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We're creating a comic book designed to launch dozens of new African American superheroes into pop culture — and we need your help!

OK, here’s the thing …

Anyone who goes to the movies or turns on television knows that comic books have taken over pop culture. This summer alone, three superhero films adapted from comic books are hitting the big screen.

And that’s great, right? Well, yes … except for one big problem …

The vast majority of superheroes proliferating pop culture these days are NOT people of color.

And that’s because, even today, minorities are still in the minority when it comes to the world of comic books. And that means, tons of potential readers are not being served with stuff they might like.

The fact is, the world needs more heroes of color — so, we decided to create some!

Presenting: The African American Superhero Anthology.

Created by writer/editor Carlton Hargro, with art and stories by a host of artists and writers, The African American Superhero Anthology (aka "Super Black") is designed to introduce a bevy of new and divergent heroes of color to the comic landscape.

But in order for The African American Superhero Anthology to become a reality, we need YOUR help.

You can get involved with The African American Superhero Anthology project by pledging here and now at Kickstarter.

And folks, we're looking for ANY amount. $1, $2, $3 … whatever. NO amount is too small. SERIOUSLY.

And, yo, if you're broke, keep in mind the money doesn't come out of your account until the Kickstarter campaign is finished 40 days from now.

(AND KEEP IN MIND:  If we don't get the full amount pledged, we don't get ANY of the cash.)

Folks who decide to pledge ($5 or more) get a special, ultra-rare edition of The African American Superhero Anthology, featuring a special cover and autographs from all the creative teams involved.

All that said, send in a pledge for The African American Superhero Anthology today.

Your pledge will help ensure that future generations of people worldwide get to see diverse representations in pop culture.

Plus, it's gonna be a really cool comic book. Lots of fighting and explosions and stuff. 

Don't delay — pledge today!   

And while you're busy perusing the page, take a look at some art from the Anthology. First up, here's a drawing of the superhero Isis — who'll be featured in the comic — done by Image Comics artist Jimmie Robinson:

Next, feast your eyes on this illustration of a brand-new (and unnamed for now) hero who's also slated to appear in the Anthology by artist Marcus Kiser:

Next, check out a new kid hero (who shall also remain nameless) by artist John Hairston: (And there's more to come!)


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    You get your name listed on our big "Thank You!" page, identifying you as a backer of the Anthology.

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    The first 500 people to invest at least $5 get a special limited-edition copy of Super Black, complete with a variant cover and signed by all the creative people involved with the comic.

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    The first 200 people to invest $20, get Reward #1 and #2, AND they get the special, limited-edition ash can/digest-sized, 20-page, black-and-white "African American Superhero Anthology HANDBOOK." This publication contains biographical data (such as info on superhuman abilities, personal history, secret identities and more) on a number of the new characters introduced in the Anthology. Plus, it contains several exclusive character sketches and more.

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    The first 50 people to pledge $70, get Reward #1, #2 and #3, PLUS they get an ultra-rare edition of Isis #0 — which is the first appearance of the character Isis, a hero to be featured in the Anthology. The comic was created by Carlton Hargro and Darrick Hargro (with art by Juan Carlos Baez), and was published in 1994. Only a few of these comics remain in the world. Get your hands on one before Isis returns on the scene in The African American Superhero Anthology.

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    MEET YOUR DOOM IN THE ANTHOLOGY! The first 8 people to pledge $100 get Reward #1, #2, #3 and #4, AND they get a special "walk-on" role in the comic book where your likeness meets a gruesome end! The character will be drawn to mimic your features and go by your government name — and then you'll bite the dust pretty hard in a scene in one of the Anthology's stories.

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