, and I love it).

    6. Missing avatar

      Jill Tanaka on

      Anything colourful. Red.

    7. Dmytro Kolyvai on

      Kickstarter green would be awesome!

    8. Missing avatar

      Alex Horb on

      Or green. Green would be good too. Put me down for 16 votes on green!

    9. Missing avatar

      Alex Horb on

      Red red red! (Please)

    10. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Clear is a great idea - would be less noticeable

    11. Missing avatar

      Marc Kraetke on

      i vote for Black for my black headphones.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dead Writer on

      Any non neutral color. Kickstarter green or red.

    13. Marv


    14. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      It would be nice to see at least a preview of the colors but a nice blue color would be my choice.

    15. Korry Luke on

      Orange is my favorite!

    16. J2 Product Development, LLC Creator on

      Hey Marissa,

      Feel free to vote right here in the comments section. Same for everyone else without Facebook.

      John & Joe

    17. Marissa Vasquez on

      What about backers who don't have Facebook? How can we vote

    18. John Seay on

      Color black please!