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The loooooong story..

Posted by Melissa Greener (Creator)

My dear friends,
First, I hope your holiday season is peaceful, restful, and surrounded with those you love most.  I hope you made delicious food, received warm hugs, smiles, and most of all, I hope you ate at least three different kinds of PIE!!!

Ok, on to the business..

It has been way too long since I've updated you on the status of things with The Fallow Year project. I am so deeply ashamed for my neglect in keeping you up to date.  

In a sentence it comes down to this:  I STILL do not have the physical CDs. 

In my last update post I told you that, the CD printers sent me a batch of almost entirely defective products.  They agreed to re-print the order and ship it out to me, but I was away on tour in Europe and then the Northeast US for the ten weeks that followed.  Thus, I was unable to receive the new batch of CDs until I returned back home to Nashville.  When I did open the new shipment of CDs I discovered that the large majority of those were also defective, as the first batch had been.  You can imagine my shock, fury, and frustration.  Customer service at the company has been terrible.  The manager I've been dealing with (when he chooses to respond to my emails and phone calls) has not agreed to refund my order.  I've gotten my lawyer involved.  

It seems so silly to go to all of this trouble to print a small batch of CDs, right???  I should just forget about the money and go to another CD printer and finish the damn job, right?  Of course right!  But my financial reality is that I'm just not able to do that.  Ugh.  I'm embarrassed and ashamed.  I apologize for this totally ridiculous delay.  Literally every other aspect of this project has been paid for and is ready to go; from the audio mixing to the T-shirts and stickers.  It is astounding to me that the actual physical CD is the LAST thing to be completed.  Crazy.

So there you have it.  Tail between my legs, face flushed with pity.  I'm very very sorry.  I promise you I'm working on it.  

I wanted so much for you to have this CD way before the holiday season.  These are emotionally tough times for a lot of folks, for a lot of reasons.   And daylight, while increasing by mili-seconds, is at it's annual low.  The only way I know how to get through hard times without spiraling down into an out of control depression is to focus on what I'm grateful for, and to get up and do something kind for someone else.  I've been trying real hard to do those things.  

I hope you can understand about the on-going CD fiasco, and indulge me a little longer with your continued patience.  I'll be mostly home in "office mode" for the next few months, so I'll be able to take care of this as soon as the working world comes back to life at the top of this new year.  

I wish you a most fulfilling turn of the calendar.  And I hope to see you again in 2019!!  

Till then,
grace, peace, love..


#serenityprayer #justbreath #sleazydisc

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      Alan Pelton on

      Melissa - this indeed sounds like a nightmare speed bump to the completion of your CD. Please, please, please do not feel ashamed or embarrassed - those emotions are anti-positive and frankly, this is not your fault. Facts are what facts are, so...we wait patiently. And if you need to go to the well for additional $$, just ask. Peace and happiness for 2019! Alan Pelton