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A documentary bringing together the mind, heart and spirit of young women around the world, so we might discover our common ground.

We are setting out to create a mini documentary series to get the inside scoop on 100 girls' and women's lives from around the world.

The first of the series starts in Africa and continues onto the countries of our individual family roots of Ireland and Italy.

The documentary takes the same topics of body, mind and spirit and shows the world the truth of women's trials and triumphs through the telling of life from their various perspectives.

The questions posed will be the same but the answers, based on their environments, cultures and families, will be very different. They will experience challenges and successes in different ways.

We want to show how women are all connected, and can support each other despite these differences.

It's our hope that these documentaries will be used not only to bring awareness, and aid the upward mobility of women and girls in developing nations, but also to be a learning tool in schools and colleges in the western world, offering a platform for discussion around women's issues and also giving young women a starting place as to how they might connect and make a difference, in their own lives and in the lives of young women around the world.

This documentary’s aim is to show that all women, regardless of where they are situated in the world, have the ability to be equal and inspiring. It’s about creating the Global Sorority that the documentary's name suggests. We will do this by using the connections already in place through the Passion Foundation and it’s established networks.

Loretta has traveled to Africa providing innovative coaching programs that offer hundreds of young women an opportunity to realize their self-worth and achievements. When provided the space to reflect and connect they touch base with their value and share that within their communities.

The funds raised will be used to acquire film and sound equipment, transportation, cost incurred whilst filming, art materials and printing, as well as editing and graphics work.

Our connections are made, and the opportunities are set up to work with and interview the young women at our destinations of rural Ireland, northern Italy and Ibanda, Uganda. Our travel arrangements are made, and we're leaving March 27th.

Our Team

Loretta and Tia will be going it alone, but the people within our networks have been an amazing and generous support system. They have volunteered their time and energy sustaining our partnerships here and abroad. Michelle Ouellet is assisting in creating and editing. And others have organized and set up the interviews with young women in the communities we will be visiting. Loretta has also been given the opportunity to speak about this project at various large venues later this year. They have not been published yet, so we'll keep you posted. 

We believe Global Sorority will have a positive impact on everyone involved. Please join us and be a part of the magic that happens when people connect through story. Be there to witness when young women start to get a glimpse of how incredibly valuable they really are!

Thank you for being apart of the change that you want to see in the world.


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