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King Voxel captures the magic of games like "The Legend of Zelda", but adds a world generator and voxels!

King Voxel captures the magic of games like "The Legend of Zelda", but adds a world generator and voxels! Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on December 4, 2013.

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Note: the raft item is disabled so you can't get to the end in any of the quests, but you will get a good taste of what the game is all about, how the game performs on your hardware, how the controls feel, etc.  I want players to be able to judge the quality of the game for themselves.  Keep in mind though that this is an alpha, so if this game reaches its goal the level of awesomeness will be even greater in the final version!

 Check out the impressions King Voxel is making on people and the media!

King Voxel covered on Zelda Dungeon:


Here it is in Indiegamemag:

Here it is in my local Ottawa newspaper:

Here is James Graham's impressions from youtube channel "lotsofgames":

Here's Craig Stern's take from IndieRPGs!



Here's a 3 parter by Briarstoned.

Mike Keogh has some good things to say about the project:

I always loved nonlinear sandbox action adventure games like The Legend of Zelda and Metroid that featured fighting and action but also required you to find keys to gain access to new areas and weapon upgrades.  My favorite Atari 2600 game Adventure featured random item placement at the start of a quest.  This kept the game fresh and fun for a very long time.  The Legend of Zelda is one of my all time favorite games!  This game was truly worthy of its golden cartridge!  The only problem with Zelda is that I played it so much that I pretty much had the game memorized and knew where to find all the items.  I wanted to make a very special game - King Voxel - that captures the replayability of Adventure and the magic of The Legend of Zelda and adds my own unique ideas ... like laser glasses, giant beasts made out of acidic ice cream, and of course awesome cel-shaded voxel graphics!

Lord Hellion has conquered the kingdom of Voxelot, transformed the kingdom with his enchantment, stolen the royal treasures, and kidnapped Queen Voxel!  It is up to King Voxel, the king who fights like a warrior poet, to undo Hellion's treachery!

Voxelot is infested with all sorts of monsters!  Drillshells drill up out of the ground below your feet.  Lions get mad and charge if they see you.  Wizards warp to different locations.  Ghosts can become invisible.  Roaches need to be stepped on.  Madusa can turn you into stone in the middle of battle!  Devils 'n dragons are just mean!  Some monsters have strengths and weaknesses to certain magic attacks.  Exploit the monsters' weaknesses to emerge victorious in combat!

The royal treasures are scattered all throughout the kingdom - often in unexpected places.  Some treasures are required to make further progress like the plank, raft, and black key.  Some treasures will make your quest easier such as better swords and armor, boomerangs, and a healing ring which gradually replenishes your life.  There's some awesome weapons to find.  The crossbow shoots poisoned arrows - shoot a powerful knight once and watch him wither and die over time!  Merlin's spectacles discharge concentrated beams of light obliterating a group of weaker enemies in one shot, but they will just bounce off some monsters.

King Voxel is a thousand quests strong!  Each quest has a uniquely generated overworld and castles.  The item locations also varies greatly among different quests.  In one quest you might find the crossbow near the start of the adventure, and in another quest it might be near the end.  Don't worry the first sword upgrade is always early in the game so the quests wont be frustrating.

I want King Voxel to be challenging but not frustrating.  To keep frustration to a minimum I implemented the following features in King Voxel:

  • the fortune teller can reveal the location of the next treasure item
  • pushing on the corner of a block will make you slide past it
  • map indicates castles that still contain treasure
  • flashing gates indicate remaining treasure
  • you cannot complete a castle without getting it's treasure first
  • you can evacuate a castle at any time (with the right item)
  • warp gates can instantly warp you to previously visited locations
  • keyboard supported but controls designed for an XBox360 controller
  • x and y camera axis controls are invertible

Gameplay and controls are the most important aspects of any game, so I want all King Voxel players to enjoy a butter smooth gameplay experience.

The voxel sculptor is a cinch to use!  I can quickly draw extruded voxel bars in the 2D views giving me a simple 3D object in seconds.  Then I have a variety of tools I can use in the 3D view to make more detailed edits to the object.

The Bloctorok graphics engine went through many iterations to get it working perfectly.  The latest version breaks all the voxel objects into textured slices from top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, right to left, etc.  These slices are stored in a giant texture (bitmap) and applied to the reduced geometry objects when they are rendered (drawn).  Each frame is drawn twice in different ways so the screen post processor can determine where the color changes so it can insert black pixels to create the cartoony black outline effect.

I always enjoyed tinkering with game and graphics programming in my spare time.  In 1998 I made a block builder that resembled basic LEGO pieces for my university graphics project.  I remade this in Windows in 2007.  I thought it would be really cool to make a 3D 8-bit looking game with these blocky voxel graphics.  I shifted gears and my block builder morphed into my voxel sculptor which made it very easy for me to construct 16x16x16 voxel objects and later larger objects up to 64x64x64.

Pretty much everything in this game was developed by me from scratch! The major components are the Bloctorok graphics engine, voxel sculptor, screen sculptor, camera system, combat system, world generator, user Interface, sound manager, user input manager, etc.  Overall this has been a very challenging project for one person!  Challenging but very rewarding!

 Phillip Meyer

I'm Phillip Meyer the creator of King Voxel.  I've been a gamer since the Atari 2600 days.  I earned my Honors Computer Science degree from the University of Waterloo.  I have been a hobbyist game programmer for 20 years.  I have extensive experience as a pixel and now voxel artist.  I quit my job to follow my dream and develop King Voxel!  I have invested several years into this project already and gotten a huge chunk of it done, but now I need community support to allow me to continue working on the project and get it into the hands of the players.

Mike Keogh

Mike is a veteran professional video game music composer!  He most recently did the soundtrack for "Starwhal: Just the Tip"!  Here is some sample music from King Voxel.  The only direction I gave Mike was to have fun writing the music and the players will have fun listening to it.  I hope after listening to some samples you will agree with me.

The Warrior Poet:

The Overworld:

Hellion's Castle:

Check out Mike's web page for more of his amazing music:

Here's an explanation of what's included in the various reward tiers.

The royal thank yous will appear in the game's credits and on the web site.

The final copy of King Voxel will be DRM free for Windows platforms.  If you get this reward and the game gets accepted onto Steam I will give you a Steam key for the game as well - so please upvote the game on Greenlight!

The Warrior Poet edition of King Voxel gives the king a cosmetic upgrade - a royal red cape!  Your friends will be envious of you when they see your king running around in a cape!

The soundtrack will be available for download in digital format.

If you get alpha and beta access you will get early access to the game via dropbox and you will be able to join the private forum to discuss the game's development with myself and other players.  I want King Voxel to be the best game I can make so I will consider everyone's feedback carefully.

The Royal Voxelot Art Museum is your chance to immortalize yourself or something you care about in a video game!  You can submit a photo of basically anything you want with the following restrictions: it must be family friendly, must not be copyrighted material, and I can't accept ads or logos.  A photo of a single face or object will work best since these images will be scaled down to 64x64 resolution.

In each quest a wiseman will have some words of wisdom for the player.  You can have your words come out of the wiseman's mouth!  Feel free to share any message you want with the world! The messages must be no longer than 100 characters, cannot contain offensive content, cannot contain advertising, phone numbers, web urls, or email addresses.  "John Smith is the best" is fair game for example.

The statue in some of the tiers is a 16x16x16 voxel sculpture you create with my voxel sculptor!  The statue you create has to look good since it will be featured in the game, but dont worry I'll give you as many tries as you need to get it right.  You also get to keep the voxel sculptor!  It's a TON of fun!  Kids love it.

Meet me for a drink if you live in Ottawa.  Otherwise we can meetup over Skype instead.  I'd love to hear what you think about King Voxel and gaming in general.  This also gets you producer credits in the game.

I made this King Voxel sculpture out of LEGOs in 2008 when I first started thinking about King Voxel.  It has been my mascot for 5 years!  I will be sad to part with it, but if it helps the project I will part with it for the right price.  This also includes elite producer credits in the game.

What are the funds for?  I have self funded the development of King Voxel for 3 years now - yes - years!  Chasing dreams makes people do crazy things!  I didn't slouch on quality!  This is my dream project so if enhancing the features of the graphics engine required me to rewrite the engine I did it!  I'm very excited about the current state of King Voxel!  Despite my considerable personal investment so far I am only asking for the minimum funds I think I need to properly complete King Voxel and turn it into a true modern day classic gaming experience!  So this is what the funds are for:

  • additional artwork
  • alpha and beta testing
  • incorporate feedback from alpha/beta testing
  • complete development
  • quality assurance

If I reach my basic funding goal players will be able to enjoy an awesome action adventure with pretty much unlimited replayability!  But, if I reach my stretch goals I can take an already great game to new levels with fully customizeable user content and expansion onto other platforms!

If I reach $150k I'll expand my game building tools and integrate them into the game.  The player will be able to build their own quests complete with new tilesets and even custom player designed monsters.  I'll create some way to share and rank user created quests!  I want to play user created content as much as you do!

If I reach $250k I'll port this to multiple platforms - Mac and Linux, and any next gen console or portable that supports indie games.

If I reach $350k I'll add ???

Thanks for taking the time to check out my campaign!  Your reward is 3 complimentary King Voxel desktop backgrounds!


Risks and challenges

To make my life a little easier and focus on making the best game I have decided not to offer any physical rewards (except for the LEGO sculpture).

I don't anticipate any major problems delivering King Voxel; however, this is the first game that I intend to sell so there might be some obstacles I didn't forsee. Most of the hard work is already done! I have run into some rendering issues (black screen) on some machines, but I should be able to iron that out before the alpha/beta testing begins. My monster assignment code is simple and flexible so tuning the difficulty should be pretty easy.

The stretch goals will be more challenging. Making the quest generation tools as flexible as I want will be no small task! If I reach my first stretch goal though I'll have plenty of money and hence time to do an amazing job on this! I might release this game in stages. I could release King Voxel when it's done and then release the upgraded version with building tools later. Of course anyone who is entitled to King Voxel will get the upgraded versions of the game as they are completed.

Porting the game to other platforms and consoles could prove difficult. I have to be approved by the platform owner (Nintendo, Sony, etc).

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • A voxel is a cubic graphical object. Voxel = volume element.
    Just as a pixel is a dot on a screen. Pixel = picture element.

    Last updated:
  • I borrowed that from Mel Gibson's "Braveheart". "They fought like warrior poets - they fought like Scottsmen". Could you imagine someone fighting like a Scottsman? Terrifying thought! To me a warrior poet is a warrior who composes love poems in his head for the woman he loves while he is fighting for her.

    Last updated:
  • Windows only. I will port it to other platforms if I reach my second stretch goal.

    Last updated:
  • Heck yeah! Reach me at

    Last updated:
  • No way! I would never do something like that! This game is a love letter to Zelda!

    Last updated:
  • Nope! I was working on this game before I even heard of 3DDGH.

    King Voxel is designed around replayability. I made the game easier (less frustrating) than both Zelda and 3DDGH. It's easier in that it's not impossible to find the next dungeon, and you dont have to talk to some weird sage before you can enter a dungeon like in 3DDGH.

    Last updated:

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD


    Thank you very much! Every contribution helps and is greatly appreciated. King Voxel himself will give you a royal thank you in the game's credits as well as on the website.

    Estimated delivery
    2 backers
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    Pledge $15 or more About $14 USD


    You get everything in the lower tiers and a DRM free digital copy of the game when it's done. If the game is accepted on Steam you will get a steam key for the game as well.

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    Pledge $20 or more About $19 USD


    You get everything in the lower tiers and a digital copy of the soundtrack.

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    Pledge $30 or more About $29 USD


    You get everything in the lower tiers and access to alpha and beta copies of the game. You will also be able to join the private King Voxel beta testing forum and encouraged to share your feedback on the alpha and beta builds to help make the game the optimal experience for players.

    Estimated delivery
    11 backers
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    Pledge $50 or more About $48 USD


    You get everything in the lower tiers and your photo in the Royal Voxelot Art Museum! The photo can be of you or anything you wish as long as it's family friendly and not copyrighted material. A picture of a single object or face would work best. Your copy of King Voxel will also be upgraded to the Warrior Poet edition which gives the king a royal red cape.

    Estimated delivery
    5 backers
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    Pledge $100 or more About $96 USD


    You get everything in the lower tiers but at this tier you can put four photos into the museum and they will all be placed in the same room.

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    Pledge $150 or more About $144 USD


    You get everything in the lower tiers and you can also write a line of advice for the wiseman to say. Each quest has different words of wisdom from the wiseman!

    Estimated delivery
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  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $250 or more About $240 USD


    You get everything in the lower tiers and you get a copy of my voxel sculptor so you can make a 16x16x16 sized statue that will be featured throughout the kingdom of Voxelot!

    Estimated delivery
    1 backer
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more About $480 USD


    You get everything in the lower tiers and your name will be prominently featured in the game's credits as a producer! If you live in Ottawa let's meetup for a drink. Otherwise let's meetup over Skype. We'll discuss King Voxel, gaming, and chat about cool stuff.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $959 USD


    You get everything in the lower tiers except you will be credited as an elite producer! I will ship you the 16x16x16 King Voxel LEGO sculpture that I built back in 2008 when I first started thinking about making this game.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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