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Send "Hero-Man" To Festivals!'s video poster

Help me send this super cool short film I made to film festivals across the country! Read more

St. Louis, MO Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on June 29, 2012.

Help me send this super cool short film I made to film festivals across the country!

St. Louis, MO Shorts
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My name is Elizabeth Wiegard. I am a recent graduate of Webster University's film program. For my thesis film at Webster, I made this film called "Hero-Man". We (my classmates and I) started pre-production on our films in about August of 2011. I can literally say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this movie (funny anecdote: on the second-to-last day of shooting I was a hot mess and I started crying because I was so happy that the film was almost done. My crew saw me sobbing away and thought I had hurt myself or something.) It's been a roller-coaster ride to say the least, but in May of this year I finally finished the film. It was screened at the Webster Senior Overview Showcase, and was received so well that it made me want to take the film wider than I ever have in the past.

Now, entry fees to film festivals generally run between $25 and $55. While I would love nothing more than to enter all of the film festivals ever by myself, I would then be forced to live in a cardboard box on the side of the highway eating rocks and cigarette butts. This stuff adds up, and that's where I need help from you wonderful people!

Here is a list of film festivals I am looking at entering. (There more here on this list than I can enter, but I plan on narrowing it down based on entry costs, festival dates, etc):

St Louis International Film Festival

Chicago International REEL shorts film festival

Los Angeles Reel Film Festival

'IFS' Independent Filmmaker's Showcase

Sundance Film Festival (yeah, I know, "dream on, silly girl" but my philosophy is if you don't dream big you'll never get anywhere)

California International Shorts Festival

Indie Memphis Film Festival

Citizen Jane Film Festival

Hollyshorts Film Festival

La Femme International Film Festival

Now I've tried to select festivals from a range of establishment and location. I've chosen a few up and comers, as well as a few old powerhouses. My odds of getting in are different for all of these festivals, but I'm hoping that with my strategy, it will be less of a crapshoot. 

Anyways, thanks for checking out this project. Please tell your friends about it! And you can also visit my website for more information about myself and past projects that I have done.

In the very extremely near future I will be putting up a special Kickstarted preview of the entire film just for backers, so be on the lookout for that.

So thanks again,

Elizabeth Wiegard


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