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$60.00 pledged of $30,000 goal
By Amio Das
$60.00 pledged of $30,000 goal


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TOM Introduction:

I have been working as a registered pharmacist in The State of Florida for last 20 years. In my career I have worked in retail, hospital and pharmaceutical manufacturing settings.

I have worked with so many women in my 20 years of Pharmacy career and I also understand my wife’s struggles. Certain time of month they are irritable, moody and less than happy. Through my research in this matter asking various women, I have come to learn: in most cases it was their time of month. Even if I was being cordial, most women are apprehensive on the subject matter.

A woman can lose up to 90ml of pure blood during the time of month. It’s no surprise that women take lots of agony to mask their cycles from public view.

So, I have created this product called T.O.M., TIME OF MONTH. I formulated TOM based on the traditional and current scientific findings and research in such a way that women can enjoy something along with a relief of PMS.

It is a chocolate shake-mix infused with the ingredients and herbs needed during the Time Of Month including 18g of protein with real Dutch chocolate. There are 7 packets in a box. You mix 1 packet in 12oz of milk or water or almond milk in a shaker bottle and drink daily starting 3 days before period starts. Continue until period ends.

 I felt the urge to do this work, because this is a very unfortunate and underserved field and not many people care. Also most people do not want to talk about it at all.

How does it work?

The simplest way to describe is:

Most nutrients are used at a higher rate during hormonal changes during their period. During time of month the reproductory organ needs nutrient, micronutrients, elemental iron, vitamins to build new cells and tissues. If we do not supply enough of those, then these deficiency symptoms can manifest as PMS discomfort. 

In this case, IT IS HUNGER of a different kind. It is HUNGER of CELLULAR level to build the uterine tissues and blood. That is why women crave for certain things during time of month.

Considering these aspects TOM is created with a balanced formula that should help replenish those lost nutrients in the body.

For example, in the 18th and 19th centuries herbalists used wild yam root, a naturally grown plant in North America used by Native American Indians for balancing the hormonal ups and downs during time of month and to relieve menstrual cramps.


There is a natural proprietary blend contained in the formulation of TOM. For example,  Black Cohosh, Red Raspberry Extract, and Evening Primrose Oil. There are huge amount of research have been done on these natural ingredients for relieving the PMS.



Another ingredient, REAL Dutch chocolate is used in TOM formulation.

There a huge numbers of research articles published in medical and pharmaceuticals journals about Chocolate’s positive effects on the brain.

Chocolate can affect the brain by causing the release of certain neurotransmitters.

Chocolate of TOM can boost Neurotransmitters like phenylethylamine. As a result it will help leading to feelings of excitement and alertness.


TOM has a good cause behind it as well. We will donate 10% of our net profit to the underprivileged, less fortunate girls and women who otherwise cannot afford to have a piece of sanitary napkin during their Time Of Month. Do you know that there are millions of girls and women don’t even know that there is something called sanitary napkin? In a recent study it shows about 70% of these women use scrape cloths, grass, leaves, old newspapers,sand, husk and even ash, etc in place of sanitary napkins.


The donation will be a great thing and will make a positive impact on those girls and women. They will have good feminine hygiene and will have decreased unwanted birth defects.

Why do I need money?

--I have been trying to get this product done thru different pharmaceuticals, beverage and food manufacturers. In most cases they told me rather I should go for something else as nobody wants to talk about these personal private issues. Most cases I had opportunity to talk to men decision makers who really did not feel any connection or was rather careless about this PMS issues.

--Then I have started thinking to open a start-up pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals company where I can manufacture TOM the way it will be perfect. I have started a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, got all regulatory licenses, bought machineries and set it up as a full capability FDA registered cGMP facility in Florida, USA. I had to go through lots of road-blocks though.  The reality is it took longer than expected, which is  more than 2  years to get the first ever TOM product on my hand. By the time my fund and budget got hammered. However, I am excited that I am almost there. I have the market batch ready.

To make this project successful I need funds for:

    Inventory                                                                 =$20,000

    A better webpage with e-commerce capability        =$3,000

    Initial marketing so people know that this product  is available to help relieve PMS                                                                 =$7,000


  Total                                                                         =$30,000

I have given TOM samples to lots of girls and received lots of positive feedback on this product. If you are a girl you may want to give a try. If you are a guy, please give it to your wife, girlfriend and loved ones to give it a try.

Your support in this TOM project and the cause for “Clean cloth for all girls during time of month”, will be truly appreciated. Thank you.

Risks and challenges

Every project or task always comes with risks and challenges. I see challenges as opportunities to explore as well as enjoy dealing with it positively. I divide any challenge in small pieces and solve them one after another with prioritizing. At this time, I do not see any risk or challenge in this project except this funding. I hope to get through this one with your pledges and encouragements !

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