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I Need Your ADD-ON T-SHIRT info!!!

Posted by Melissa Greener (Creator)

Hi, me again...

All of the Backer Survey's have been sent out, but they did not account for those few of you who paid an extra amount to ADD-ON T-Shirt option after your initial reward choice!  If this applies to you and you did NOT receive a request for T-Shirt info in your survey today, Please send me a message with your T-shirt preferences! 

You can tell if this applies to you by reviewing your Kickstarter backing history.  If there is a T-Shirt in the description of the reward package you backed, I've already got you covered.  Simply reply to the survey.

For ye few ADD-ON backers to whom this applies, I need you to send me a personal message here on Kickstarter specifying your choice of Style and Size...

✶ Both the "UNISEX/Men's" & "WOMEN's" models are a slightly fitted cut, so choose your size accordingly:

UNISEX/Men's - 2 XL 

WOMEN's - 2 XL


- green-jeans


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    1. Missing avatar

      Frank T. Burke on

      I ordered a 2xl Men's T-shirt and a Hard Copy CD

    2. Missing avatar

      Frank T. Burke on

      IT"S December 27th and I have not received my TSHIRT nor my hard copy CD

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      Hi Melissa,
      Mine's a Men's large please.
      Good luck with all the admin, the mastering, the roaming about and your knee!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Laker on

      Jason L: Mens 2XL if I have one coming...

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Schatzkin on

      Do I do that hear? Am I eligible for a T-shirt (I don't remember). If so, XL Mens.

    6. Missing avatar

      Roger Savage on

      Hi Melissa,
      I don't think I'm a t-shirt person but Kickstart takes soooooo long to respond that I'll just say Male Unisex X-L in case I'm on your list!
      Roger Savage

    7. Missing avatar

      Reid Finlayson on

      Reid Finlayson Men's Large

    8. Missing avatar

      louis DeMarco on

      lou DeMarco Mens-XL

    9. Melissa Greener Creator on

      I have a spreadsheet that shows about 15 people who paid extra to ADD ON a T-shirt to their existing pledge...

    10. Missing avatar

      Tam Adams on

      Tam Adams. Men’s size M

    11. Missing avatar

      Margaret Mazzaferro on

      I'm confused, not sure I should respond to this. If I'm eligible I'd like a woman's X-large T-shirt.
      If I'm not eligible, please just ignore me.
      Margaret Mazzaferro