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A documentary about the people and progress of the visionary Sahara Forest Project - a groundbreaking effort to "green" the deserts.

This film is one of hope and optimism. It’s the story about actively engaged people who truly believe the challenges posed by global warming can be overcome. These people are currently struggling to create a revolutionary solution to one of the greatest environmental challenges facing our world today: the world’s water crisis. They are doing this with the Sahara Forest Project - a project aimed at re-vegetation and creating green jobs through profitable production of food, water, clean electricity and biomass in desert areas.

But is it even possible to turn the desert green and grow food in the driest regions of the world? Can you turn seawater into fresh water while at the same time creating renewable energy by means of the sun? And will it be possible to get this project to market and into society so that the whole world might benefit from this technology? Or will "The Sahara Forest" remain in the hands of only those who can afford the technology?

The desert is hot, there are cultural and bureaucratic obstacles to overcome, and things take time – much more than the European scientists, engineers and environmentalists care to admit; nevertheless, they keep plugging along.

The goal of this film is to step into the lives of engineers, scientists and environmentalists working on the exciting Sahara Forest Project - a project about creating fresh water, food and energy in the desert.
So far, we have numerous hours of footage of the work and processes taking place in the desert. We have been documenting the obstacles of bureaucracy, technology, and many other aspects of the Sahara Forest Project, as well as following the personal journey of our group of scientists, engineers and environmentalists.

We follow the process through the eyes of Bill Watts, the engineer.

Along the way, we meet other characters:

Dr. Virginia Corless, The Scientist
Michael Pawlyn, The Architect
Joakim Hauge, The CEO Sahara Forest Project
Frederic Hauge, The Environmentalist and President of Bellona Foundation
Dan Kammen, The Professor
Kjetil Stake, The Managing director of Sahara Forest Project                                     Malek Kabariti, The Jordanian Connection

Water, our most valuable resource, is rapidly disappearing. The global demand for water is growing while at the same time the world’s available freshwater levels are dropping at alarming rates. THE WORLD IS FACING A GLOBAL WATER CRISIS. 40 percent of the world’s population is lacking water; 1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water; and an estimated 2/3 of the world’s population will live in water scarce regions in 2025.

And, the Middle East is drying up - the water scarcity is causing severe political and regional tensions and presents a potential danger to the internal stability of the countries in the region. In the words of King Hussein of Jordan: ”The next war in the Middle East will be a water war”. Will the technology behind the Sahara Forest Project be able to avert future water wars?

“Green Deserts – The Saltwater Revolution” is a documentary in the making. We’ve been following the people behind the Sahara Forest Project for a year now - engineers, scientists and environmentalists from all over the world. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and drive never cease to amaze us. We have filmed the establishment of the pilot facility in Qatar, the presentation of the project at Cop18 in November 2012, and the ups-and-downs of the team trying to make it all happen.

But we want to know more: We want to follow the Qatar facility, now that it is up and running, and the implementation of a test and demonstration center in Jordan. Are they a bunch of crazy idealists or will they actually succeed in greening the deserts, on a large scale? 

We want you to come along for the ride and help us answer the most important question of all: Will the people behind the Sahara Forest Project succeed in bringing this technology to market and sharing it with the societies of people who need it most: local desert communities in water scarce regions? Will they benefit from this revolutionary technology economically, environmentally and socially? 

We need your support to keep filming and finish the film.

The documentary is produced by Copenhagen Film Company, a Danish based production company situated in Copenhagen.

The team is:

Together they comprise a very experienced film crew with years of documentary production experience.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Any documentary filmmaker knows that the hardest part of the production process is raising enough money to actually finish his/her project.


We have planned additional trips to follow the SFP team in Qatar and Jordan for another year and then we have months of post-production work ahead of us. Meeting our Kickstarter goal of raising $35,000 will enable us to finish the filming. Once this footage is in place, we are confident that we will be able to raise the additional funding needed for post.
Currently, we are in the process of presenting the film to international broadcasters. There is no doubt in our minds that this unique environmental project and the amazing people behind it will attract viewers all over the world.


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