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We've invented a completely modular plush toy... that's also a puppet... and a hat... and ridiculously fun.
We've invented a completely modular plush toy... that's also a puppet... and a hat... and ridiculously fun.
209 backers pledged $21,353 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Avigayil on

      I just got mine (Canadian here) and love my furry little guy. Thanks! Is there a way for us to order extra parts? I think customs might have misplaced a few of mine...

    2. Missing avatar

      Dr. med Hank Schiffers on

      Thanks - received it today - awesome

    3. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Hi Hank,

      Your tracking number is LN421690443US
      Just type it into the search bar. The package left HQ the 16th but it still seems to be in the states or in transit at the moment. Hopefully it will reach Germany soon. Please let us know.

      Jazz & Criz

    4. Missing avatar

      Dr. med Hank Schiffers on

      Would you mind sending me my tracking number pls?

    5. Nicole Bradshaw on

      Thanks so much for getting back to me!

      Customs must be having a play with our furry friend - jealous they didn't back the project :P I'll keep an eye on this. I just know she is going (my niece) is going to adore him/ her (she will have to decide if it's a boy or a girl) :D

    6. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Hi Nicole,

      According to the tracking, your little fellow was spotted crossing the Canadian border at 9:36 am on March 25, 2013. You can follow his progress at Just enter this tracking number in the search bar: LZ104885733US
      I'm a little surprised it's taking so long as it was sent the 16th but it looks like customs clearance and sorting takes the bulk of the time rather than actual transit. There doesn't seem to be an estimated delivery listed but you can sign up for email updates. We'll watch this one closely as well.

    7. Nicole Bradshaw on

      I spoke to my brother tonight to check if my niece has received her Hugalope yet and he confirmed she hasn't. Can you please check our little fluffy friend to find out where he is & let me know?

    8. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Thanks for posting the review, Howard.

      I want to see some pictures from your next dance party, Michael. Please tell your roommates that is the place to go to end their jealousy :)

      And thanks to everyone once more. We are still looking at a lot of work before we can declare this a success, but all your encouragement and kind words are fuel for our efforts.

    9. Michael John Lapid on

      Got mine today and my housemate and I can't stop laughing at how fun this little guy is. They're pretty jealous and now they're looking to adopt one on the web. If these don't start proliferating at dance parties everywhere, something is seriously wrong with the world. Um, can you feed these things after midnight?

    10. Missing avatar

      Howard C. Shaw III on

      Got my three hugalopes in yesterday, posted about it on Google+.

    11. Richard Marlin on

      Congrats kids! Now dump the Jakks deal and START YOUR BUSINESS!


    12. Missing avatar

      Nick O on

      Just wondering if the hugalopes have been set free?

    13. Elan Katra on

      First, I really want to thank you for the open and honest communication about the entire process you've gone through. I've contributed to others and hardly hear anything from the creators. Hope you guys can find a way to share your learnings with other entrepreneurs to hopefully save them some future aggravation :).

      I think you make some good suggestions for sales of the excess inventory, and I really don't have any comment on them. I'm just mentioned in the pledge descriptions a launch there still any plan for that? Even just a launch happy hour in a private section of a local bar? One way to save a lot on shipping costs would be to give people an option to pick up their Hugalopes at a party like that, as well as give us the chance to meet you in person. I for one, have loved being a part of this process, dispute the hiccups.

    14. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Hi Hank,

      It's been very busy over here prepping for shipment. The Hugalopes are scheduled to reach the Port of Oakland next week - Feb 2 or 3. Packages will start to go out as soon as they pass through customs. We'll be shipping via USPS parcel post.


    15. Missing avatar

      Joyce Donohue on

      So very excited that we can look forward to receiving our Hugalopes in the upcoming weeks! I appreciate all of the effort made to keep us informed of the project’s progress over the past 12 months. I especially appreciate the sincere communications and the details that were shared outlining all of the negotiations and lessons learned along the way. Your openness about the project has truly made this a rewarding experience. Best wishes for a successful future! (I can’t wait for my little one to open his new Hugalope! XOXO!)

    16. Missing avatar

      Dr. med Hank Schiffers on

      Hi thx for the update. Do you mind adding some dates and fact like: number/name of the boat (we can track it online), date of arrival at port, scheduled time in customs, on ground transportation company, estimated time of packaging etc.? - with the current info i do not feel comfortanle, as it seems to be just another endless story

    17. Missing avatar

      Dr. med Hank Schiffers on

      Any news? Mind sharing?

    18. Missing avatar

      Dr. med Hank Schiffers on

      Happy new year hugalopes

    19. Nicole Bradshaw on

      Thank you! I've sent you a message with the new address :)

    20. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Of course Nicole, just send us a message with the new info :)

    21. Nicole Bradshaw on

      Hey Guys!

      Just wondering if I can change my delivery address since my Hugalope has not yet shipped? Can you please let me know if this is something I can still do :)

    22. Richard Marlin on

      That's a tuff break, Jazz. I feel badly for you. I know how much you care about this AND your Kickstarter backers.

      For anyone out there feeling like you want to abandon this project, I can only say as a product developer that when you are at the mercy of an overseas producer, you are truly at their mercy. These guys are trying their level best to get this deal done. Let's hang in there with them and BACK THEM. It's not like they took the money and ran - they are truly trying to get this done and it is no doubt more excruciating for Jazz and Criz than it is for us.

      Jazz - hopefully you have built into your deal some penalties for your supplier for shipping late. In all events, I hope your licensing deal more than makes up for the heart ache your been experiencing during this project. I hope it is an AMAZING SUCCESS! I'm still BACKING you...

    23. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Hi Lauren,

      As far as we know, they should all be compatible. And thanks again for the encouraging words! :)

    24. Lauren Ard on

      I, for one, am impressed with the thoroughness and frequency of updates from you guys. I have backed about 20 Kickstarter projects now, and while almost all of them have gone waaaaay past their deadline, with Hugalopes I have never grown impatient because I know from your updates you guys have been doing the best that you can do, and always keeping your backers up-to-date.

      I also have a question. I know in your previous posts you guys said whether or not the Puppet Monsters would be compatible with your premium Hugalopes for your backers. Can you please confirm whether or not Puppet Monster accessories will fit on the Hugalope and vice versa? Thanks.

    25. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Sure Danny, I'll send you an email with details now.

    26. Missing avatar

      danny on

      i would like a refund. can you tell me what information you need ?

    27. Missing avatar

      danny on

      weeks since the last update. way to try and be proactive. you have made this product go from bad to worse to god awful. weeks between communication ? get your stuff together.

    28. Missing avatar

      danny on

      you should give an extra hugalope to all of your backers for waiting for what will be over a year before they reach their product. that is the best thing to do with the additional stock

    29. Missing avatar

      Dina Tarah on

      You asked for suggestions about what to do with your extra stock....
      1-auction off to your backers and donate money to charity (my personal interest is in autism but happy to support many causes).
      2-donate them to a charity and take the tax deduction...they might auction them off or it could be a school(s) that work with disabled children.
      Can't wait to see finished product. Good luck in the home stretch.

    30. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Hi Hank,

      We are still trying to negotiate a way to get delivery that will allow us to make Christmas but we've been getting push back on this. For factories, the main busy time for Christmas is summer and they've since reduced staff. We're trying to figure out if we can give them more money to ramp up staff, if they can make partial delivery of the order early so that the backers can get theirs sooner, etc. but it's been a frustrating communication loop. We're at their mercy in many ways - which is one of the reasons the cost suddenly jumped by about 50% at the last minute - when we couldn't do anything but accept the situation. We're looking into the cost of air freight for the backer's Hugalopes if that would get them in time for Christmas and if we can possibly manage that - it's looking like that would add about $25 per unit at the moment. I'll post a detailed update on all of that when the details are more firmly settled.


    31. Missing avatar

      Dr. med Hank Schiffers on about some clear delivery dates? Its likeley you negotiated delivery dates, didn t you?

    32. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Hi Hank,

      Not yet - we are just waiting on delivery from the factory. They have everything in their hands at this point and we can only wait. I'll post some more info in an update tonight.


    33. Missing avatar

      Dr. med Hank Schiffers on

      Its November - has anybody received a huga....?

    34. Jodi Lennon on

      Hey guys! I am thrilled to get the survey! So excited to finally hear that the Hugalopes are going to be on their way to us for the Christmas season. Woohoo! Congratulations on getting this project so far. It must feel good to be almost there. Not long then. Yay!

    35. Missing avatar

      Katrina Lattin on

      Hi again! So excited about getting the survey!! I only want to bother you again about the colour of the bonus ones before I fill it out because if I choose for example green and the bonus ones are green now I don't have a variety! Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks

    36. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Hank, Danny, you are absolutely right, things have been terrible over here and I've been neglectful and reluctant to post without firm information. We are kind of hostage to the time table of our factory but that's not a good excuse. We do finally have some firm info just today from the factory and I'll be posting details tonight. Survey should go out this evening as well. Apologies to everyone.


    37. Missing avatar

      danny on

      One of the worst I have backed. Last update a month ago. Not even communicating now ?

    38. Avigayil on

      Haha.. Hank.. I funded a project August 2011 that still has no delivery, and no timeline. This certainly is not the worst, aggravating... yes. But not the worst. I am sure the creators are very aware that 209 put their faith in them.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dr. med Hank Schiffers on


      I founded several projects here this year. Yours is the only one i am loosing faith in.

    40. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      Hi Danny,

      That is correct. It frustrates us more than anyone. I don't want to give a shipping date that will end up being missed and I've learned that any factory estimate about any feedback loop is only accurate after it's been met. The feedback loops can be really painful at times - something that should be easily fixed becomes a bottleneck where you end up loosing a week because you make a request on a Wednesday after 3pm here in California, the email does not get seen by the liaison till Thursday morning because she's on the east coast, she passes it on to her counterpart in China but they talk at 11 in the night east coast time and it's already Friday in China. Then word doesn't come back till Monday - which is already their Tuesday and if you have to go through the feedback loop twice, suddenly you've seen 8-10 days slip by.

      And at times, you think something is in process and then you learn that elements that you think are being done in parallel aren't because the factory feels like they want to see a result or get something back from a supplier before proceeding further *with anything*. So sometimes the bottlenecks don't make any sense to us.

      And then, in the end, a lot of our frustration comes from being largely at the mercy of the process and the people on the other end of it - some of whom we will never get to communicate with directly. And don't get me wrong - those people are really extraordinary in some ways and we've been astonished by their work. But not having the ability to go over and show them what we do, or use hand gestures and body language to express something, or ever knowing if they are on the same page and seeing things the same way is challenging both ways.

      And the cost is either one of time or quality - time to correct things or quality when they go uncorrected. We've chosen time (and it hurts - but less than if people hated the final product).

      I want to explain the situation to you guys but I don't want to make excuses or blame anyone else - like I said, we really respect our manufacturing partners and couldn't do this at all without them - and we're in awe of some of the things they do. The fault for any and all delays rests entirely with me, Jazz. I hope this is true more as a function of my lack of experience than a result of general incompetence (which is to say, I could do it better a second time around). Unfortunately, this is my first time around and I'm grateful for the patience and support you've all shown but I also understand if you're frustrated or upset.

      And while I carry the burden of that, I hope you know I'm doing everything I can whenever I am able. One of the hardest things is that, all too often, we aren't facing choices where we can make heroic decisions - we are waiting on things that are out of our hands. But wherever it's possible, we're doing what we think you'd want us to do if you were there.

    41. Missing avatar

      danny on

      thanks for the update. but the fact is 4 months later and still no shipping date ?

    42. Paul on

      Hi Jazz and Criz, thank you for the recent update #19. I enjoy reading about your adventures and the journey of taking clever ideas to fulfillment. I hope to do the same thing some day soon. I feel your joys and pains in advance, heh.

    43. Missing avatar

      danny on

      "Our sheer inexperience with this process has definitely been the cause of much of the delays.". I couldnt have said it better. by the way there are already versions of the hugalopes idea being sold in nyc. so possessing this hat will not be as cool or original when the product is received during the holiday season of 201?. oh well, the life of a kickstaller backer !

    44. Missing avatar

      Katrina Lattin on

      Ok thanks.... When that email comes out will it have what colour the bonus ones are?

    45. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on


      We're planning on shipping well before Christmas, and if everything stays on schedule, before Halloween. The extras were listed in a previous update and include things like all of the eyes (instead of selecting a pair of eyes, you get a pair of every style). We also have some surprise parts as well that we decided we really wanted everyone to have but haven't been listed yet.

    46. Maricriz Perea & Jazz Tigan Creator on

      If you haven't chosen your colors yet, no worries - we will include the chance to pick (or re-pick) colors when we send out the survey for addresses. You can also send us a message with your choices as well.

      We are really hoping it's a matter of weeks till we can announce that Hugalopes are being shipped. Again, I'm really sorry for the delay and we're pretty certain no more major holidays will pass without Hugalopes. We are doing everything we possibly can to expedite production.

    47. Jodi Lennon on

      What exactly are the "extra" things we are supposed to be getting? Are we going to get the Hugalopes by Christmas?

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