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$7,729 pledged of $26,000 goal
By Two Guys and a Giant
$7,729 pledged of $26,000 goal

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    1. Scott Simpson on January 19

      Relaunch! Relaunch! Relaunch!

    2. Scott Simpson on November 3, 2016

      Can't wait to see this relaunch!

    3. Two Guys and a Giant Creator on July 4, 2016

      Joshua, thanks for the great feedback. I'm really glad you enjoyed the game!

    4. Missing avatar

      Joshua Toman on July 4, 2016

      Did up a PnP and was able to play it a few times. love the game. simple rules, difficult decisions, great strategys, and a bit of chance make this game great.

    5. Two Guys and a Giant Creator on May 7, 2016

      Jestin, thanks for your interest and support!

    6. Jestin
      on May 7, 2016

      Will definitely be looking forward to the relaunch!

    7. Two Guys and a Giant Creator on May 1, 2016

      Richard, Mortaneous, J Miller, Andrew & Stacey,

      Thank you for the encouraging words and your support. We will be keeping you posted and look forward to seeing you back here again for the relaunch!

    8. Richard Resnick
      on May 1, 2016

      Sorry the game didn't fund this time around. It looks like a cool theme and mechanic. Keep us in the know and we will see you at the relaunch.

    9. Mortaneous on May 1, 2016

      @Two Guys and a Giant
      Thanks for responding. Well, no matter how you implement the game, even if I don't like the visuals, I'd still back you up! I like how you made the players juggle between building their empire and impeding someone else's. eXpand OR eXterminate --- do one or the other but never both! I also like that you'll have to work harder (or rather, the odds of successful rolls becomes smaller) as you get closer to your goal.

      The expansion you're working on sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to the relaunch!

    10. J Miller on May 1, 2016

      Looking forward to a relaunch. Hope things work out in the next go around. The game looks great

    11. Andrew Latham on May 1, 2016

      Sorry it didn't work out this time. I'm looking forward to your next project.

    12. Missing avatar

      Stacey Lindsay on May 1, 2016

      Hey Two Guys & a Giant,
      Sorry this didn't get funded this go-round. Keep up the good work! The concept is awesome! We look forward to seeing this game in stores! Please keep me up updated! We will back you again!

    13. Two Guys and a Giant Creator on April 30, 2016

      Mortaneus, thanks for your comment. Conceptually each tile represents a planetary system with the Sector. It's a challenge to try and represent distances such as light years on a tabletop, something will be sacrificed. Graphically I didn't want the planets to be too small, so we opted the larger rather than smaller. But as for adding distance between them, we are currently testing an expansion that will be included in the next campaign. It has several star tiles as well as other stellar phenomena like wormholes, pulsars, etc. that will provide a more spread out board.
      All the same, we'll be considering your thoughts. Thanks!

    14. Mortaneous on April 30, 2016

      I find it weird looking at the game tiles and seeing a bunch of significantly-sized planets in close proximity. It's not realistic and it kind of kills the theme for me. Perhaps instead of planets each tile pictures a star system complete with orbit paths? That should make it look more real and it would make the game feel "bigger" since we'll be working with/fighting for star systems. Just a thought.

    15. Missing avatar

      on April 30, 2016

      Ok close enough! everyone cond=sider backing this project back now!!! come now now!

    16. Two Guys and a Giant Creator on April 29, 2016

      Great suggestion Mark! We've been considering that over the last couple days and we definitely want to have something special for those that backed this this campaign. Unfortunately we aren't sure exactly what it'll be, so I hesitate to announce anything now. But rest assured, there will be something! ;-)

    17. Missing avatar

      on April 29, 2016

      I might suggest that you consider rewarding those that backed this attempt with something in the following release. It's funny that if you officially announced that then more people might back this project which might get it funded, which would make the announcement completely invalid!! Just a funny thought.

    18. Two Guys and a Giant Creator on April 26, 2016

      Cody, thanks for the support and encouragement! We will definitely be relaunching later in the year.

    19. Cody Crossley
      on April 26, 2016

      Just backed to say that I enjoy the mechanics and the attention to detail. If this doesn't get funded, just regroup, keep working on the project, and relaunch at a later. There's a lot of big titles going on right now that are crowding the market what're pulling in probably most people's gming budgets currently. I've seen several Kickstarters that didn't do so well in the initial run but after a second or third they gained the number of backers to cross the finish line!

    20. Two Guys and a Giant Creator on April 26, 2016

      Joseph, Glad to hear you like the Stations! That's an interesting idea about the game continuing for a time after construction is done. We are currently testing some expansions that we will add to the game later this year, perhaps there's a way to incorporate that idea into one of them. We'll give it some thought. Thanks!

    21. Joseph Gardner Sky Crystal Arts on April 25, 2016

      I really love the space station models and wish the game didn't end when one is finished so you could see it on the board for awhile

    22. Giovanni Wassen
      on April 24, 2016

      As a first-day backer (quite literally), I'm sad to see this project never got off the ground. This despite the ads on BGG showing regularly.

    23. Two Guys and a Giant Creator on April 23, 2016

      Stalvos, thanks for your support. Yes, we clearly needed to get more publicity about the game ahead of time. This campaign has helped to start getting the word out and we've had some great reviews. in the upcoming months we will be hitting a few game conventions and looking for other ways to increase awareness before the reboot. We will be announcing our plans at the end of the week. Stay tuned.

    24. Doctor Zaius
      on April 22, 2016

      It's a shame it won't be funded. Hopefully your reboot will be funded quickly. Maybe enough people didn't learn about this project.

    25. Timothy Dafydd Gadd on April 14, 2016

      Really looking forward to keeping this in the boardgame library at the Games Den!

    26. J Miller on April 8, 2016

      I went online and changed it...Thanks guys it worked fine.


    27. Two Guys and a Giant Creator on April 7, 2016

      Not sure why $55 would be showing a shipping charge in the app? I've tried to replicate the issue but I see the correct amount in the app. In the meantime, if you could try using the website directly I believe you'l find the pledge tiers are working correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    28. J Miller on April 6, 2016

      $55 pledge for USA and Canada is still asking for $13 shipping. I am using the app

    29. Albert on April 6, 2016

      Nice game for both family and friends, go for it!!!

    30. Jerason Banes
      on April 6, 2016

      Thanks again for the $55 US/CA option! Can't wait to see this game get made!

    31. Scott Simpson on March 31, 2016

      Backed Bro! Nice game!

    32. Missing avatar

      Rebekah Young on March 31, 2016

      Happy Giving Day! !!!

    33. Zachary Nance on March 31, 2016

      Boom! Good luck guys!

    34. Arsenus on March 31, 2016

      Hope that will work! :) I will spread the word! :)

    35. Missing avatar

      on March 31, 2016

      First comment! ;-)