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Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
6,931 backers pledged £160,055 to help bring this project to life.

An update


Dearest backers,

We promised you a public video but then we got cold feet. We're not very comfortable with showing the game while it's still so far from completion. While we see the progress we've made it's inevitable that people will only see what we haven't done yet, the flaws. Don't worry though, we are actively working towards a video again now.

In general we're focusing much more on big stuff and less on features that can be completed quickly. This is more true now than ever before. While prototyping stuff, doing mockups and just the odd bit here and there is fun, it's actually more harmful than beneficial at this stage. We need to work methodically and make sure we do everything in the most efficient and actually useful way possible.

Currently Madoc is focusing almost entirely on AI. This doesn't mean that today he's doing dodging and tomorrow he's doing some other behaviour, it means he's building the framework that will support all possible actions a character may take so that we can add them later (and do it properly). A lot of time so far has gone into pathfinding, this was postponed from earlier in development in order to focus on tools and systems that were crucial to content development. Pathfinding is quite a complex problem in general but the most effort has been going into having clever pathfinding on just unclassified geometry; without content designers having to specify where or what can be walked on or making predefined paths. This is essential for the large and dynamic game world we're creating. This is not complete yet but it is prototyped and the problems we were most uncertain about have been solved.

As a team we've been fleshing out the game world to the level of detail we need to actually make it. We've been designing a detailed world map, outlining regions, locations and even individual characters. In terms of art we're mostly developing new environments for different regions and settings. These are still incomplete and bare but we'll try to feature some in the upcoming video.

So, expect a video before long, really this time. We're taking some time off the big stuff to polish up a few things and add a couple of cool features even though it's not the best thing for us to be doing right now. Thank you for your patience, you funded this project and you have every right to be kept in the loop, we've been overwhelmed by development work but we do honestly want to make an effort to communicate more with you.

Bare Mettle

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    1. Knight Porter on

      Really, we don't need amazing uber-salespitch updates. That's just a waste of time. But it costs you so very little to just give occasional updates like "hey, working on X this week. Ran into Y problem." 20-30 minutes a week writing a quick dev update will do so much for keeping your community engaged and raising interest.

    2. Donald M Pollack on

      Approaching the one year mark in about a month. Cant wait to see what you guys have been hidden away working on during this time.

    3. Missing avatar

      KD H on

      Wheres my hoodie >:(

    4. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Thank you for your update and the contents and the way it was delivered, all fine :)

    5. kevipants on

      It's nice to see that most people agree that taking your time is better than rushing through. We all funded this project because it looked really fantastic, and I think we all would rather you focus on what needs focusing than trying to please us with videos.

    6. Julio Ureta on

      It's really cool to see a lot of patient people. On topic though, can't wait for the video. The wait was bearable, so no worries here.

    7. James Hudson on

      Sounds alright with me, I knew this would be a long term investment. So far everything you've said about what you are focusing on, why, and how you are going about it totally jives with what makes sense to me. Keep up the good work.

    8. Missing avatar

      Bzxrqy on

      I don't mind the long update intervals. Keep up the good work.

    9. Mark Johnston

      While videos are cool, I'd rather you produce one when it fits with the natural build of the game than to rush a portion so you can have a pretty to show us...just keep providing written updates regularly.

    10. Missing avatar

      Enoch on

      Sounds totally fine and honest! :) Keep up the awesome work, we're supporting you all the way!

    11. Missing avatar

      GoodKnight on

      Hey there!
      So I came in to ask you guys to please just give us at least an update per month..
      Take your time and it doesn't need to be anything crazy just: "hey we are working on X now we are excited because we finished Y etc"

    12. Emil Gustafsson on

      In general Rushed. is almost always equal to, not as good it could been.
      Take your time. I rather see you go overtime and holding back the game than get a on time but sloopy premier game from your company.
      As long your economy allows it.

    13. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      Take your time to do it right. Your approach is sane.
      Anything else will lead to disapointment for you or the gamers.
      I may be impatient to see Sui Generis, but not to paly a botched game.

    14. Devon Mullane on

      I can definitely empathize, I scrapped my pathfinding engine for a very similar reason, it needed to be able to handle any design in order to be effective. I'm glad to hear you sorted the large problems out. I'll be excited to see what you guys have been working on when you want to show it off!

    15. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      That more methodical approach to development sounds like it will be more productive that ad hoc build as you go along approach.

      Please take the time necessary to get the basics right before we get a WIP video.

    16. Missing avatar

      Pontus Broden Svensson on

      As a guy with 5+ years of experience in triple AAA development I completely agree its easier just to work out everything methodically instead of having to have stuff that ''looks'' good while building a game :) Keep up the good work guys!

    17. Brandon Klassen on

      I am glad to see all the supportive and understanding comments. I was kind of worried that I would come to this page and see a lot of people upset. I am so excited to see this project when it's done. You guys are doing something really groundbreaking with this game. And I fully support taking the time to do something the right way, instead of rushing to finish, or taking shortcuts, with the result that it doesn't meet its potential. I would, however, agree with some of the other comments made so far - that the time between updates is a bit much, and also, screenshots of something in the editor, or maybe photos of you guys just at your desks drawing something or working on some programming or something would always be welcome. Just keep us engaged and show us what you're doing. It doesn't have to be a super polished video, it can be smaller but more frequent little updates just about what's going on, day to day and week to week.

    18. Joshua P. on

      I don't mind this taking time as long as progress is always being made, and I actually think it should take a long time to make, considering the game's scope.

      A backer's only video would be nice though. The backers, and I'm among them, should realize "it's not a finished product" without being told, though it is useful to be told. Kickstarter projects have been surprising developers with how understanding, and willing to learn, an invested audience can be.

      Best of luck.

    19. Missing avatar

      babywiththepower on

      I'd rather get a game that's fully fleshed out and wait longer for it than get something rushed and everyone loses out.

      Personally, I loved the game, but look at what HBS' is going through with Shadowrun Returns. So many people are focusing on the things they missed rather than the things they nailed. And that isn't fair to them.

      Take your time. Make the game that fits your vision and that the community deserves. If someone gets impatient with you, oh well, it's not like they can back out of the project at this stage.

    20. Federico on

      Screenshots within a lengthy update would be equally fine, though! Don't worry, we trust you.

    21. Contemplar on

      Despite how gaming communities can be impatient, I have only the utmost respect for the approach you are taking. If you do not properly and fully lay the foundation, you will be in effect limiting your ability to properly create and use content later down the line. As always, the base system is the single most important part, and if you rush it, not only does it make creation of the side that the customers see incredibly awkward and prone to bugging out, but it ultimately degrades the quality of the game.

      Really, there are no apologies necessary, because by taking these completely understandable steps, you are in effect taking pride in your work, and doing the job properly. Game development isn't a fast process, and while your fans will always be hungry for new content, doing this the proper way only serves to increase my faith in you guys. It's nice to hear what you're up to though, but I also appreciate that as a new group in a highly competitive scene, it can be awfully intimidating trying to show your WIP to an audience that might not quite understand the complexity or difficulty in making the underpinning mechanics.

      Whatever you do, as long as you keep this attitude of doing it the right way, as you envision it, and without taking shortcuts simply to speed a release and sate the ever-grumbling crowds? You're on the right track. A company who isn't afraid to take the hard route despite the extra work involved? That inspires confidence.

      Even if you can't provide new footage or even divulge any details of what you have been working on, intermittent text-only updates can work to put people's minds at ease. We can get a little paranoid about great ideas turning into vapourware is all ;)

    22. Missing avatar

      Cavecanem on

      I trust you completely on this matter! Keep it up and it'll be awesome :D

    23. Fawzi Menkhour on

      Would have loved to see a video, but it's very understandable that you don't feel the project is ready to show publicly just yet. Keep it up, and good luck trying to have more frequent updates. Letting people know things aren't ready yet or at the people the backers want is WAYYYYYYY better then keeping people in the dark.

    24. Chris on

      Sad to hear I can't see more, but take as long as necessary in order to make it awesome!

    25. Yehiel Certner on

      Thanks for the update! eager to see what you accomplished, this game will be great :))

    26. Mark Hogben on

      I truly admire this approach. It's what I'd love to be able to do in my own work (I'm in the industry). I personally do not expect quick-fire progress on anything, the dedication and determination you have shown already is enough - I wouldn't have funded otherwise.

      Keep doing it right :-)

    27. Cerno B on

      Finally another update. I wouldn't mind seeing smaller updates more often. As has been said before, don't spend too much time on them. But please, trust in your backers! I think we all prefer seeing unpolished work in progress over waiting longer for shiny stuff. Give us a glance into the development process now and then, I'm sure most people want to be part of it.

      The big promo chunks are for non-backers / potential customers.
      We want to see how the sausage is made!

    28. Missing avatar

      Collin Lewis on

      A monthly update with screenshots would be sufficient. Going dark for 3 months doesn't really inspire confidence. In the future, I'd rather you under-promise and over-deliver.

    29. Knight Lord Marius on

      Hello to Bare Mettle I wanted to get in touch with you guys for business purposes, my name is Marius Voinescu and I am the head of pr and writer for Balcony team we just successfully funded our game Balrum. I wanted to speak to you about several game design issues and ideas please.

    30. Missing avatar

      Simon Orr on

      Thanks for the update

      I understand that there's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes before a visible feature can be implemented on top of it - but we don't need shiny HD videos every time.

      A quick "We've architected this cool path finding so that X is possible" or maybe a video of the content creation and the tools in use? Perhaps just a quick discussion on features you're considering / interesting bugs. (Ok, bugs might be a little too technical for most people but you get the idea).

      I have to admit I'm a little disappointed at how infrequent the updates are. I know you're concentrating on the game and you probably get quite focused on it - but think of us as your investors instead of your customers and I hope you'll see my point.

    31. Silver on

      I'd be fine with an unlisted YouTube video with the link only provided to backers via Kickstarter or email. It doesn't have to be pretty, just show whatever WIP material seems interesting enough, it's not a beauty contest! We realize that all work shown during the development must be considered WIP anyway. Thanks & looking forward to your next update. :)

    32. Christian Morgan on

      To me an update every three months is fine, so long as you're working hard between times! Don't worry about videos or anything short-termist like that. Just focus on making the end product the best it can be and delivered in a reasonable time frame.

      And stop reading this. You should be hard at work ;)

    33. Dawn_

      Well private vidéo aren't that informative either even if you got access to them..
      But, soe screenshots at least would be good :)

    34. Philomorph on

      Thanks for the update! I'd rather you work than talk, as long as the occasional update like this comes out so we know you're still hard at work and keeping it honest.

      We look forward to more videos, but I for one don't want such a small, dedicated team spending too much time on releasing promotional materials at this stage. That can come later when you are working more on the things that are obvious in videos.

    35. Jeff Truelsen on

      Please just send us (monthly?) updates on whatever you're working on. And you should work on the stuff YOU think is best at this point. Thanks.

    36. Jeremie Lariviere

      I appreciate the update, this project has been a bit quieter than others. I am looking forward to hearing more about the game, seeing the video, and of course, looking forward to the game!

    37. MakingUpTheNumbers on

      Not to be harsh or anything, but three months between updates a little long.

    38. AGN1964 on

      Some extremely pretty videos were shown during the campaign. They were good enough for us to pledge; at least, not so bad that we did not abandon the project.

      I am surprised that the current videos would not be both better and received as warmly. I for one, would like to see the progress that has been made.

    39. Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on

      Good, I want this game!

      So badly.

      It worries me that May 2014 isn't really all that far away...