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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 11 months ago
Flykers™By Flykers™
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Flykers™By Flykers™
First created
pledged of €25,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 11 months ago

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gardinetti on

      No more information after 2 weeks... no information on indiegogo (only 4% and nothing move). Sounds like your compaign is a scam...

    2. Jason Boyd

      I've been on the fence with Kickstarter suspending you, but I've decided to make the purchase on Indigogo. I really hope you reach your goal and the product is as good as demonstrated. As you know I was Backer 1 here on KS. I'm sure the lag on the indigogo campaign is because of the lack of trust KS made us feel. Keeping my fingers crossed for an amazing product.

    3. Missing avatar

      Atty Ryan Tadeo on

      When I learned that you guys were suspended by KS I immediately funded you guys in Indiegogo because I believe that your product has potential since I am looking for bluetooth earphone with noise cancelling. More power and I am looking forward to your product in November. TY

    4. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Philip,

      We do not know why you can not see it, we just checked and it works correctly. It appears first from this link.


      Thanks for your support :)

    5. Phillip Thrush on

      @creator, I’d already pledged there to before your last link.

    6. Phillip Thrush on

      @creator- secret perk, I can only see the pledges on Indiegogo, look like the same brackets. 46usd the lowest

    7. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi backers,

      We have already received a response from Kickstarter.
      We transcribe the message.

      "Hi there,
      Thanks for reaching out and using Kickstarter. It's or policy not to comment on a project's suspension beyond what is stated in or previous message. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

      Kickstarter Integrity "

      So we still have no clear reason why our project has been suspended, we continue to think that it is because they consider that we have used photographic realism in animation, which is not allowed in their rules.
      This has been enough to ruin all our work.
      But what hurts us the most is the bad image they have projected on us without a clear explanation of what has happened, for us and for our backers.

      We are currently live on Indiegogo, where we have not had any problems because. it is a totally legitimate project.

      For those that decide to continue supporting us we have prepared a "Secret Perk" with an additional discount for you by the annoyances. You can access it through the following link:


      We hope to see you there we need you more than ever.

      Thank you

    8. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi backers,

      Before the silence of Kickstarter we decided to restart the campaign in Indiegogo.


      We wait for you there :)

      Thank you

    9. Missing avatar

      Vanessa on

      I hope it will be solved soon. If you do it on another platform, please let me know where. Thanks and good luck.

    10. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Jason
      We do not know why. All technology projects are reviewed by Kickstarter before its publication. At first we were denied our project saying that we used renders in the animation of the video, we appeal because we use a 3D model made from 360º photographs. They accepted and we published the project. We thought they might have changed their minds suddenly. In any case, we consider that this way of canceling a project without giving any explanation of what has happened is not fair. We have put a lot of effort and time into the project.

    11. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi backers,
      We tried to contact Kickstarter and received no response. We do not know why our campaign was canceled suddenly. If we do not receive an answer soon, we will start the campaign again on the other great crowdfunding platform.
      If this happens, we hope to see you there :)

      Thanks and sorry

    12. Jason Boyd

      Makes me a little nervous @creator. Can You give us details as to why the suspended you? That way if they un suspend you we can have an assurance that we are backing a legit campaign. Nothing negative intended, but with all the BS on Kickstarter need some assurances.

    13. Missing avatar

      M_Dijk on

      Hi There,

      Any news yet?

    14. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi backers,
      We have suddenly received a message from Kickstarter that our campaign has been suspended for no apparent reason.
      We will inform you of what happens as soon as we know something else.

    15. Missing avatar

      Vanessa on

      What's happened? Why is the project suspended?

    16. Missing avatar

      Carl Terrey on

      Not great. Was looking forward to these.

    17. Missing avatar

      Martin Hamilton on

      This is the second time this has happened to a campaign I've backed in the past month... charlatans!

    18. Phillip Thrush on

      @ creator, are you sharing your campaign anywhere else, love your product - don’t want you to fall short of being funded.

    19. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Erwin

      Our main objective with the Air One model is that it has the best sound quality possible, the best grip and comfort, and that it is stylish. If you trust us, I assure you that we will not disappoint you.

      Thank you for your interest :)

    20. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Said

      Thank you very much for your support :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Erwin Wiersema on

      The main headphone feature is the perfect sound reproduction. I ordered a headphone earlier and they all ended up at the garbage. Can you tell me how excellent the sound quality will be?

    22. Missing avatar

      Said Abad on

      I already made my contribution, congratulations for this great project, we hope to reach the goal, the support from Mexico

    23. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Shiva,

      It is not possible to adjust the volume in Air One, the volume must be adjusted in the device. Air One only works with 1, 2 and 1 long clicks in order to make its operation simple and fast.

      Thank you for your interest :)

    24. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Youngbin

      It could be some of the stretch goals we have in mind ;)

      Thank you for your interest :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Shiva Siddharth on

      Hello, does it have volume control buttons ?

    26. Youngbin on

      Is there a possibility for black coloured ones?? Stretch goal perhaps?

    27. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Philip

      -Yes, you can connect only one and enjoy all the functionalities.
      -Yes, the noise cancellation is active

      Thank for you interest :)

    28. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Sam

      Yes, we have several stretch goals that we will publish when the campaign is a bit more advanced.

      Thanks for your interest :)

    29. Phillip Thrush on

      @creator, do both earphones have the button on the side, so if only using 1 we can still answer calls for example?
      Is the noise cancellation active or passive ?
      Good luck.

    30. Sam Standley on

      Any plans for stretch goals on this?

    31. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Daniel

      10m free space means that the data transfer is optimal until approximately that distance when there are no walls in the middle, because they interfere with the connectivity.

      In addition, latency data can not be included as a technical specification of the product because it is influenced by several factors influence, such as the type of device (mobile, tablet, computer,...) and its characteristics, the distance or intermediate objects.
      We have observed different latencies in different devices, so we can not offer an exact figure, but we did not apreciate any significant desynchronization while we were playing videos.

      Thank you for your interest :)

    32. Daniel on

      I was hoping for more specifics. What is the ms latency for these earbuds? And what is meant by +10m (free space)? I had been looking at the Liberty+ and they mentioned that the latency of their earbuds was around 200ms, which is noticeable when watching videos. Their excuse was that reducing latency would reduce the range of its Bluetooth connectivity causing audio dropouts, so they settled for 10m/33ft range.

    33. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Daniel

      The data transfer is fast, so you will not receive any kind of audio desync.

      Thank you for your interest :)

    34. Daniel on

      What is the latency for the connection? Would I notice an audio desync if I were watching a movie wearing these?

    35. Missing avatar

      Carl Terrey on


      Great news about the connections for the tips.

      Best Regards


    36. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Jurgen

      The products will be shipped from Spain.

      Thank you for your interest :)

    37. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Chris,

      You can see the technical specifications at the bottom of the description.

      Thank you for your interest :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Jürgen Holstein on

      from where will you ship ?
      I ask, because of the custom fees.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Isiah Orozco Gonzalez on

      What are the specifications for sound delivery? What is the dynamic range and the frequency responce? Other technical information. Do you have a sheet one can download?

    40. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Carl

      Yes, Air One uses a standard connection, you can use memory foam tips.

      Thanks for your interest :)

    41. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi, @Tim

      Currently we use USB-C, to use Lightning plug is necessary an authorization from Apple, and the truth that currently the USB-C works wonderfully.

      Thanks for your interest :)

    42. Flykers™ Creator on

      Hi @Jason

      Thanks for your support. We hope to get a great result thanks to this fantastic Kickstarter community.

      Thank you very much for trusting us :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Carl Terrey on


      I have a question, I think a few people might want to ask. With the ear tips, are they a standard connection to the headphone? Or is it unique to the Air One? I like to use memory foam tips for my ears. Will any other aftermarket tips fit the Air Ones? If so, which ones?

      Best Regards

      Carl Terrey

    44. Missing avatar

      Tim Gerace on

      Would be extremely cool to offer an option to charge the case using a Lightning plug. Any chance this could be an option?

    45. Jason Boyd

      Glad to be backer #1, hope to see this project come to fruition. Looks like a good product at a reasonable price. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.