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You're invited to explore apiculture & architecture inside our skep-inspired structure where 10-15 human beeings may gather & share.
You're invited to explore apiculture & architecture inside our skep-inspired structure where 10-15 human beeings may gather & share.
98 backers pledged $3,417 to help bring this project to life.

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Festooning <3's NCAA Net Works

Dear supporters of Festooning,

A little cross-pollination going on here, but I promise to only post about this once. Colette and I opened this kickstarted account for our inflatable beehive in particular. So as not to confuse or muddle, I have launched a kickstarter fundraiser for my other project New Craft Artists in Action // Net Works through a new account. 

If you were pleased with how our inflatable beehive turned out and you lean toward participatory soft sculpture such as this, you may want to support the NCAA Net Works publication Learn to Craft Hand Made Basketball Nets for Empty Hoops in Your Neighborhood.

We have been installing nets for 3 years now and are excited to print this manual/workbook  that includes original knit and crochet instructions and illustrations + bball net patterns you may follow thanks to artist submissions across the US. Check out our project video (by Jordan Tynes) and share with your friends!

Much love,


Upcoming Apisocial Saturday Feb 23 11:30am-7pm, BU's 808 Gallery

Friends and Supporters! The time is finally HERE!

Please observe the new and improved schedule for our February 23rd Apisocial Saturday, 11:30am-5:30pm at Boston University’s 808 Gallery (808 Commonwealth Ave, Boston). Last week’s blizz put a damper on our buzz, but allowed us to consolidate both events into one! Both of our special out-of-town guests will be presenting with a handful of amazing local beekeepers. We have added a reception from 5:30-7pm where you may sip some local meade, nibble at home-made treats, and meet the presenters against a background of drone music : ) Check out our poster below and invite your friends!

As the chilly season approaches don’t succumb to brainfreeze or anti-socialites. February 23rd you are called to cluster, honeybee style, in Boston University’s 808 Gallery to learn a little something new about beehavior, community, and contemporary environmentalism. Keep the energy and ideas circulating as you rub elbows and antennae with an exceptional array of beekeepers, designers, community builders and apicultural experts.

12-2:30pm // Urban Hex: Honeybees & Community in the Urban Landscape

As troubling news of Colony Collapse Disorder sweeps the planet, there is not only a rise in environmental awareness, but an effort to encourage fewer hives in the care of more individuals. In an attempt to restore the potential for biodiversity and refocus beekeeping from a dominant industrial realm, urban beekeeping has taken the spotlight with an array of innovative solutions. Today you’ll hear about the importance of community, urban agricultural spaces, and mentorship in cities stretching from Massachusetts to the Netherlands!

12pm // Bees over Boston // Golden Rule Honey

12:30pm // Herban|Urban Honey Flow // Leland Street Community Garden

1pm // Banks of the Charles & Tour De Hives // BU Beekeepers

1:30pm // SKY HIVE // SPECIAL GUESTS The Bee Collective

*2pm // Urban Hex Panel Discussion // Honeybees and Community in the Urban Landscape*

3-5:30pm // Teachers’ Pets // An Introduction to Apiphilia
Ok Cupid, your classic pick-up “Save the bees!” only got us so far with environmentalism. We’re ready to take our relationship to the next level. Today’s speakers offer a drop of science, pinch of art history, and spritz of classic sex-ed – an intriguing brew that may leave you hooked on Apis mellifera. Learning to understand these ladies may help us identify our own needs. A mere teaser will introduce us to the world of honey beehavior, social (super)organisms, api-architecture, and communication as it may be perceived by and reflected in human nature.

3pm // Love Stings // Dean Stiglitz and Ramona Herboldsheimer of Golden Rule Honey

4:30pm // The Double Decker Dodeca // Beekeeper Ron Breland

5:30-7pm // Reception // We invite you to stick around after lectures. Meet the presenters, pick some bee brains, and enjoy local meade from Green River Ambrosia to celebrate the end of our series. Special guest musician Borey Shin will set the tone with experimental DRONE!

We are pleased to release this lineup of unique presentations about, within, and alongside our inflatable hive. Such neuro-festooning sessions are free of charge and last the whole afternoon! There will be lectures every hour with time for discussion and inflato-activity between. This series is part of the Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures programing as well as the exhibition System ECOnomies which runs January 24-March 30 (Opening reception Thursday January 24, 6-8pm)

Social Beeings

Hey Friends!

We'd like to say thanks AGAIN, to those who contributed to our fundraiser (see note below!) as well as those who pop by for updates. Our progress in the warehouse at 12 Channel continues at full speed. We're planning to take things off Kickstarter and invite you to follow us via several social networks. Here are ways you can stay engaged with the project and receive invitations to our upcoming events!

Sign up for our mailing list: e-mail with the subject "add me!"

Follow our Wordpress:

Follow us on Twitter: @Festooning

Like us on Facebook: FesooningTheInflatableBeehive

**To those contributors who gave $35 or more** The $35 and above reward- name/project/business listed on our blog along with any appropriate links- was only requested by 2 people. We went ahead and listed all who gave above $35 to the blog, so please take a peek and let us know if you 1) wish to be removed from this list 2) have an edit such as spelling or an alternative link we should use 3) have a site we should link to but are unaware of.

Thanks so much and stay tuned for more info regarding rewards! We are bustin it to finish the inflatable in time, but we'll be compiling your goodies in no time ; )


Maria and Colette

There's much more where this came from. Stay in touch!

A Beelated THANK YOU!!!!

Forgive the pause since our kickstarter campaign closed! Having surpassed our goal by nearly $1,000, we quickly jumped to place orders and make pilgrimages, collecting the fabrics we've been drooling over. Adding to the warm yellow and gold on our wish list, this budget allows for an icing on the cake. We'd hoped to purchase a very special "Flourescent Lemon" to cap our beeautiful dome and thanks to you, our sweetest dreams are being realized.

There is still an incredible amount of work to do before Festooning debuts at Boston University's 808 Gallery. We are pleased to bee invited by curators Lynne Cooney and Dana Clancy alongside many amazing artists to participate in Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures. We'll be working our stingers off until the January 24 opening which you are invited to attend!

Stay tuned for process updates as well as an exciting list of programs that will happen in and alongside the Hive come February. An incredible lineup of presenters will be joining us- from local mentors Dean and Ramona of Golden Rule Honey to special out of town guests Bee Collective (Netherlands) and Ron Breland (upstate NY). Overwinter with Api-Social Saturdays! Keep the ideas and energy circulating!

AS MANY THANK YOU'S TO YOU WONDERFUL SUPPORTERS AS THERE ARE BEES IN A HIVE. We really can't believe how many of you contributed and we can't wait for you to experience the inflatable with us.

Love and Honey,

Maria and Colette

February programming includes Bee Collective of the Netherlands!

I am proud to announce that we've confirmed an exciting bunch for February programming during our exhibition at Boston University's Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures. Soon Maria will release the full list of presenters, but we are particularly excited to host the Bee Collective,  designers/beekeepers from the Netherlands and creators of the amazing SKY HIVE! Check out their project and stay tuned for the details of their presentation on Saturday February 23rd! More soon on the participation of Golden Rule Honey, The BU Beekeepers/Tour de Hive, the Leland St Community Garden, and More!!

Please spread the word in the last few days of our campaign. With presenters coming from near and far, we will certainly put extra funds toward their modest accommodations. We need all the help we can get!