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The classic drinking horn in a modern design.
The classic drinking horn in a modern design.
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1,645 backers pledged $83,743 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeremy E. on

      I've had my horn for a couple of months now. I'm quite happy with the quality, and being dishwasher safe might be the best part.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rev. Glen Smith on

      Actually that isn't true.
      Nordstrom's has free shipping and unless there is a secret tax involved I'm pretty sure that makes it $10 cheaper.

    3. Das Horn 2-time creator on

      Hey guys. We are sorry that some of the orders never reached you. Please keep in mind that after tax and shipping you would pay the same price on any other site- the $35 pledge included those things.

    4. Brian Connelly on

      Yes -- I feel cheated as well -- could have ordered with out risk for cheaper -- way to treat your supporters -- not to mention maybe I would have gotten it if I would have purchased from somewhere else. So how about it? -- You have not shipped to me -- please refund now -- and I may save a few dollars or just not purchase again. -- Seeing that you can't get it shipped this should be a legit request. -- Thanks

    5. Brian Connelly on

      Have not received the Horn! Please provide some tracking or something -- it's been weeks and weeks and still nothing.

    6. Das Horn 2-time creator on

      Trol: Did you receive your item? Please send us a message if you didn't and we'll resolve it. Keep in mind we included shipping with our $35 price.

    7. Trol Lolol on

      Im very disapointed of this campaing. I pledge $35 dollars and waited for a lot of time to have this, just to find out that I can get it cheaper in….

    8. Missing avatar

      Christian Gilbert on

      I am still waiting for mine, or a valid tracking.

    9. Das Horn 2-time creator on

      Bertrand - We'll send you a replacement. Please send an email with the photo to

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan Martin on

      I have yet to receive mine, and was told that someone was looking into for me but haven heard from anyone since september 26th :(

    11. Missing avatar

      bertrand senecal on

      Finally received mine, the metalic band ``Das Horn`` is upside down...Do i need to removed the plastic band that is midway on the horn or should it remain there? First experience with KS is a disappointement.

    12. Vuud on

      Received mine. Very disappointed with it. Certainly not worth the 35$.

    13. Kenn Martin on

      Received delivery in Perth, Australia. Very pleased but sorry I didn't order two.- Kenn

    14. Adam Shields on

      While skimming KS last night I recalled reading the Das Horn had shipped. I hadn't received any indicators so I wrote up and expressed I had no information. The response: It's en route, today. Shocked, I took the number they gave me and sure enough. My Das Horn arrived minutes ago and I can say this was Godsent. I'm bring this to my next get together and turning some heads. LET THE DRINK FLOW! I'll offer some sacrifice to your name... Ribs sound good. -Adam

    15. Jake Blumberg on

      I just received my drinking horn at work today, it totally made my week! Thank you for updating my info on such short notice, this thing is everything I could've hoped for in a drinking horn, and then some. Now all I need is a long, bendy, crazy straw to drink from while walking around with it in the neck strap.

    16. Das Horn 2-time creator on

      @Christian PM sent with your tracking info.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christian Gilbert on

      Haven't heard yet that it was received at my proxy address. Can I get a tracking number for mine ?

    18. Bill Hochreiter on

      Hi, just got mine today!!! Finally and looks pretty good, can't wait to try it out later today. Thanks for everything and good luck on any future projects.

    19. Missing avatar

      Josh Morrison on

      I'm still waiting on mine, but it isn't these fellows fault..... Ups lost my address......

    20. Das Horn 2-time creator on

      @Dan Kalish PM sent with your tracking info.

    21. Dan Kalish on

      Still have not received a tracking number or any communication at this point. Anyone have advice?

    22. Garrett Bruce on

      I did David; you're the reason I mentioned it in my last comment about 5 days ago when I got them.

    23. Missing avatar

      David Lamberth on

      Still wondering if anyone in California has received their horns???

    24. Joe Lin on

      Got my horns today. But at the old address.

      Looks like I won't personally get to see them until Dec.


    25. Missing avatar

      Austin Broussard on

      Has anybody else had success with their tracking number? Mine is still showing that it has not been picked up and the label was created on the 6th!?! I am not getting responses to my inquires as well anymore!!

    26. Missing avatar

      David Spearow on

      I got my Horns today (bought some for my groomsmen) and I think they look amazing!

      They don't look exactly like the prototype if you compare them to the pictures, but that's why they call them a prototype. I am very happy with the way they came out. I love the glossy finish on the outside of the horn.

    27. Missing avatar

      DOVN on

      Got mine today. I am pretty disappointed with the change to a plastic lip. I definitely would not purchase this nor would I have backed this project if this was the lip shown during the funding period. Just looks and feels cheap to me. Oh well, glad other people enjoy theirs. Mine will be headed to ebay or a gag x-max gift. Good luck to you guys, hopefully I am an outlier.

    28. Missing avatar

      Rev. Glen Smith on

      I got mine today.
      This is a pretty cool product and I'm glad someone is making it.
      Having said that I would happily pay about $15 for this.
      The neck strap is pretty legit and better made than I expected.
      The stand is very flimsy but no big deal really.
      The horn.... Looks pretty good but is way lighter and thinner than I had expected it feels very cheap to me and a tight grip around the top flexes the whole thing.
      Despite all my bitching.
      I am glad this is a thing.

    29. Garrett Bruce on

      I got my horns today and they look very good. The mold lines are mild, nothing unexpected. I look forward to trying them out. Quick note on location, I live in Southern California and I did not get my horns engraved (so one of the later ones shipped).

    30. Carrie L Rutherford on

      My horns arrived safe and sound. The look pretty much spot on to the pictures but I would have liked a more bold look for the engraving. The neck strap seems sturdy and the balance is good to keep from spilling of drinks. I don't notice an mold-line issues with my set. The boxes look nicely designed too.

    31. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    32. Das Horn 2-time creator on

      Sebastian - The t-shirt should come in a separate package.

    33. Sebastian Kirner on

      HI Guys!
      Received my Horn in Germany today. Awesome!
      Sadly there was no T-shirt?!

    34. Missing avatar

      Rev. Glen Smith on

      Can someone please contact me with my information.

    35. Daniel Moore on

      Received my shirt and horn today. Needless to say I was pleased to have it within my hands at last! I am curious to know, are the numbered horns supposed to have Das Horn written on them as well?
      Must say I love the overall look and feel, and the neck strap and stand will prove useful. Thanks guys :D

    36. Carrie L Rutherford on

      Well I got my shirts but no horns. Hopefully this means my horns will arrive on Monday. My post man is rather lazy so hopefully there isn't anything to worry about.

      Note: I didn't get any tracking emails either.

    37. Missing avatar

      David Spearow on

      I agree with Robert, I don't think tracking emails are getting sent. I only got an email from UPS because I am signed up with UPS My Choice. I didn't get anything from Kick Starter or Das Horn.

    38. Bryan on

      Hey guys - I don't believe tracking emails are being sent. However, it sounds like people are getting their Das Horns. I received mine and it is awesome.

    39. Matt Smallwood on

      Got my horn today. It looks great!

    40. Jared Mountain Man on

      Same here, would appreciate an update/ shipping info. Thanks!

    41. Jerry Bonner on

      Hey...could someone please drop me a line as well? No horn or tracking email as of yet. I ordered my horn as a gift...which is looong overdue and I'd to deliver it sometime soon.

    42. Missing avatar

      Timothy Sleep on

      Stress Test commencing.... PROST!

      Also thanks for the awesome horn guys! It took awhile but man I love it. I hope everyone manages to get their horn soon so if I come across another with a horn I will nod my drunken head and they shall give me a knowing drunken look back. For we both know we shall meet again someday in Valhalla.

    43. Das Horn 2-time creator on

      @Austin PM sent.

    44. Missing avatar

      Austin Broussard on

      Can Somebody please contact me. I have yet to receive my horn. It appears that some comments show these have shipped from ft worth. I live in Dallas so I don't see why I have not received mine. I would greatly appreciate an email!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jacob Affinito on

      Got my horn today. Very nice. Will perform multiple beer tests later tonight.

    46. Missing avatar

      David Lamberth on

      Has anyone in California received there Definitive Drinking Horn yet?

    47. Apple Orange Pair on

      Received my Das Horn today and it looks terrific! Your hard work has great results. I was expecting a t-shirt but it wasn't in the shipment. Will those be sent separately?

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel whytellyou on

      Got my horn today! Never got an email saying mine shipped so it was a nice surprise! Happy with the quality. Was always sad the original design had to change but it is what it is. Long live the horn!

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Hi guys, you must get inundated by people asking for shipping updates. It's been about half a month now that you've been shipping. Any word on where my drinking vessel is?

    50. Das Horn 2-time creator on

      @Tyler Eason The horns are at our warehouse. They've been overwhelmed with shipping the thousands of horn out for Kickstarter. Starting tomorrow, they will be ready to ship out when they are ordered!

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