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Floating Market uses polyhedral dice to create a unique and accessible game experience from the designers of Fleet and Eggs & Empires.
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Backers Get a Discounted Price of $29 (42% OFF)!   MSRP will be $50 *

Floating Market utilizes polyhedral dice, worker placement, and dice speculation to create a unique and accessible experience for gamers of all levels. The rules and turns are simple and intuitive, making it perfect for families and casual players. Experienced gamers will appreciate the unique blend of new and familiar mechanics and the quick, fun gameplay that uses polyhedral dice in a new and interesting way.

Floating Market is the brand new game from Eagle-Gryphon Games and the award winning design team of Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle - the designers of the hit games Fleet, Fleet: Arctic Bounty, and Eggs and Empires

BGG page for more info (link)

* Our current plan is to print only a total of 2000 copies of this game and when they are gone (hopefully via this Kickstarter!) they are gone for good!

  • Unique Gameplay! - Great reviews and polyhedral dice in a euro game!
  • Big Discount (42% OFF)! only $29  MSRP = $50. 
  • Limited Printing -  Floating Market will be limited to 2000 copies and likely will be difficult, or impossible, to find post-KS. 
  • Stretch Goals - Your pledge WILL make the game better.
  • Bundled Deals! - ADD-Ons with discounts on Fleet ($20), Fleet: Arctic Bounty ($20), and Eggs and Empires ($14). All can be added to any pledge.
Floating Market Cover
Floating Market Cover

2-5p, 30-45min, 13+

Ama is tired. It has been a long day of chasing her grandchildren, and she needs a break. Ama has been around for a long time and she has a few tricks up her sleeve. With the promise of her famous fruit salad, Ama sends her grandchildren down to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market to collect fruit… and to get out of her hair! Collecting different fruit is no easy task, as the fruit boats –full of Mango, Banana, Papaya, Guava, Grapefruit, Rambutan, and the famous Starfruit – are constantly shifting around the Khlong Damnoen Saduak Canal of Thailand.

Players are eager grandchildren, competing to be the first to collect five different types of Fruit for Ama… AND get the first bowl of Fruit Salad!

In Floating Market, players each control Customers (Ama’s grandchildren), which they will assign to fruit boats (to collect Fruit) and to buildings (to receive special abilities). Each player will also add a die to the dice pool each round in an attempt to influence a thrilling die roll that determines which fruit boat will hand out fruit.

Game Board in action!
Game Board in action!

Floating Market includes:

  • Beautifully illustrated game board from artist John Ariosa (of Mice and Mystics, Summoner Wars, and Evolution)
  • 29 awesome polyhedral dice!
  • 65 deluxe linen Fruit and Coin cards
  • 7 Boat Tiles and 4 Game Tiles
  • 15 Meeples
  • Start Player Marker
  • Rulebook

All of that comes in a high quality 12.25 x 9.00 x 2.75 inch box with a custom-made glossy PVC insert!

Floating Market Game Board
Floating Market Game Board
Fruit and Coin Cards
Fruit and Coin Cards
The super cool player dice for Floating Market in all five player colors - pink, blue, green, orange, and golden yellow.
The super cool player dice for Floating Market in all five player colors - pink, blue, green, orange, and golden yellow.

Gameplay and Rules Walkthrough Video from The Game Explainer draft rulebook (link)

Pledge Info

We worked hard to keep this campaign very simple. Floating Market is a great game offered at a great price! Shipping will be added to your pledge per the chart below.

Additional copies can be added to any pledge level for $29 (plus only $4 shipping).

This project is Australia and Asia friendly as well!   Floating Market will ship from warehouses in the Netherlands, EU; Canberra, Australia; and Shenzhen, China. 

""The theme is unique, the art is beautiful and the game play is engaging, quick and easy to grasp. If you’re looking for a fun and refreshing mixture of worker placement and dice speculation, I highly recommend you roll down the river and check out Floating Market."

- Dan Halstad The League of Nonsensical Gamers full review/preview (link)

"Floating Market has fantastic artwork, and the mechanics are a unique blend of worker-placement and dice manipulation that I haven't seen anywhere else before."

Jonathan Liu -

"A game that only takes 10 mins to teach shouldn't be this deep and carry this many good decisions. I have played it with my family (including 8 and 11 year olds) and with a group of veteran gamers, and both enjoyed it and it played  well with both! Highly recommend it for gamers with light to medium and even heavier tastes."

- Dan Patriss - The Geek All Stars

Interview about Floating Market  with The Inquisitive Meeple (here)

Floating Market Designer Diary on BGG forthcoming

Eagle-Gryphon Games Page (link)

Add a copy of Eggs and Empires for only $14 

Eggs and Empires (bgg link)

Add a copy of Fleet or Fleet: Arctic Bounty for $20

 Fleet (bgg link) and Fleet: Arctic Bounty (bgg link)

Fleet. F:AB, and Eggs and Empires require no extra shipping in the US!

Additional copies of Floating Market can be added to any pledge for $33 each ($29 plus $4 shipping) in the US only.

Non US Backers interested in add ons please contact us through KS!


$25K Stretch Goal = Upgraded (sun-protected) meeples with hats!

Meeple Upgrades
Meeple Upgrades

$35K SG = Upgraded Board Dice  - There are 4 board dice - The negative D6, the D12, adn the two Ama D6. These will be upgraded from standard opaque to awesomeness.

Opaque Standard
Opaque Standard

$45K SG = Upgraded start player marker

 Ama start player marker!!! 

Ama Start Player Marker aka Granmeeple!
Ama Start Player Marker aka Granmeeple!

Shipping will be added automatically by Kickstarter (for one game) and is as follows:

$10 to USA; $19 to Canada; $23 to Australia and Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, the UK;  $29 to the rest of the EU; and $35 to most everywhere else. Internationally, we pay for shipping from China; customs and government fees and taxes; dock fees; transport to warehouse expenses; warehouse fulfillment charges (including handling and materials) and the postal rates charged by your country.

It has been our experience that many people (including sophisticated Kickstarter Backers) frequently confuse "shipping" expense and "postage" expense. What we try to cover with the above fees (in part) is shipping expenses, not just postage. Postage is the actual charge your country's postal service (or UPS, FedEx, etc) charges us to deliver a package within that country. Shipping is far more comprehensive and includes: getting the container shipped to the US, or EU or Australia; the Customs and VAT (or equivalent) and other import fees and taxes; the drayage from the port to the warehouse (not cheap!); the warehouse fees to unload and sort out and prepare packages; the materials and labor involved in the last item; fees to the warehouse for their service to us, and only after all of that, the postage! We need to cover all of those costs--and they really add up. Frequently they cost as much or more than the game(s) did to produce. When we combine a low margin price (such as this one we are offering on Floating Market) with this shipping expense, we do not make any profit if we are not very careful. The shipping we are charging for this project is as low as we can make it and still stay in business.

In the US, for two games, it would be $58 for the games and $14 for shipping (a total of $72). 

Internationally, for two or more games, get in touch with us and tell us the total of how many games you want and which ones; and where you would like them shipped.  To get in touch with us, please send us a Message (not a Comment please) using the "Contact Me" button at the top.

We will not ship to Russia, the Ukraine, or Brazil and select other places except for specially-made arrangements.

German group buy info

Hallo Floating Market Interessierte. Damit der Versand nach DE nicht überhand nimmt, habe ich einen Group Buy Thread auf BGG aufgemacht. Hier können sich Leute aus den einzelnen Regionen sammeln und gemeinsam Bestellen. Alternativ versende ich auch innerhalb Deutschlands gg die anfallenden Versandkosten. Jedes Spiel zusätzlich zum ersten kostet $29+ $10 Versand extra (anstatt $23 Versand). Schaut einfach in dem Thread vorbei und meldet euch bei Interesse!

Risks and challenges

Eagle-Gryphon Games stands by our products, but sometimes issues do happen. Please contact our customer service department with regard to any such issues within 90 days of receiving your copy of Floating Market.

Shipping issues are relatively uncommon, but they do sometimes occur, especially when shipping to destinations outside of the US. We will obtain tracking information when it is possible, but sometimes it is not. We cannot guarantee that there will not be shipping problems, as we cannot guarantee the service and reliability of the various postal/delivery services involved around the world. You will have to assume that risk along with us.

Eagle-Gryphon Games has completed 41 Kickstarter projects to date. 35 of those projects have completed delivery. Five of the projects are in printing right now or have already been printed and are waiting to ship. We keep Backers notified by Updates about the status of their projects. We deliver on our promises reliably and usually on time (the very few delays we have ever had were related to production schedule issues which we have only, at best, partial control over).

To put it simply, you will get everything you are promised when you pledge to one of our Kickstarter Projects, and it will be delivered to you in as timely a manner as possible.

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