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Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
6,931 backers pledged £160,055 to help bring this project to life.

Combat Alpha Release


Yesterday evening we released a first version of the combat alpha. Over 1200 people now have access to it. This very early release is under NDA but it will be lifted soon, we just want to get some early feedback and solve any major issues before it goes public. Anyone with access to the insider forum can view discussions where people have also posted screenshots and videos.

So far the feedback has been very positive. Some people are finding the controls tricky but they seem to be quickly getting used to them, it is a very unique control system. The combat system in general seems to be greatly appreciated. We've had really excellent feedback on graphics, sound, music and various features.

Performance and compatibility are better than we expected, very few people have had compatibility issues and we're getting amazing performance on even very low end systems. This being a first ever alpha release of both game and engine there are of course a few issues but we're quickly solving them as well as making major gameplay adjustments based on the feedback we're receiving. We've already released an updated version with numerous fixes and changes.

This is a huge milestone for us, we've actually shipped a working game even if it is very limited for now and the whole thing has gone very smoothly. The amount of work required to get so many things to this complete state has been staggering and overall we've really made some fantastic progress. Our workflow and tools have greatly improved as a result of this too. Now we can work on adding important features while also receiving continuous feedback (and testing!) and generally having a more meaningful interaction with our backers.

Finally we'd like to thank our community for their patience (we were almost a week late!), support and just generally amazing level of maturity. It's a truly humbling and rewarding experience. Thank you!


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    1. Creator Scott on March 10, 2014

      Haven't tried the demo yet, but I wanted to say congratulations on getting so much accomplished!

    2. Creator Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on March 9, 2014

      Excellent news and well done!

    3. Creator Godewijn on March 8, 2014

      That sounds really good, keep it up :)

    4. Creator gandalf.nho on March 8, 2014

      Need to wait for the beta

    5. Creator Simon Orr on March 8, 2014

      It's been wonderful to get my hands on the Alpha and get a little taste of what to expect.

      I know this is probably low on your priorities but... Any reason the EULA says install on only 1 computer? I got the email while at work so had to try it on my work PC. It wasn't until I got home and read the EULA properly that I realised I'm not allowed to install it on my own desktop...

    6. Creator ɃʘББɎБΛḶḶ$ on March 8, 2014

      Nice job! on this alpha i'm very glad I can play it, it's simple combat demo but sometimes the simplest thing are the best. the controls are kinda hard to get used it sort of feels like a FPS mixed to a hack and slash game I haven't got time to play it a lot yet but I really like it so far. I'm glad i backed this project. Maybe you guys could make a video to explain us some tricks (maybe I should viisit the forum) because when I fight I look very clumsy . Is there a key to target the opponent in order to aim at it and moving around the target in such way you never turn your back to the enemy. (sorry for my English)

    7. Creator BdB on March 8, 2014

      Cool ,lift the NDA asap .
      I would love to see the game grow !

      As much as i wanna play the game , take your time.
      Iam sure most of us rather wait than see you "pull an EA" .
      Game is done when its done and you know best when that done is done :)

      Thank you !

    8. Creator ET3D on March 7, 2014

      Congratulations! I'll be looking forward to playing it.

    9. Creator Yehiel Certner on March 7, 2014

      Great work guys! cant wait for the game to come out :)

    10. Creator Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on March 7, 2014

      Its all because of the hard work you guys put into it. I don't think I've EVER seen such an amazing alpha with so few problems, and so few (little or none) serious issues. You're very thorough, and I'm really glad I increased my pledge after KS ended.

    11. Creator Donald M Pollack on March 7, 2014

      Thank you for the update. Will be fun when the NDA is lifted so the rest of us backers have something to look at.

    12. Creator Jeremie Lariviere on March 7, 2014

      Thanks for the update!

    13. Creator Scott Backer on March 7, 2014

      Will this get released to all backers or just the ones with alpha access?

    14. Creator Lukas Daniel Klausner on March 7, 2014

      A week late? Hehe, that probably means you're in the top 1% of Kickstarter projects ranekd by punctuality. ;)

    15. Creator Fawzi Menkhour on March 7, 2014

      The progress made by the Dev team has been very impressive, and finally being able to get hands on with the fantastic looking Sui Generis has been very exhilarating!

      The first playable Alpha build has handled really well thus far, and to see a patch released in 24hours is a fantastic indication of what's to come in the future!

      Keep up the great work, and can't wait to see what other improvements and additions are made to the early access builds!

    16. Creator Joel Guilbault on March 7, 2014

      Uh oh sorry for the double message

    17. Creator Joel Guilbault on March 7, 2014

      Uh oh sorry for the double message

    18. Creator Joel Guilbault on March 7, 2014

      Hahaha now I regret that I didn't bought the alpha access ! Keep going with the great work !

    19. Creator Joel Guilbault on March 7, 2014

      Hahaha now I regret that I didn't bought the alpha access ! Keep going with the great work !