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A despairing RPG-Puzzler set in a town on the brink. 
Random storytelling. Random puzzles. Constant loss.
A despairing RPG-Puzzler set in a town on the brink. Random storytelling. Random puzzles. Constant loss.
467 backers pledged $19,530 to help bring this project to life.

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Physical Rewards

Posted by Dean Razavi (Creator)

Hey Kickstarters!

Major exciting news, the box set is here! 

 The set includes a Steam key, a USB drive with all OS builds on it as well as the soundtrack, and an instruction manual with bios, hints, tips and more! I've got 100 of them sitting in my apartment RIGHT NOW.

With those + the beanies, my goal over the next few weeks is to figure out shipping to you. This is your last chance to update your shipping address on your Kickstarter survey. If you've moved, if you've got someone you'd rather send it to, whatever the reason, please please please make sure that your address is 100% correct on your survey. If it's not, once I ship there is nothing I can do

 If you were not at the Piri ($75) or higher tier, and you ultimately want a box set, I'll have a handful left over after I ship these out. I'll be setting up a small online store and will post a link here for your chance to grab it!


<3 Dean

Vidar & MEGABOOTH, together at last (and also a physical rewards update!)

Posted by Dean Razavi (Creator)

Hi Kickstarters!

I can finally reveal that Vidar will be part of Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX West! Even though it's been a dream for a while, I never actually thought this was possible. This will be the first time I've ever been to PAX West, and the first time Vidar's been shown at a big ol' games con on the west coast. 

I know Vidar had backers from all over the world, and yet (with rare exception) it's only been shown at events in the mid-atlantic in the US. So this is a great chance to come see the whole set up if you happen to be coming to PAX! 

PAX West is over labor day weekend, and specifically, Vidar will be in the "minibooth" section on September 3 and 4.

Last week, Vidar was showcased as one of 40 games from all over the world as part of IndiePrize USA. The showcase took place at an industry event and featured 20 PC/Console games and 20 mobile games. Out of that already curated selection, Vidar was nominated (along with three other games) for Most Innovative! It was a really special moment, and I'm so grateful to IndiePrize, Casual Connect, and most importantly to all of you for helping bring this weird and inventive game to life.

 To the uninformed eye, this may just look like a picture of a white box. (Ok, that's because it is). But this is actually the sample for the Vidar box set! This thing is sturdy, I managed to find a great deal on a ROM box that feels weightier than it is because of a lining on the inside. With the final mockups of the actual box done, and all of the art just sent off to the printer this week, everything is ready to go! It'll be a few weeks as everything gets created, assembled, glued, and shrink-wrapped, but pretty soon this collector's item will be ready to go!

The box set goes out to everyone who backed at the Piri ($75) reward tier or higher, but if you didn't back at that point during the campaign, fret not: I've order about 25 extra that I plan on putting up for sale on a limited Square store. You'll be able to buy it while supplies last, along with a handful of other popular rewards from the campaign!

That's all for today, hope to see you in Seattle!!!

- Dean

1.0 Goes Live Tomorrow!

Posted by Dean Razavi (Creator)

Hey Kickstarters!

It's feeling a bit like the end of an era in my apartment right now as the final build of Vidar is loaded to Steam,, and the patching servers. The past few weeks have been an absolute flurry of polish for the game. Whether you played the demo two years ago and have been waiting patiently since, or you've been dedicated to as many playthroughs as you can during Early Access, I really hope that you'll find the entire experience of playing the game to be cleaner, more fun, and up to your expectations. 

The big change that you'll notice is that the entire game is now on JRGSS, and has been moved off of RPG Maker's default code. This opens up a lot of space for fun things that weren't in the game before, like a proper animated loading screen and autosave icon, integration with the Steam overlay (including the ability to take screenshots), and a high-res mode that scales Becca's pixel art in a far more beautiful manner. Plus, this comes with some seriously reduced lag and significantly improved legibility (important for a text-heavy game). 

Next up, the New Game+ stretch goal is in the game. You'll need to beat the entire game in order to unlock it, but once you do, you can choose New Game+ from the title screen if you ever want to visit Vidar with a little more control. Games created in New Game+ allow you to choose who dies each night. You definitely have to choose - this isn't some "easy mode" where you can save everyone - but it allows you to target specific quests, stories, and achievements that you didn't get in your first playthrough. 

You might remember that Adam Szlenda joined the Vidar team mid-campaign to work on the sound design. He's provided dozens of new sound effects that are now scattered throughout the game, along with new ambient tracks that help define each biome deep beneath the town. 

Also, the Mac and Linux builds are more stable, with our memory leak good and plugged, and the various links to Steam repaired and ready for registering your achievements. 

Along with a hundred+ bug fixes, Vidar is finally at the point envisioned way back during the campaign. 

I want to thank every one of you so much for believing in this project, and believing in someone with absolutely no experience to speak of, to deliver something of this magnitude. I know the cliche "this wouldn't have been possible without you" is thrown around a lot, but here it's quite literally true - Vidar simply could not have existed without your faith and support. 

As I said in the last post, the only remaining rewards to go out are physical ones (so, last reminder, if you don't have your digital rewards you should let me know). I'm gonna take a week off to regroup, work on the inevitable 1.1 patch fixing all of the at-launch bugs that I somehow missed, and then get to building the box set, etc. Expect more details on those later this summer. 

Finally, please please please tell your friends about Vidar tomorrow! And, if you're playing on Steam, it would mean the absolute world to me if you left a review of the game. A little while back Steam changed how it treats Kickstarter backer reviews on the page, but it still would just be so wonderful to get your feedback and your thoughts in a place where you can share them with people who are just now hearing about the game. Or go share how your randomized story evolved on the Steam forums! 

Until next time! 

- Dean


Vidar 1.0 on June 15

Posted by Dean Razavi (Creator)

Hi Kickstarters!

It's finally happening! Vidar's 1.0 launch will be on June 15. I've been hard at work finishing up for the final stretch, and here's what you can expect in this patch:

  • New Game+
  • Brand new sound effects
  • JRGSS, a whole new experience for Windows users that will reduce lag and add the Steam Overlay
  • New animations

This isn't the end for Vidar. For starters, once we hit that 1.0 launch, we'll be turning to the only currently outstanding rewards - the physical ones. I know it's been a hot minute since the campaign, and there's a good chance that your mailing address changed in the interim. You can always update your address in your survey for this Kickstarter!

(This also means that if you're expecting a reward that's not physical, you should email or message me, because something terrible has happened).

Second, the wonderful thing about Vidar is that we can always add more puzzles and more quests. In fact, some of those coming from Kickstarter backers are still outstanding. As they roll in, they'll be deployed in post-launch content patches, albeit at a slower clip. 

Thank you so much for bearing with me, and I hope that 1.0 is everything you hoped it would be when you funded and believed in this project.

- Dean

"Caught In Your Web" and a review drive!

Posted by Dean Razavi (Creator)

Hi friends!

Wait, has it really been like 2 and a half months since I posted an update? I'm so sorry! On the plus side, I come bearing a ton of news.

Caught In Your Web

This past week, a huge content patch went out for Vidar - on Steam and on the DRM-free launcher. If you aren't seeing "Version" on the title screen when you play, let me know, because something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

This patch added four new quests which extend Arpad, Borbalo, and Lilja's storylines; a new town event focused on Dorottya and Katarina's relationship; additional puzzle options in the final section of the cave; a new side room in the Water Cave, including three new puzzle mechanics; and a massive overhaul to the UI. 

On that last point, I finally ditched that small little brown menu window in favor of something a bit more immersive:

 Of course the patch also has a ton of bug fixes. If you want to get into the weeds of the patch notes, they're at the dev blog

Kickstarter Rewards

This morning, everyone who backed at a tier that got the digital soundtrack got their code to redeem the soundtrack on Bandcamp. Make sure to check your spam filters in case you missed it!

As of now, anyone who backed at $40 or lower ("The Stranger," "Tomi," "Groa," "Erik," "Mihaly," "Rebeka & Janika," and "Dorottya" reward tiers) should have all of their rewards. If you don't, email or message me.

Physical rewards will be coming late this Fall, and before that, the tool for "design-a-puzzle" will be made available this Summer.

Review Drive

As Vidar continues its iteration during Early Access, I would love to have your feedback on Steam. If we hit 50 reviews by the end of April, I've got a 4-part quest line planned called "Constant Critic" that spans the entire game and features two of Vidar's most judgmental characters. Vidar is at 22 reviews right now. Whether good, bad, ugly, or funny, I want to see your reviews on Steam!

What's Next For Vidar

I've got a few things on the horizon, including:

  • New Game+, the stretch goal we reached!
  • Migration of the Windows version to the Mac & Linux client, which will open up (among other things) resolution options, a much better loading screen, and the Steam overlay
  • Importing the now-complete sound effects from Adam!
  • Additional animations for the Stranger's tool use
  • Another round of content in the "Civil War" patch 

I'd better get to it!

- Dean