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Bring back the love of reading in a magical way. Simply attach Moonlite to your phone, pop in a story reel and begin projector reading.
Bring back the love of reading in a magical way. Simply attach Moonlite to your phone, pop in a story reel and begin projector reading.
Bring back the love of reading in a magical way. Simply attach Moonlite to your phone, pop in a story reel and begin projector reading.
5,142 backers pledged $345,700 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Chi Wei Lin: Hello, we have sent you a message regarding your Kickstarter reward. Please have check your messages for our response.

    2. Chi Wei Lin on

      Received a form asking our address, but still not sign of the product. What's happening?
      Your post said 99% shipping last year, and it's 2018 Aug now. Contact me immediately!!

    3. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Manish: Hello, we have sent you a message regarding this issue :)

    4. manish on

      Natalie i have lost my mobile and when i am trying to use in the new mobile the access code for the bigget kit is not working, please provide the new code so that i can configure in my mobile.

    5. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Gordon Wiebe: Hi Gordon, I am sorry to hear that you have not received your Moonlite reward. It appears that you have not filled out your address survey. We have sent you a message regarding this so we can ship your reward to you :) Also, we have implemented a universal clip on Moonlite that works with almost any phone. You can see our entire list of supported devices here (we have many iPhone and Android devices):

    6. Missing avatar

      Gordon Wiebe on

      This is a con job. DO NOT GET INVOLVED. These people are thieves. I too was an original backer. As others have said, we got absolutely nothing for our money. We were told there would be an android device but when they ask for details abut your phone, they only list iPhones. I have no doubt that people with iPhones are told they are only for Android devices. Despite repeated complains and phony assurances from the con artist woman behind this scam, we still have nothing.

    7. Manoj Gambir on

      Hello, I’m one of the original backers and haven’t received my product yet! It’s been soooooo long and I have responded to everything posted too!!

    8. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Lauren Danieletto: Hi Lauren, I have sent you a message regarding your reward :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Betsy Gonzales on

      I have left several emails and no one will respond back to me.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lauren Danieletto on

      Hi, I was one of the original backers. I still have not received my order. I have changed addresses since my pledge but this has been updated with you and acknowledged. I was wondering when it will be shipped. The delay comes at a good time as my husband and I are due to have our first baby.
      Hope to hear back soon.
      Kind regards, Lauren

    11. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Marianne Anderson @DD @Halina Kaja Mydin: Hi Guys,

      I have sent you each a message regarding your Moonlite reward. Please check your messages. :)

    12. Halina Kaja Mydin

      Hi! I have not received my order.

    13. Missing avatar

      DD on

      Hi Moonlight
      I haven’t received mine
      Best wishes

    14. Missing avatar

      Marianne Anderson on

      How can I get an update on when this will be delivered?

    15. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Megan McArdle: Hi Megan, we have sent you a message regarding your reward. Please get back to us ASAP so that we can send your reward out as quickly as possible :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Megan McArdle

      I would like a follow up as well please.

    17. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @ Kathryn: Hi Kathryn,

      Your reward is currently on it's way! :) We have sent you a message with more details regarding your package :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Kathryn on

      Still waiting for my delivery. You said you would send it but still waiting. Would really like to have a tracking number when it is sent. Thank you.

    19. Melanie Thompson

      I've sent a couple of emails asking about how this product can be passed on to others after I've finished with it. The first answer I got was the standard one, you can add up to 3 people by email, blah blah blah.

      They've made it so you can only use the code for these stories once so unlike a book you can not pass the story reels and phone clip onto others. I'm not prepared to keep the account open for the rest of my life and change the different people by email as the years go on. I will also not be using the credit or the discount code they gave me to buy anymore stories. If I can't pass them on, what's the point.

      Really had high hopes for this product when I first back it but until they rethink the code issue on the stories, I don't think I'd recommend this product to anyone.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dina on

      Where is my product? Why such a long delay ?

    21. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Focusing: Hi, We have sent you a message regarding your order. We hope that we can resolve your issues as quick as possible :)

    22. Missing avatar


      So what’s up is they’re business model is crap. They got our funding, and then took it straight to Amazon. Bypassed Kickstarter. So @Creator you clearly have the stock. It’s Amazon best seller. Yet you can’t fill orders to the people that helped you get this off the ground?

    23. Missing avatar


      I haven’t gotten mine either.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kathryn on

      Hello. I too have not received my product. Please update.

    25. Quinn Bannon

      Hello. I never received my order. What's up? Need an update.

    26. Manoj Gambir on

      Hello its been a a really really long time and we haven't received the product yet ! please find time to ship the remaining 1 percent as well!

    27. Missing avatar

      Laurie White on

      I have responded to the survey numerous times with no reponse. Can this item fit on a droid phone? There isnt any option on the survey. I see we can purchase in Target. Why have we not received ours as backers prior to purchasing in stores. I am disappointed and would like to give these to my grandchildren for Easter. Its been so long waiting.

    28. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @ Devin Turner: We have sent you an email regarding your order. Please let us know if you haven't received this email.

    29. Missing avatar

      Devin Turner on

      So I backed this over a year ago and have seen nothing!!! Where is my shipment?!?!?

    30. MegaBueno on

      See these at Target; saw a couple with their child looking at it and I quickly went up to them to let them know about this product and my impressions. Needless to say, they put the product back down and walked away.

    31. Ben Panthera on

      Hey, I have backed this project very long time ago, and yet I have not received it. May I know when will I get this? thank you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Brown Wijaya on

      I have filled the survey in regards to the shipping address since 23 Feb. can I please get a response? I have no clue if there is any progress toward my shipping

    33. Erin on

      I have never received this product. Help?

    34. MegaBueno on

      I agree with a lot of others. I will not recommend this product to others parents or friends. CS experience has been awful and although I received the product, it wasn’t what I ordered.

    35. Tim on

      I wish you luck @lee. The customer service from this company is horrible. They stick to stock responses, take forever to respond, and when they do, they talk to you like all their screwups are your fault. The product is great, but I will not buy anymore of their products going forward

    36. Lee Creasey on

      Hi Natalie,

      I had a busy couple of months and just realised I have not yet received my Moonlite!

      There was an initial problem with shipping where some of your addresses were corrupted etc but after re entering I was given a tracking ID and now that doesn't give me any tracking info.
      It's being shipped to Dubai, but shouldn't be any problems with the address here, and things never take this long usually.

      Appreciate any help to get this sorted.

    37. Missing avatar

      bonghee yoon on

      언제 배송이 되는 거야?

    38. Ferdy Adiwidjaya on

      Correction: 8 weeks...

    39. Ferdy Adiwidjaya on

      @Natalie just saw your email... will reply it ASAP... I thought your previous email just a notification to wait until 48 weeks... thank u...

    40. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Ferdy Adiwidjaya: Hi Ferdy, we have responded to your emails but never received a response. We have sent you another email regarding your issue. Please check your email and get back to us.


      The Moonlite Team

    41. Ferdy Adiwidjaya on

      It’s already over 8 weeks since my initial shipment email and I have not yet received my moonlite. I also already complaint to you about tracking my package. Any help?

    42. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Junto Nozawa: Hi Junto, we have sent you an email regarding your reward. Please check your email and get back to us.

      @Dongil Park: Hi Dongil, we have also sent you an email about your package. Please let us know if you have not received it.


      The Moonlite Team

    43. Missing avatar

      Junto Nozawa

      I never received mine... can you help?

    44. Missing avatar

      Dongil Park on

      Please ship it fast.
      There is also a limit to tolerance.

    45. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Alexander Baldauf: Hi Alexander, we have emailed you about your order but have still not received a response yet. Please check your email so that we may resolve your issues.


      The Moonlite Team

    46. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Debbie Caithness: Hi Debbie, we have sent you a message about your order. Please check your messages :)


      The Moonlite Team

    47. Natalie Rebot Creator on

      @Harly Sabater: Hi Harly, we have sent you an email regarding your order. please check your email for our latest reply.


      Moonlite Team

    48. harley valin on

      I still don’t have my product. Do i have to get furious to get mine? I tried to talk to them. Tried and still trying to be nice, calm and understanding but until when? Few minutes ago i am on facebook and Moonlite showed up as a sponsored ad selling products, this got me offended. Everyone received their products and I didn’t, knowing that i was part of first few people that made Natalie’s dream a reality! Please let me know if my frustrations are not valid.

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