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Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
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Combat Demo Beta Release

Posted by Bare Mettle Entertainment (Creator)


Before we move on to the purpose of this update we'd like to clear up some misunderstandings that seem to have resulted from our last update. Some people seem to have understood that we were abandoning our physics intensive combat in favour of something more conventional and even that the combat isn't much fun. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The physics based nature of the game has not changed, only improved. We'd become very used to the combat in its previous state but with the feedback we received from the alpha we started to think about things from a new perspective and this led to some big improvements. Nothing was sacrificed.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response from the combat alpha. Almost everyone is really enthusiastic about the combat and many have spent countless hours enjoying it even though it's just a series of one on one fights. This is something not many combat systems can provide. It is however hugely skill based, tactical and difficult, don't expect to be an instant hero who easily dispatches their opponents! Many people were initially frustrated but then came to love it once they understood its subtleties. It requires a little patience and practice, this is not a game where spamming keys leads to victory, every mistake you make will be brutally punished. The AI is clever and will use every tool at their disposal to beat you, you need to be clever too!


This is a very unique and highly skill based combat system. Please clear your mind of what you've learned in other games and take the time to read this quick introductory guide. Also pay attention to the tips that appear at the top of the screen after you defeat each opponent.

You might remember that we said "combat situations will be occasional yet meaningful", we meant it. Combat in SG will have to be taken seriously, you will face AIs that are subject to the same exact rules as you and don't particularly want to die. Characters aren't suicidal loot piñatas and XP powerups, they'll quickly teach you to respect them. Combat is supposed to be an intense experience, not a continuous and careless slaughter.

Finally, don't forget that Sui Generis is an open world RPG, not a beat-em-up. There are many other aspects to the game and ways to approach things, even combat. The close quarters combat itself is also not complete, we will continue to add features and make improvements but we are currently focusing on other aspects of the game. This combat demo will give you a taste of SG's original combat system and give you something to play around with before the prelude release, you should not consider it indicative of the actual game experience.


In English mister scientist! Physics in Sui Generis doesn't mean accurate hitboxes, it means physical forces are driving everything. Moving and turning your character can have a huge effect on the force of your blows and each weapon behaves differently and requires different play. This concerns the weight and balance of weapons and even their shape. A sword will deal damage along its entire edge and its end can slice through your opponent but a hammer is not very effective if you hit someone with the haft, you need to hit with the head and put some force behind the blow. So, don't just press the attack button but move your whole body with the swing, augment and direct every blow.


Timing is everything. To land an attack and succesfully bypass your opponent's defences you need to time it well. Just pressing the attack button does not accomplish anything, you need land blows in the right place and at the right time to actually do damage. Your opponents are most vulnerable when they are themselves attacking or recovering from an attack. Even then you need to hit them where they are exposed and vulnerable. The same goes for you, a badly timed attack will leave you vulnerable and can lead to a very swift demise.


Blocking and parrying in Sui Generis is an organic process, you can't just press a button for magical invunerability. As long as you are facing your attacker and not doing anything else you will try to defend against incoming blows, however you must position and turn your character in such a way as to intercept the blow. Careful positioning can make your defences impenetrable but even if you don't successfully block an attack you will take less damage when you are braced to defend against it, defending is always important. You can cancel an attack to defend at any time by letting go of the attack button, however it can take a moment for you character to fully prepare their guard.


Trying to move constantly (left-right-left-right) is a good tactic in many games but in Sui Generis, like in real life, this will only make you look silly and throw you off balance. Step when and where it matters! You're not trying to dodge bullets.

You can't lunge forward and change your mind mid lunge to then lunge back, your character's feet need to be on the ground and you need to lose that momentum. This doesn't mean you need to be aware of your character's feet, there's a rhythm to your movements that you can transform into an elegant and deadly dance. You can also learn and predict your opponent's movements and use it against them.


Because we don't want people who don't know much about the game to get a completely wrong idea of what it is, the combat demo is under a Non Disclosure Agreement. This means you should keep it to yourself but you are free and indeed encouraged to use our insider forum to discuss it and share anything including videos. The NDA will be lifted with the release of the prelude which will be more representative of the game in its entirety.


You should receive an email with instructions and log in details, you can however access your account page at any time on our website . Use your backer email and if you don't have a password yet or lost it use the forgot password feature.


Some older Sound Blaster drivers will blue screen your system when using OpenAL. This is in fact a problem common to many games. If you own a Sound Blaster sound card and have not upgraded your drivers in some time we recommend that you do so.


Bare Mettle


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    1. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Missing avatar

      Taleric on

      The combat feels like an untrained combatant. I pictured how I would look grabbing a weapon and running into the fray. A new experience and with refinement it will be great. I hope as you skill up it will tighten up?

      Take a look at cortex command to see how things can be promising but a little too loose.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike Grimm Tea on

      I don't know if there was a previous explanation of this stuff earlier, but if there was I missed it. This sounds fantastic! I wasn't sure this would come together from the original video, but that description sounds amazing, and I'm excited that it sounds like you're pulling it together!

    4. Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on

      Hmm, as long as it remains the same, as you said, I purchased / backed this for the combat. Don't want to see it become just another ActinRPG.

    5. Donald M Pollack on

      So the rest of the pledgers will have to still wait for beta access?

    6. Grakiao on

      Jason it's for people who pledged for the beta.

    7. Jason Stevenson on

      After logging in to my account, I see "You do not currently have access to any downloads."

      Your update made it sound like there should be a download for everyone, is that not true?

    8. Contemplar on

      Every time you release a little information on your game, it always ends up whetting my appetite again.

      I can't speak on behalf of others, but your previous updates were pretty clear. The fact that you're able to identify these things so quickly and take steps to sharpen them without being tempted to turn a blind eye and build over a wobbly foundation inspires even more confidence in your group. All too often, even a high-budget mass-staffed development company will ignore such things, favouring faster release over actually tackling such issues.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jordanb716 on

      A small bug I found: on the account page linked, after I logged in, under the downloads tab it says "You do not currently have access to any downloads." and right below that are two downloads.

    10. Luca on

      Please, release a public preview video of this alpha combat system ASAP...

    11. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      So is this for all with beta access tiers?

    12. Missing avatar

      NLZ on

      Sounds like Dark Souls, I hope I am right. :)