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Have you ever felt like a failure?

Posted by Melissa Greener (Creator)

(Don't worry, there's good news too!)

Before I get into the messy "real-life-stuff," let me assure you, in the scheme of things I am SO SO very good!  Still on top!  Meds still working their magic!  The fading day's light filtered through the elm leaves outside this kitchen window are still dazzling to me!  The world is, if not my oyster, a cute little sidewalk snail sliming off into the sunset.

There have, however, been a few hiccups in my plans to infiltrate your homes with The Fallow Year sounds and material prizes.  {Gasp!}  I know I promised an August delivery of your pre-purchases, but it's going to be ever so slightly delayed.  Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!  Slow your roll there, Charlie!  I'll be shipping out your goodies soon!  Merch-Gods-willing, it will happen before September 4th when I leave for Europe for eight weeks.  (Um, yeah.)

☝️ See?!! See??! ☝️ See, look!! ☝️ Stuff to mail your stuff in!!! ☝️ It's about to happen!! Look!! ☝️ See?!? ☝️

Ok, so here's the thing.  I haven't "gotten real" with y'all in a while.  Since growing out of the Fallow season for which this album is named, I've preferred to keep things "up-beat", positive, hopeful.  But what good is the Great without a little goo?  Well, here's some "current-real-life of a working solopreneur musician-songwriter" for you:

Failure. Defeat. Anxiety. Overwhelm.  Do any of these feelings ring a bell to your weary soul?  If so, at least you're not alone.

Gathering resources for this launch of goods to you has been met with roadblock after roadblock after pothole after traffic jam these past few weeks.  Why shouldn't I be able to single-handedly create and design artwork and layout and release my pre-release version of The Fallow Year record?  Why should I not simultaneously be able to create, order and arrange T-shirt designs and all manor of other custom wholesale swag, deliver those ingredients to printers and manufacturers and companies and individuals?  While I'm at it, how about I book, route, publicize and tour-manage an eight-week European tour???  Why not?  I mean, in my spare time.

Snapshot Of A Fiasco [the title of my next memoirs, by the way]:  The packing/shipping supplies arrived, but they sent the wrong size, so I sent them back and waited for new ones, pictured above.  Those address label-stickers you see on the top of that box?  Yeah.. took me an ENTIRE DAY to figure out how to export the excel file from Kickstarter, turn it into a "Mail Merge" document and run around to three different office supply places before finding one lone hero at Kinkos - thank you Kirk!!! - who found a work-around to print the addresses on the labels that didn't format correctly from my Mac to thier PC...  The Photobooks were delivered, but there were big black ink smudges on some of the pages, so I sent them back and waited for new ones.  The USB manufacturer in China ran out of the USB_3.0 chip and "will let know" when they get more in stock...  It goes on!

And that's just in my business world - nevermind my personal life!!!  Ackk!!!

Ok, blah-dee-blah-dee-blah-dee-blah.  We're all human.  We're all fallible.  Imperfect.  We all need things like sleep and food and water and kindness to keep us going.  Right?  We're all just doing the best we can.  And even if we're not, it makes me feel better to tell myself we are.  

(Did I mention I'm currently homeless and floating in between two friends' houses before I hit the road to the Old Country on September 4th?  Uh-huh.)

The Good News!!

Finished CDs!!  T-shirts!!  Stickers!!  And all of the other things are just SO very close to arriving at my doorstep!  The envelopes will be pre-and-return-addressed, ready to go!  So, like, it's happening!!

But the best news of all? 

I have you by my side, riding this crazy wave all the way into shore.  Feels really, really good to know that.

Thanks y'all.

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    1. Renee Weitzner on

      Melissa, you are just fine. Can't wait to hear you and see you. When are you coming to DC?

    2. Marie Christopher on

      Thanks for the update

    3. John M. Cook on

      We have your back Greener. Don’t stress. Love ya bunches.

    4. Melissa Greener Creator on

      Thanks for being so understanding, y'all.

    5. Melissa Greener Creator on

      Yes, downloads will be available soon too! ... I'm just feeling the pressure to get all the physical stuff done in the short time I'm home. I can upload files from anywhere.. Stay tuned!

    6. Sue Young on

      No worries Melissa. These things always take way longer than you could ever imagine. No rush.Take care of yourself.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark J Moerman on

      Well that was such an entertaining post, it makes up for any delays! Thanks for sticking with it, and as they say, good things come to those who wait! Looking forward to hearing The Fallow Year.

    8. Missing avatar

      Reid Finlayson on

      Dang, you write well. Nice to see you at Tokyo with the gang. Good luck on tour!

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Kaufman on

      Sorry to hear about all of the frustrations! Will you email a link to download the digital version?