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Conventional wisdom says a young Swiss watch company can´t make their own mechanical movement! Obviously industry wisdom is wrong!
Conventional wisdom says a young Swiss watch company can´t make their own mechanical movement! Obviously industry wisdom is wrong!
Conventional wisdom says a young Swiss watch company can´t make their own mechanical movement! Obviously industry wisdom is wrong!
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    1. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      We are back and hopefully we will have a lot of fun and see many of your again in our Kickstarter #3...

    2. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      hi jack, how are you going? very happy that your K1 Jonas is running well ;-) According to your feed back we improved a lot of lume effect on new watch ARRAY (check link), thanks for your tip!

      Nice read. The Worn & Wound team is really doing a good job on democratizing watch content.


    3. Jack Huang on

      I got to said, I love everything about this watch. Especially the precision of time really impress me a lot. The quality of band is at the same level as any of the luxury watch out on the market. The only thing that I don't particularly like is the Super-luminova used on the hands as it does not glow at all in the dark so trying to read the time in the dark (specially when I am in a movie) is impossible. If there is something that I could want to replace on this watch, the Super-luminova used on the watch will definitely be the one. Everything else is perfect, except the Super-luminova, I would almost thought there was nothing been apply to the hands.

    4. Jonas Nydegger on

      Hi Jonny,

      wait some more 3-5 days. Your comment feels to like reading my mind. We are working on it already and it will be a great thing;-) Good to hear that your watch is doing what it should do... showing precisely the time. Overall we are very satisfied with the 122 watches out there.

      Andi from Jonas account

    5. Jonny

      The Jonas K1 keeps better time than my SM300 with its ETA-based 8400 calibre. How's that for showing up the competition! Hope you guys at Accurat Swiss (Horage) are busily plotting your next disruptive release ;)

    6. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Jonny,

      I think our precision is very much in line with COSC standards. When the energy is running low naturally it might loose a bit of amplitude due to the power the spring can generate. However our escapement unit is using energy more efficiently than traditional ones which delivers such good results. When the energy is low the precision will be less. Best results it will produce between 0 and 24 hours

      When it comes to the winding direction the watch winds clockwise when you lock at it from the dial side. other direction is freewheel so it does not wind. We choose one directional for simplicity reasons. The direction of the wind does not say anything about the efficiency of the winding. We have a very efficient winding due to the gear combination we choose.

      You are really getting into it;-)

    7. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi jonny, nice to know you enjoy K1 Jonas:) I forward your question to Jonas, he will contact you soon.


    8. Jonny

      That's a great review for the Autark which also uses the K1 movement. It explains why the 'indirect drive' gives that ever-so-slight stuttering of the small seconds hand to avoid drawing more power.

      Still loving the Jonas K1. Superb craftsmanship. Strap is perfect and clasp works brilliantly. Accuracy is on par with my SMP (which I'm guessing is a boring COSC ETA?) and easily within the +/- 5s tolerance, though I have discovered that it tails off when the reserve gets much above 50hrs off the wrist. Andreas/Jonas, can you advise what orientation typically speeds up/slows down the K1? I will probably work this out eventually by trial and error...

      Looking forward to seeing/hearing more of the 'Arroy'!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonas Nydegger on

      @ Lynnette:

      Dear Lynette,
      there seems to be a tolerance with the disks from the point of the jump at midnight. In our movement there is a difference that might vary: plus/minus 10 minutes at that time. In my opinion 23 minutes after midnight seems a little bit too late.
      Could you please make a video with your mobile phone. Adjust the time on your watch by hand untill the date jumps.
      Once I have seen the video I am able to see if this may be normal, or even if there is a different influence to this problem.
      Please send me the video to this email-address:
      Thank you in advance and best regards from Biel, Switzerland

    10. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Lynnette, I will ask Jonas to answer your question, I think it depends on which time you adjust your watch time and date?

      Jonas, if people adjust the time and date at 12:00 midnight, the date will change also at next 12:00 midnight time?


    11. Missing avatar

      Lynnette on

      been wearing the watch for a while n still cant help seeing the jumping dates change at night =)
      however, something nudging me is that the dates only changed at 1223am each day.. quite a bummer as was hoping to take video of the jumping dates at 12am to share with friend during special dates countdown...
      Does fellow Jonas K1 backers have this time change issue?

    12. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      hi peter, enjoy the watch now :)

    13. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Antony,
      We wil arrange Fedex to pick up your watch and Jonas will check on it. Please pack the watch ready for pick up. Concerning any issue in future, please contact us directly " " as we don't check kickstarter very oft. Thanks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Stranger peter on

      Hi Ty thank you so much for super service Xl strap arrived today fits perfect ! I will repost the original one by mail. :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Antony Burgess on

      How do I make contact over my watch. It runs slow and stops after 3 hours so needs resetting every morning. many thanks

    16. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi peter, your extra long strap is on the way to you by post, it could need several days. After receiving, please send us your shorter strap back, thanks!

      nice weekend


    17. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Pablo, we ordered short strap for you now as our stock was run out. We will arrange payment requirement as soon as the strap is ready to ship. Thanks.


    18. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi peter, after checking, your extra large strap will be finished next week. Nice evening


    19. Pablo Villarreal on

      Agree with the proice on the strap. Paypal is fine. Can we proceed??

    20. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi peter, I will check your strap with factory next Monday. We don't have any K1 Jonas watch left as all 120 pcs limited edition were sold out. But you could check later in Dec. 15 our new collection Arroy, which has also transparent case to see movement inside.

      Nice weekend


    21. Missing avatar

      Stranger peter on

      Btw do you have any pink/white left ? I think I need to buy one extra otherwise she will be shortly confiscate mine ...;&

    22. Missing avatar

      Stranger peter on

      Hi Ty, any view on the delivery time on my xxl strap, bit impatient :-)


    23. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Pablo, I undestand, yes better you order a small size, we could offer you Kickstarter price of 75 Sfr (£50), please cfm me, payment by PayPal ? Oder other way?

      Nice day


    24. Pablo Villarreal on

      Ty. I short my strap but buckle feels unconfortable so that is why i thougth about purchasing smaller band. I measure again and is 15cm

    25. Missing avatar

      Mitch Capper

      Thanks Andi:) Love the watch.

    26. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi John, wow thanks you so much. Do you know we will be in NYC to join the event Wind-Up Soho from 23.-25. Oct.? Maybe you could pass by for chat :)

      nice weekend


    27. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Hi.. As an ambassador of a type for this "movement" - I think I've already racked up one intended new sale for you. I'll direct message when I have confirmation.

    28. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Mitch and everybody who has a watch winder...

      TPD (turns per day) for a K1 movement is 550. This should be pretty much the optimum winding amount 30 turns above the zero spot of 520 according to the gear ratio calculation. In this way you avoid slip through and thus wear inside of the main spring. Winding too much all the time will constantly force the main spring to slip through to avoid mounting torque which will cause wear. Btw. I did not know this myself as I do not own a watch winder... Lesson learned;-)

    29. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      movie is online in the update

      Jonny G,
      you are right! It makes kind of addicted to look at that "darn" thing;-) We hope we can move on with all our plans and I assume we have proven that we can create and execute products on a serious level of complexity in time as promised.

      We learned a lot during this campaign!

    30. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Pablo, did you short your strap? We will update a video to show how to use our U-buckle. Can you give me your wrist size as well?


    31. Pablo Villarreal on


      Received my watch. Perfect piece. But band too big for me. Can you sell me the smaller band pls ?


    32. Jonny

      Wow. This is one amazing timepiece. No problem with clasp and running 6s fast over 48hrs is pretty impressive. Can't stop looking at the darn thing! You have shown the big brands you are a team to be reckoned with. Well done. Huge team effort I'm sure. Already looking forward to the next Tale ;)

    33. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi tracy, nice to read your massage that you found out how to use the clasp now. The strap could put in watch in 2 directions, it has no fixed rule. We have big discussion while our watch maker assembly the watches, after serveral testing and we decided to assembly this direction as you received, as it looks nice:) If you really don't like the direction, you could change the direction in every watch shop. Nice sunday. Ty

    34. Tracy Hoffman on

      Hi I was reading some comments and I also have issues with the band locking I must be doing something wrong I'll wait and see if you post a video also do you have a black band with yellow sewing

    35. Kevin Rossiter on

      Yes thank you Roger, paid the taxes due and was with me the next day. Thanks!

    36. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Kevin, ....and you got your watch finally?


    37. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Mitch, could you do us a favour to wear the watch for 1 week, and let us know the time different? We controlled +/- 5 sec. per day by final QC checking. Thanks for your help and we will back to you for TPD later.

    38. Missing avatar

      Mitch Capper

      Received the watch today looks great. For those of us not able to wear every day what is the recommended TPD? A quick 12 hour test shows about 10s fast, will see with more use. Clasp is very nice! Hopefully with a bit more exposure the lumes will be better.

      The Horage Tale was a great included book, very high quality also!

    39. Kevin Rossiter on

      Ran into the FedEx man on the street, he must have thought I was crazy the way I followed him smiling from ear to ear into our building!

    40. Missing avatar

      Stranger peter on

      Okido TY will put it in the safe, I have a few spares :-) Peter

    41. serge reingewirtz

      Hello Michael,
      got it today; Beautiful Inovative Timepiece that makes me happy, and my son Jonas proud. Thank you to everyone of your team.

    42. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Peter, we placed your customized strap 125/85 mm today, factory need 2 weeks to finish it. So you need wait a little bit to wear your watch, sorry!
      Nice evening, ty

    43. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Pablo, we will check and back to you tomorrow.


    44. Pablo Villarreal on

      Hello, my watch is at customs, they are requesting me the company 9 digit tax id in order to import the item, can you provide this pls?

    45. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Hi Jack, yes, we are working now on new model with strong luminos in Horage house....will public end of 2015 :)

      @John, thanks of the discussion about luminos with you few months ago, it makes us to go design and think in the direction "strong luminos" ;)

    46. Jack Huang on

      Hi TY, thanks again for you and the team working on this great project to provide us with such a beautiful piece of watch and knowing that it has some sort of Taiwanese blood in the watch make me proud of wearing it on my wrist.
      Thanks for the detail explanation and history on the super-luminova and understand that it for the perfect look. But it's a pity that I could not tell the time from my watch during a movie in the cinema and have to pull out my phone instead.
      Everything about this watch is perfect except it doesn't allow me to read the time in the dark. Maybe the next generation, I hope.

    47. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      I got my #120 yesterday and what a watch it is! Clasp and everything function and look BEAUTIFUL. Luminosity as I feared is not very strong but that was obvious as we weren't backing a diving or aeronautical style anyway. And no other automatic movement looks like this... This truly is a piece of horological history!

      THANK YOU ALL for such a wonderful campaign. You included your backers so well... We really got to know a little bit about you all and I for one will plan on taking you up on your kind offer of a tour when I pass through Biel. Oh those birthday chocolates!

      I hope we see much more on Kickstarter from you! I'm so excited to follow how the Accurat-Swiss movement becomes the true competition to those "others."

      While everyone deserves much high praise... A special thank you to rugby-hardened Jonas!!!

    48. Missing avatar


      17 years of experience working in Swiss watch industry still doesn't produce a Quality Controlled proper functioning buckle made in China?

      Really bummed now :(

    49. Roger Michael Seal Creator on

      Dear backers, dear Aaron,

      K1 Jonas is according Swiss Made law a " Swiss Made" watch.
      - Movement: our own design, parts are produced in Switzerland and in Germany, assembly in Switzerland.
      - Case: design in Switzerland, produced by Hongkong supplier. (A grad case producer, Apple watch supplier.)
      - buckle: design, patent and labor testing in Switzerland, produced by Hongkong supplier. (same supplier for case above)
      - leather strap: produce in Switzerland (they supply also Rolex)
      - hands: luminos from Switzerland, hands produce in South Korea.
      Whole watch assembly and final QC: Biel, Switzerland.

      We choose quality suppliers basic on 17 years experiences of working in Swiss watch industry. Today through Internet, countries are connecting closely and we don't like to hide anything!


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