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We wrote the story.  We have an amazing artist. We already had her do the front--now we just need a back cover!
We wrote the story. We have an amazing artist. We already had her do the front--now we just need a back cover!
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Kickstarter friends, we have an amazing opportunity!  Here we are, already funded (thank you!!) and 20 days left in our project.  Now is the time to share one of those other ideas we wanted to share with you.  It's about a Tarnished Art Book.  We love excellent fantasy artwork.  And we would love to see some of the races we developed from our fantasy world be illustrated by excellent artists.  So, we went looking for some...artists, that is. And boy!  Did we ever find some gifted people!

We want to introduce you to the first of these incredibly talented folks:  His name is Andrea Meloni.  Andrea hails from Turin (or Torino), Italy. 

Andrea's been drawing since he was a kid and has worked in many different fields, including advertising, illustration for school books, and story-boarding for films and movies.  He has been published in Italy, France, Spain and other European countries and is currently doing some brilliant cover work for comics and books.  You can check out his amazing gallery at: or you can visit his website at:

 Andrea has agreed to do a piece of artwork for our next Tarnished project: the Art Book!! 

So, here it is, the stretch goal:  If we can raise another $350 in the next 20 days, we can get Andrea started on our first image for the Tarnished Art book!! 

And if we reach our stretch goal, EVERY BACKER will receive a copy of the artwork he does for us.  Those that have backed us at the $3 or $5 level will receive a digital copy (that means via email) of his artwork.  Those who have backed us at the $25 level will receive a 4 x 6 postcard of the artist's work included in the book that we send to them. 

Can we do it?  I think we can.  To inspire us, here is a sample of Andrea's incredible work: 

Dual Wielding by Andrea Meloni
Dual Wielding by Andrea Meloni

What is Tarnished?

Tarnished is a juvenile fantasy fiction about a boy who takes a journey.  But what begins as a trip to Tarsia entangles Garyn in a fight for the survival of the Human Race.

Leaving the isolated Sylvanwood to enter the diversely populated city of the Tarns sounded like a grand adventure. But Garyn Stelifar had never envisioned a world where his lack of magical power would incite fear and social prejudice; where simply being Human was a liability.

Stumbling on unlikely allies, he’ll need every friend as he squares off with Orkyn Nefandym, the evil wizard who harbors a festering hatred for any kin of his arch rival, Ven Stelifar, Garyn’s father. This battle will tax more than Garyn’s friends, but also his own resolve to follow the path laid out for him by the One who sent him on the journey. Dealing with dragons, goblins and a vile wizard while discovering other Humans in disguise, will prove harrowing. Even if Garyn manages to survive, how will he keep from becoming tarnished?

Who are you guys?

Hey there.  So, we're the authors:  Daniel and Christina Morrison.   We have great big plans for Tarnished because we like our story a lot.  We attempted our first Kickstarter Project with it last year (we tried to fund an audiobook) and although we didn't make our goal, we sure learned a lot through the process and made a lot of amazing friends.  It was actually a really good experience and this is why we are coming back to Kickstarter for this project (which is a bit smaller and yet still very close to our hearts).

What are you trying to do this time?

Well, since our last failed Kickstarter, we decided we needed to improve our cover.  We found an amazing artist named Djamila Knopf.  You can find her incredible gallery here:

We commissioned her to do the front cover of our book last fall.  Here is the beautiful finished product.

The front cover of Tarnished, by Djamila Knopf
The front cover of Tarnished, by Djamila Knopf

Pretty good stuff, huh? 

We were so impressed by her work, that after she completed it, we thought, "Wow.  We gotta have her do the back, too."

That's why we're coming back here. 

What do you need?

We want to show off Djamila's work to you and we want to ask your help to cover the cost of paying her to do something this amazing on the back, too. 

What will the back cover look like?

Here's our concept: 

In the story, the castle of the Tarns is the setting after Garyn leaves the Sylvanwood.  So, the castle should be on there. 

We also want to include the King of the Tarns.  (What's a tarn?  See those human-like creatures on the front cover who are sporting awesome ram horns?  We call those "tarns". )  See, King Zantar has this scepter that he uses for magic.  He looks through an orange gem that sets on the top of this scepter and basically he can tell if someone is telling the truth or not.  This is an important facet of the story and we thought it should be featured on the back cover. 

Something a little bit like this:

Djamila's "rough" sketch
Djamila's "rough" sketch

What if you get more than you're asking for?

Wow.  Wouldn't that be a nice problem to have.  

We do have other ideas, as mentioned above.  And if we exceed our goal, and are able to cover all the costs that a Kickstarter project entails than, believe me, we have some more ideas that we will share with you.  In the meantime, one step at a time.  And this is the next step.  

Thank you!

And thank you.  Thanks for watching our video above and for reading through all this info.  Thanks for your encouraging words and your interest.  We sure like collaborating with you all.  You guys are pretty amazing peeps. 

Risks and challenges

We've tried to think through our project carefully to avoid low risks.

We have an amazingly accomplished artist who is very professional and obviously well qualified for the job.

We have tried to blanket our project cost in order to cover shipping and packaging of rewards.

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    Pledge $3 or more About $3

    A digital copy of the BACK cover of Tarnished, sent directly to your email address. In other words, for a mere three bucks, you can own a piece of Djamila Knopf's amazing art. This digital copy will not have the text, which will enable you to see the incredible detail of the artist's work.

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5

    A digital copy of the FRONT and BACK cover of Tarnished, sent right to your email address. Yes, this means you will have the whole cover, with all the fun of three tarns, a gryphon, a dragon, AND a castle to look at. The only text on the artwork for this reward will be the title of the book: Tarnished.

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25

    The printed paperback (with cover complete!) book of Tarnished.
    Yay!! We are so excited about having our book in hand with Djamila Knopf's Artwork on the cover, that we get squirmy just thinking about it! Now you can read this fun story AND have the artwork in your hands on the very book it was created for.
    Also included in this reward are the digital copies of the front and back cover as mentioned above.

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