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...and Todd Finklestone. Two guys with a dream to create for children and expand their imagination... Help us help the children.
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Mike Demers

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Is Ewe the next Curious George?

With just a week to go in our campaign to raise funds to self-publish FOOLING EWE (Yikes!), we're just 30% of the way to our goal.  While we read that this is how it happens on Kickstarter, with the biggest gains coming at the end, it sure is nerve-wracking.  But most people don't take action until time is running out just as they don't begin Christmas shopping in June, but rather wait until December when the pressure is on.  And so here we are, a week to go.  The pressure is on.  If you were thinking of pitching in, the time is now because If we don't meet our goal, and can't print and publish our children's book, Todd and I are not the only ones losing out.  Imagine this:

Hans and Margret Rey were once so down and out that they fled their war-town home on self-made bicycles.  They were young and ambitious, ordinary dreamers with an extraordinary dream to bring a monkey to the masses of children.  They fled with practically nothing but the manuscript to what would eventually be known as Curious George.  Imagine if they threw in the towel, daunted by the long odds, lacking the resources, lucky breaks, and/or help needed to make George a reality.  Imagine they got a flat tire on the war-torn Road of Life and gave up.  Imagine what the world would be like without Curious George.  Seriously.  Now imagine you were there.  You pumped their tire and lent them a hand, and that small act was the difference for them, which later became the difference for you and yours as that paper concept became a worldwide phenomenon that shaped your children.  "Curious George?" you would say for the rest of your life.  "Let me tell you about Curious George.  I helped make it happen."  It's cool to have great cool things.  It's something else entirely to be the one to discover them.

I'm not saying Todd and I are the next Hans and Margret Rey and I'm not saying FOOLING EWE is the next Curious George, but I believe we are and she is.  If you can contribute, whether it be one dollar or one hundred, in addition to returning the favor with books, shirts, readings/art lessons, etc. (think of it as pre-ordering a book but your pre-order enables us to print it and get the ball rolling), we plan to give you a lifetime of the bragging right to say you helped make it happen.  We want to make Ewe huge and we want to make you proud, but now's the time because we're just a week away from D-Day (end of campaign) and learning what in the world will become of Ewe.  If you've already contributed, THANK YOU!  You are part of Ewe now.  If yo haven't, and want to, thank you, too, for making a difference.

Two weeks to go!

With two weeks to go, we're about 15% of the way to our goal.  We heard it happens this way in Kickstarter, with the best gains coming toward the end, but it sure is nerve-wracking.  If Kickstarter features you, which unfortunately happens more with tech products than children's books, you're all set.  Otherwise, it's all grass roots.  While our grass grows, in the meantime, I've been passing out EWE coloring pages and teaching my 1st grader how to spell words like "you," and Todd's been plugging away at the illustrations and raising money for his orphanage in Cameroon.  Busy busy, with all good stuff.  His newest sketches, including the beginnings of when Ewe dresses up and tries to fool the farmer into believing she's a human, are posted on our Facebook page along with Ewe's recent tweets.  Check it out. If you have been able to contribute financially, THANK YOU!  And please tell a friend or two who may be interested, in children's books, or children, or just discovering something cool for kids and helping turn it into reality.  Contributions will get you a EWE book, a toy, a shirt, or something else cool in return, too.  It's like pre-ordering, in that way, but with your pre-order enabling us to publish the book and think big.  A teacher posted that the ewe vs. you wordplay makes FOOLING EWE a great teaching tool.  I think so, too.  Sure was the case when I read the work in progress to my daughter's 1st grade class.  So we've got two weeks.  While we need financial backing to self-publish, "liking" and/or "commenting" is a nice pat on the back, too, if you are unable to contribute financially.  Every little thing helps in a team effort like this.  Cheers to all!  And thank you again.  :)

3 weeks to go, ugh

With about three weeks to go, we're just over 10% of the way to our goal.  We read it happens this way in Kickstarter, with best gains coming toward the end, but it sure is nerve-wracking.  With a little ball forming in the pits of our stomachs, I have been busy preparing to be a "Giver" on World Book Night and passing out Ewe coloring pages for children while Todd is plugging away at the illustrations.  Last week he was working on Mouse's house and this week he's working on Farmer, which is sure to be an awesome page/scene as Ewe dresses up and tries to fool him into believing she's a human.  Both new illustrations are posted on our Facebook page,  Check it out.  While we need financial backing to self-publish FOOLING EWE, "liking" and/or "commenting" is a nice pat on the back, too, if you are unable to contribute financially.  Every little thing helps in a team effort like this.  Cheers to all!  And thank you.  :)

Read FOOLING EWE to my daughter's 1st grade class

I read Fooling Ewe to my daughter's 1st grade class Wednesday, and it was aMAzing. With full text cut up and taped to the sketches Todd has completed, it was fully paginated but I asked the children to have patience and to use their "imagination" on the pages without art. As soon as I began reading, a girl up front raised her hand. "Yes?" I said. "Um...," she proudly began, looking at the colorless page. "I'm ALREADY using my imagination." "Great," I said.

The kids "got" the (ewe vs. you) wordplay.  They howled and laughed at all the proper moments, and tensed up with a touch of fear every time mother ewe showed up to scold Ewe for playing, and ordered her "Back to the meadow, Ewe, and graze that grass." They had lots of good questions and comments.  And then another hand went up.

"Yes?" I said. "What's the illustrator's name?" a girl asked. "Todd Finklestone," I said. Another hand shot up. "Yes?" I said. "Um... my uncle's name is Todd," he said. "Wow!" I said. "I wonder if he knows my illustrator, Todd." Some laughs. Another hand. "Yes?" "My FATHER's name is Todd," a girl said. "Really?" I said. "I wonder if he knows the other two Todds. They should form a Todd Group together." Lots of laughs. Another hand. "Yes?" "My NEIGHBOR's name is Todd!" she said. "Wow!" I said. "He should join the Todd Group and do Todd things!" The children roared and several hands went up to say "I like your book" and they asked if they could sign the book out of their library.  Not yet, I told them, but I did leave them with a bunch of FOOLING EWE coloring pages, with which to use their OWN imagination.  They were WAY more excited than I even expected, and I expected excitement.  It warmed my heart.  Can't wait to read them the real book. Love Ewe, but need YOU!