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FIVE GHOSTS is an original adventure comic book created by Frank J. Barbiere (Dark Horse Comics, Arcana Studio) and Chris Mooneyham.
FIVE GHOSTS is an original adventure comic book created by Frank J. Barbiere (Dark Horse Comics, Arcana Studio) and Chris Mooneyham.
160 backers pledged $3,036 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Frank Barbiere Creator on

      I'll have you a tracking number this week, Kevin!

    2. Kevin Pass on

      Hey Frank have the rewards been shipped out yet?

    3. Kevin Pass on

      Hey Frank just wondering when you'll put up the link for the issue 5 PDF. Also I just noticed the rewards say PDF's for the 6 issues but this is a five issue arc. Was it suppose to be 6 at first but you decided to cut it down to 5 or was it an error?

    4. ABCHEE Alex on

      Frank I'm very happy for you that the comics it's coming out every month with image comics. But we are in june now and you didn't give a news about the sending of the packages. SO what happen Frank? Please some explanation will be great.

    5. Kevin Pass on

      Have the packages been sent yet? I saw on an update that International Parcels are the last to be shipped out but its about mid june now so just curious.

    6. Kevin Pass on

      Will we get the update before or after issue one is released on wednesday? I assume after as you will be tweeting/facebooking/shouting from until wednesday.

    7. Frank Barbiere Creator on

      So sorry not getting back sooner, guys. BIG update next week with shipping updates.

    8. ABCHEE Alex on


    9. Pablo J. Nogueras on

      Updates? Congrats on the Image Publishing.

    10. ABCHEE Alex on

      Hi Frank only want know how are you and if things going well?

    11. Frank Barbiere Creator on

      Hi Alex,

      Apologies, but stuff will be to you soon. Things got a little hectic with the storm, and we have A LOT of BIG news to announce, but I'll be posting an update this week.

      Thanks for your patience. I'll have something for you guys for waiting!

    12. ABCHEE Alex on

      Hi guys do someone had receive the divine intervention book? Because I receive nothing until now and I know Sandy put US in some great dark position for sending stuff but we are in december so any of you already receive the book or it's only me?

    13. Frank Barbiere Creator on

      Hey guys--apologies for missing the September ship date, but stuff will start going out in tiers ($25 first, $15 seconds) next week. I will send a mass message to your tiers to keep you updated and send you guys a special reward for being patient! Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      I'm as curious as Kevin - did Divine Intervention get shipped?

    15. Kevin Pass on

      Hey just curious if the copies of DIVINE INTERVENTION have been sent out yet.

    16. Frank Barbiere Creator on

      PDF will most likely be out the week of Comic Con NYCC! I'll be posting a fairly substantial update this week.

    17. Darren Hupke on

      Hey, I was just checking in. Do we have an ETA on the PDF?

    18. Danielle Patrick on

      Super excited and glad everything came together. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    19. Ben Waxman PA-C on

      Congrats! Can't wait!

    20. Frank Barbiere Creator on

      Thanks, Alex!

    21. Diana Greenhalgh on

      I'm really looking forward to seeing this project happen, everything looks amazing. Heck I'm really looking forward to finally getting to read Divine Intervention as well. Frank, all of your creations are just turning out beautifully!

    22. ABCHEE Alex on

      Congrats Frank and Chris and big felicitation to the backers gang :)

    23. Frank Barbiere Creator on

      No worries, Kevin. I'll be glad to ship your book internationally for the amount you pledged. Thanks for your support!

    24. Kevin Pass on

      Hey, congrats on making your goal, the book does deserve it.

      And just wondering, I live in the U.K and put down for getting a copy of Divine Intervention. Would I need to add a few dollars more to my pledge to cover P&P?

    25. ABCHEE Alex on

      Thanks Franck for the answer I understand the dilema. How much you think it's will cost to do a print, not of the books, but a art book (sketch drawing text) a book like "how I draw Five Ghosts" only for 500 kickstarter backers. Maybe we, all the backers, can make the difference?

    26. Frank Barbiere Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback guys, but unfortunately it just isn't within our budget to provide physical copies to backers. With the cost of printing and shipping, we would really be throwing ourselves under the bus. I promise the PDF's will be very high-quality (I'm also looking into perhaps getting a deal with one of the digital comics providers i.e. comixology or graphicly to provide free digital versions). Again, thanks so much for your support and I promise you'll get an awesome book at the best digital quality possible!

    27. Myra Moretti on

      While I think PDF is the way to go, I agree with Alex... I'd definitely pledge more for print copies. Heck, i'd buy two sets, one to read, and one to keep in pristine condition. Of course, getting it in print AND a PDF would work as well.

    28. ABCHEE Alex on

      I think if you do a pledge with a printed comics it will put more money on the project.

    29. Andy Goldman on

      This looks really cool!

    30. Jimmy Glenn on

      Get that CHEESE Frank!!!

    31. Frank Barbiere Creator on

      Thanks so much for the press, Bri_n!

    32. Brian on

      Best of luck with the project. I thought I'd help spread the word

    33. Rob Thorp and Bill Schlavis on

      Good luck dude - nice start to the funding. Remember that I am the unofficial 6th ghost