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A collaborative effort to create vibrant and beautiful street art in Uganda, East Africa with Patrick Maxcy’s amazing talent.


After years of working in Africa, we’ve come to realize a few things. One is simply that the work will never end. And maybe that’s a good thing for us since we are learning so much more than we’ll ever claim to impact. Another is that big, beautiful, crazy dreams only come true if you actually act on them. I remember being in Africa over six years ago in a tiny village outside of Jinja, Uganda and dreaming of one day changing the communities of Walukuba and Danita for the better. 

Six years later, the organization I helped start, Light Gives Heat, has been creating consistent incomes for over 120 Artisans. We’ve met some amazing organizations and people along the way that have similar hearts and goals in this little community half-way across the world. And that brings me to the ART of COLLABORATION and why I think I have an invitation like no other!

A couple of years ago I was introduced to an amazing artist, Patrick Maxcy from South Florida and for the past few years he’s partnered with us on a handful of projects, from shirt designs to full-scale murals. His talent and heart got me thinking...we have connections and relationships with hundreds of families in this little community in Uganda - a community that is full of hope and joy, and yet the buildings and homes are run down and neglected.


Collaborate with a few other organizations (Light Gives Heat, Sole Hope, IAMJ3) to bring Patrick Maxcy’s amazing talent to this community in September (yep, next month)! Create bright, vibrant, full-scale murals on the side of buildings in this community. We want to create pieces that the community is proud of and would enjoy for years to come!

So that's where you come in! We’ve created some great incentives that will not only allow this project to take place in Uganda but also will allow you, the backers of this project a way to take a piece of the project home with you! From Limited Edition shirts, to books, to a behind-the-scenes video tour just for you... we want to bring you along this amazing journey as much as possible!

Please consider getting behind this amazing project today and be a part of changing a community one wall at a time!

**Also Note: Because Light Gives Heat is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization. ALL PLEDGES ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE and LGH will provide a receipt for the 2012 tax year!

Organizations involved in the ART of COLLABORATION:

Patrick Maxcy (Artist Profile):

  • Patrick attended Florida School of the Arts where he earned an Associates degree in Painting and Graphic Design. After extensive traveling, painting, and exhibiting, Patrick relocated to Boca Raton to pursue a BFA in studio art/ painting from Florida Atlantic University. Patrick also pursued his teaching degree and taught high school art for several years before returning to the art world full time.

Since then, Patrick has worked with several select non-profit organizations, traveling and creating large scale murals in different locations in North & South America. He also spends a majority of his time working out of his studio; Combining world, environmental, & personal stories through various creatures and design.

He has done design & commissioned paintings for such clients as Red Bull, Jedidiah, Dispatch, TOMS shoes, Light Gives Heat, Love,Light,& Melody, Braddigan, Amor, the glue network, 180 South, US Humane Society, & Christian Surfers International. Patrick's work has been published in numerous publications including Relevant, World Artist Network, Tattoo, Do it For the Story, Hollingsworth, & ArtBastard. Learn more at

Light Gives Heat 

  • LGH Staff create long-term partnerships with local Artisans to create upcycled handmade accessories that will eventually grace the shoulders, necks, and wrists of fashion conscious consumers in America and beyond. Learn more at

Sole Hope 

  • To effectively put in place preventive methods to combat diseases that enter through the feet and to create a positive physical and spiritual difference in the lives of individuals in impoverished communities. Learn more at


  • To promote people and organizations who love others more than themselves and are making a difference in this world. Learn more at

How the funds will be used:

  • Art supplies in Uganda
  • Plane Tickets, Travel and Lodging for one representative from each organization and Patrick Maxcy  (4 total)
  • Incentive costs and the percentages that go towards processing and Kickstarter fees


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    * Hand-written 'ART of collaboration' postcard thank you * 'ART of collaboration' e-book documenting the journey - includes sketches, pictures, and some journaling **2012 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE PLEDGE**

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    Above + the following: * 'ART of collaboration' limited edition T-shirt (specify size) * Moving On - DVD copy of Award-Winning Documentary produced by Light Gives Heat **2012 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE PLEDGE**

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    Above + the following: * 'ART of collaboration' signed soft-cover book - enjoy a 7"x7" book documenting the ART of collaboration journey - includes sketches, pictures, and some journaling. Your name(s) will appear on the 'Project Made Possible By' pages in the back of the book! **2012 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE PLEDGE**

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    Above + the following: * We'll add your name to the mural in Jinja, Uganda. Give us the name of your choice (family name, in honor of, an organizational name, etc.) and we'll make it permanent on a designated section of the mural (and we'll give you a digital photo for proof)! **2012 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE PLEDGE**

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    Above + the following: * A personal 'behind the scenes' video update from Uganda **2012 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE PLEDGE**

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    Above + the following: * We'll fly you out to Colorado to visit with the artist (Patrick Maxcy) and the founders of LGH. Includes: airfare for 1 person, dinner on the town, and 3 days/2 nights of awesome hang time! **2012 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE PLEDGE**

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