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A Tailed Pillow That Heals Your Heart. | 心を癒やす、しっぽクッション。
A Tailed Pillow That Heals Your Heart. | 心を癒やす、しっぽクッション。
A Tailed Pillow That Heals Your Heart. | 心を癒やす、しっぽクッション。
908 backers pledged ¥12,360,156 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Michel Labelle on

      I got your survey email this morning. I filled it out 3 times. I can't send it because there is no SUBMIT button.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony Chan on

      What type of battery would it be? Can it put in the check-in baggage when take the international flight?

    3. Missing avatar

      Tony Chan on

      If the built-in rechargeable battery got problem in the future, is it possible to change it?
      If not, I would suggest to use AA battery so that the Qoobo would be sustainable longer.

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Tang

      Hi, very excited that this project has been funded (can't have a real cat at home), though I've seen that the shipping has become 3,400¥ for Belgium. Is there any way to get this shipping lower?? (EU distribution center,..) And make this project EU friendly (otherwise the import taxes is really high for us)?

    5. Missing avatar

      森本秀子 on


    6. つるき on

      Congraturation for the successful funding! I'm very excited right now.

      But, will I stand til the qoobo arrives to my house? Maybe I cannot >_<

    7. Yukai Engineering 2-time creator on

      @Heather Whelply Mariani
      Thank you for inquiry.
      I checked your pledge and confirmed that the price is kept unchanged.
      ¥10,000 is for Qoobo, and ¥2,000 is for shipping to US.
      I suppose these are described on e-mail which you receive right after you made the pledge in 27th Oct.
      Please do not hesitate to ask any further question.

      Kind regards,

    8. Heather Whelply Mariani on

      Why did the pricing go up to 12,000 for the husky gray? The description says 10,000 and it’s 10,000 for the brown. They were the same price when I first made my pledge.

    9. Yukai Engineering 2-time creator on

      Thank you for your support and inquiry!
      We're still discussing with EMSs, so the location of `made in` is TBD, but to make communication easier, we're making contact with those with HQ in Japan first.

    10. Yukai Engineering 2-time creator on

      @Trisha copeland
      Thank you for your support!
      We're happy with your commend and also are happy with shipping Qoobo to you.
      Thank you again!

    11. kaze892

      will Qoobo be manufactured in japan?

    12. Missing avatar

      Trisha copeland on

      Very excited! Cannot wait to have my very own Qoobo in my arms! Thank you!

    13. Mickey Gidwani on

      @Yukai Engineering

      You’re most welcome - this project is so cute!

    14. Yukai Engineering 2-time creator on

      @Mickey Gidwani
      Thank you for the message and placing order of HUSKY GRAY!
      I'm looking forward to your comment after it's arrieved to you :-)

    15. Mickey Gidwani on

      Hee Hee - this is the cutest thing I’ve seen. I love Japanese way of thinking.

    16. Yukai Engineering 2-time creator on

      @piotr marczuk
      Thank you very much for your support and inquiry!
      As the request is gathering from all over the world now, could you please let me plan opening to Poland as one of our stretch goals that we're now preparing in background?
      Of course when we open it we will for sure inform you to adjust the pledge.
      King regards,

    17. piotr marczuk on

      Can you add Poland to the shipping countries? I have pledged with shipment to Germany as my closest country, but would definitely like to have it at my door in Poland. Regards, Piotr

    18. Daniel Richert

      Thank you so much.
      I have three cats, but I do some traveling because my job and I think Qoobo will help me during those stressful times.

    19. Yukai Engineering 2-time creator on

      @Daniel Richert,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      Let me open to Finland.
      I believe a lot of Finnish people will love this!

    20. Daniel Richert

      Hi, Could you add Finland to the countries that you ship Qoobo? Thank you. Greetings from Helsinki