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Life long friends/comic fans (Jesse & Shawn) start their own comics to debut at Baltimore Comic Con featuring Sock Drawer!
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Shawn's Mid-Point of the Campaign Update

Posted by Jesse Arnold (Creator)

Hello all!

I've been working on the other two prints I'll be having for Baltimore, but before I moved forward too far, I revised my original print idea for the first print option.

It was said to me by more than one person that there's a chance that the original flying character in the piece might be considered to be another copyrighted character. Even though I was trying to be as ambiguous as possible with my rendition, I think it was pretty obvious who I was trying to "tip my hat" toward. So, with some gnashing of teeth, grumbling and stomping my feet, I ended up revising the print. I wanted to post it and give everyone a chance to see what the final print will truly look like as it will appear at the convention and forevermore afterward.

The Authentic Print, as I call it, actually has been in the process of being made for over three years now. It's had a few incarnations over the years, most of which I don't think I have the sketch work for anymore. But after a few false starts with the idea, the way it turned out is pretty much how I saw it in my mind all along. It's partially to promote Randy (J.R. Broadwater) and our late friend Mark Ruelius's endeavor to write novels under the Authentic Productions Entertainment banner. It's also a nod to a sight that my mom and dad surely saw many, many times as I grew up, of a little kid playing superhero in his front yard and daring to dream that one day he'd be just as awesome as those characters that writers and artists brought to life every month in the pages of the comics he'd read. Authentic Geekdom. There's nothing like it.

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