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Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
6,931 backers pledged £160,055 to help bring this project to life.

There Will Be Blood... And Fire And Shields!

Posted by Bare Mettle Entertainment (Creator)
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We've had quite a few requests and questions about blood, fire and shields. What better way to show we intend to do these things than getting started on it? So, we got to work, made some early versions of these features and put them in a video for you!

We've added blood sprays for the more painful blows, the effect is still simple but we already see the potential of the animation resulting from all the physics. When our character rendering system is complete we plan to add lots of proper sticky yucky gore, wounds, dents and the lot. And not just on characters. For now we've made weapons get nicely spattered until they're covered in the stuff.

Just a fiery pit for now but it's procedural, volumetric fire. It's 3D, there are no repeating animations, we can shape it however we want, make it envelop and react to objects etc. Those physics again. The colours need tweaking but we're pretty happy with this early result.

We basically just strapped a shield to the character's arm and added some basic blocking behaviours. Even though we've done very little the physics are already doing a lot. Shields are supposed to be a big build choice and just as we hoped they're proving to be extremely effective.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Sean Vieira on

      Also, apologies if I came off as a bit of a dick there. My bad.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ren-Wei Yang on

      pledged 40, hope you guys make it.
      Ask for some help from those in kick it forward guys, maybe they can help filling the final gaps.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean Vieira on

      I know what swords do and swords don't, mostly. Truth be told, I haven't seen a sharp one be used against an alive human in real life, nor would I really want to, but I have a fairly decent idea of what it would do to a man, though it's really just an educated guess, in the circumstances of the deathof the first guy (around 0:25).
      I'm not saying I'm a master of swordsmanship or whatever, but the killing blow just looked really silly. It looks more as if he had been hit by a club, a mace or a staff of some sort. The sharp edge of the sword, assuming it is in fact sharp (:P), would slice through the man's neck without imparting all 'that' much force until it made contact with something that would stop the slice, mainly a bone of some sort. I can only see his body reacting like that with a sword if you were to hit him with the flat of the blade, in the hope he would be knocked unconscious.

    4. Missing avatar

      Heather Cowlishaw on

      I am very excited about this game, keeping all fingers and toes crossed. Have really enjoyed watching the videos so far, the potential of the game and your incredible attention to detail is inspiring. I am most interested in seeing how character development will play out - will there be a character creator, will initial character creation be 'fitted' into the storyline or something different? (I'm talking appearance, gender etc - apologies if I've missed this somewhere) I will be watching the progress of this game keenly, whether it pulls through or not, and I don't think I'm alone when I say I have high hopes for this game.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jim Farley on

      I don't understand why the time limit on pledging?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jim Farley on

      You guys rock! I do wish it would be possible to use a game pad for this game, though. with the mouse-vector-aim system, it probably would be pretty klutzy. (Circle strafing? hmmm...) I happen to love the Kingdoms of Amalur combat style, and wish it had a zoomable camera like your game. Sui Generis looks to trump it in almost every way...

    7. Missing avatar

      Màrius Mora Bosch on

      Awesome! We can make it! 1 day 6 hours for 25k :) Maybe you should have gone for the 15 pounds as the base tier (including the soundtrack if you want).

    8. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Was I the only one wishing the char would walk through the fire at the end? And no, not because I am some kind of sadist, but to see how the flames would react.

    9. GhanBuriGhan - WOOS Wose on

      "wounds, dents and the lot" All nice to have of course, but not really top priority in an isometric game, imho. Reactive fire however - yeah, I could imagine some great uses for that.

    10. sasklacz on

      I really keep my fingers crossed for this project.

    11. Psychomorph on

      @Sean Vieira:

      A sword is a metal stick with a sharp edge, that means it does not only cut through things but also inflicts physical force. Sometimes it does more the one, or the other.

    12. DeadScarab on

      Will there be any decapitation?

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Could the blood be made more "fluid" so it drips off walls and weapons and forms into pools etc? (The only game I can think of that does this is Deathtrap Dungeon)

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean Vieira on

      Looks pretty sweet! One thing though - when the first guy was killed with the sword, it looks like he was just sort of knocked over by the sword, as if it was blunt. It didn't slice into him as you would with a sword, or through him for that matter, and it looks a little weird. Otherwise, looks pretty cool.

    15. Missing avatar

      Peter Hostak on

      Amazing update, we are so close :(
      need more

    16. Missing avatar

      Ven on

      This looks outstanding!
      42h and 32k GBP to go - I do hope you'll make it.

    17. Missing avatar

      James on

      Wow, that is a really attractive looking knight!

    18. Hakan Karaduman on

      @Toby thank for answer. hope it'll make the goal.

    19. Toby McPhaser on

      It has already been said that the animations are not final.

    20. Hakan Karaduman on

      are these combat animations the final result? i wonder. i think they are not good and will not give a good feel when we are playing it.

    21. Balgin Stondraeg

      Hooray for shields! I was waiting to see how you'd do them. I reckoned you'd automate them as trying to block in time as well would be a nightmare.

    22. Bare Mettle Entertainment Creator on

      Yeah, these are things we'd like to do, we've considered the ogre grabbing you and throwing you many times. When we play the ogre we always trample smaller opponents, heh. You can trip over doing it though. The AI and all sorts of things still need plenty of work.

    23. Ryo on

      Awesome! The ogre should make use of his unarmed hand, with some kind of grab or punch action (it would add more variety than just kicking). Also, a feature sorely missing from games so far is that large enemies don't throw their weight around, they sit there using basic attacks like any other enemy (Skyrim comes to mind). With your physics engine you could achieve some really cool charging/pushing/crushing moves that make use of the creature's mass.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tomas on

      Excellent, excellent update. This is practically the last nail in the coffin where my doubts for the game lie - that is to say, I'm very happy to have raised my pledge to 40 euros.

    25. Blackstaff on

      Oh by the way, I think it's easier to see the blood on the weapons if you watch the video in HD on Bare Mettle site here :
      It's the last video.

    26. Blackstaff on

      Hmmm... Just food for thought, but you need to find a way to balance the different style of play : weapon-shield versus two-weapons versus two-hand-sweapons. Should be easy with the physics : the shield for defensive style, two weapons for quick and gracile style and powerful style with the two handed weapons. Could be really cool.

    27. Missing avatar

      KickStarter2013 on

      Thanks for the video update. Since it looks like you haven't implemented dismemberment yet, it would make more sense if the armored knight was fighting with a club. Otherwise you'd expect serious limb and torso dismemberment from the unarmored character. If the unarmored character is wearing leather armor, then it looks like his neck and head would still be vulnerable.

    28. Missing avatar

      tykho on

      err, meant "put in to show" obviously..

    29. Missing avatar

      tykho on

      Looking good!

      Is the idea that the shield will help you not fall over when hit by a huge enemy such as the ogre or was it just put in not to show how it'll block attacks in general?
      Because while a shield might help a lot, I'm thinking that you'd still lift off the ground (or be pushed back a bit) getting one of those hits on it.

    30. Venron

      Yup, private video :-( I was actually put off a little by the GTA reference, but with my programming background, I really appreciate what you are building here. I am really hoping the accelerated increase of support continues, as this is going to be killer and a great framework for future development (I see engine licensing in your future...)

    31. Piotr Stolarczyk on

      looks nice, hope you will make it to your goal :)

    32. Bare Mettle Entertainment Creator on

      Sorry about that, someone was still editing tags and overwrote the setting! Should be fixed!

    33. Missing avatar

      jusk on

      Ah, it's working again now -

    34. Blackstaff on

      Cool ! Cool ! Can't wait to set on fire everything around me !
      Mhuahuahuahua... Pyroman laugh
      I've no problem with seeing the video by the way

    35. Missing avatar

      jusk on

      I watched the video once and it worked fine, but now it's saying "This video is private".

    36. Stefan Halasz on

      Make the video public, please! I badly wanna see it.

    37. Missing avatar

      Alex Rossi on

      DAMN YOU PRIVATE SETTING!!! Show me the blood and stuff =(

    38. Victor on

      And btw, I'm really really excited about the game. Honestly, I think if anything, the minimum pledge should have been increased just a little. This game looks so great!

    39. Taragon on

      same video private problem

    40. Victor on

      The video is private!

    41. Missing avatar

      tykho on

      The video seems to be set to private. :/