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We want to make our classroom solar powered so we can conserve resources, have less pollution, learn how it works, and tell the world

Thank you so much!  

Every dollar we raise now will go to buy educational materials like small wind turbines and solar panels that we can use to teach other students at our school and in our community about renewable energy and how to make it happen!

If we can raise $3000 we'll be able to buy 2 more 145w panels (6 total) and make more than 1kw of clean energy for our classroom. We will be able to send whatever extra electricity we make back through the grid to other classes in the school!

If we can raise $3500 we will be able to buy enough materials for every student in the class to build their own wind turbine! 

If we somehow raise $4000 the backers will get to choose whether we get 2 more 145w panels or another wind turbine. What would you choose?

Did you know that every minute enough photons come down to earth from the sun to power our world for a year?And have you ever wanted to save money, electricity and have less pollution? Well that is our goal. We believe in the sun and would like to fundraise to get enough money to buy solar panels for our classroom so we do not have to use any electricity from the power plant. We have been doing research on how much electricity we use to power our classroom so we know how many solar panels we need, and how much money it will cost. We will figure out how how to design and build a solar array, and with help we can make our classroom off the grid. We're really excited about teaching others in our school and community about the power of solar energy.

Here is a video showing how our system will work:

The beginning of our electricity adventure
The beginning of our electricity adventure

If we raise more than $1500 we can even add a wind turbine!

If we get over $2000 we will tie our panels to the grid and sell clean energy to our community

The research group has been looking up things we need for our project and hear is what they did

How it goes together:
panel-charge controller-battery-inverter-computer- a bunch of wires


Charge controller: limits the rate at which electric current is added or drawn from electric batteries. it prevents overcharging and may prevent against overvoltage.

Power inverter: changes direct current of flowing electrons, changes the speed.
Solar panel: it is a silicon panel that collects the rays of the sun.
Battery: it stores all of the energy that the solar panel collects.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We think the risks are:
-making enough money
- learning how to build a solar array
- and not using too much electricity when we have the solar array up.


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    Handmade thank you card and special edition solar powered sunflower seeds

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    Digital download of songs sung by Aaron's class and handmade thank you card with solar powered sunflowers

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    Art/ CD sung by Aaron's class. Includes 8 songs, cover art, and liner notes about what the songs mean to us and a handmade thank you card

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    Student made pottery medallion that honors the power of the sun. About 6 inches in diameter. Great for a wall hanging

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    CD and sun medallion and handmade thank you card

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    Battery sponsorship. One of our batteries will have your name or name of someone you wish to honor with a message painted on the side. Also includes CD and medallion

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    Solar Panel Sponsorship. Solar panel will be inscribed with your choice of message and/or name. Our class will learn and record a video of a song of your choice and send you a CD and medallion

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    Your name, message, or design on one of the five blades of our wind turbine as well as our CD and sun medallion

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