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Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
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Items and Equipment

Posted by Bare Mettle Entertainment (Creator)
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We've got some pretty cool features planned for our inventory system. We're going to be using a "slotless" inventory system. In practice this means there's over a hundred slots and you don't see them. This allows you to equip many combinations of things, rather than being limited to articles of clothing or armour that cover a fixed part of your character's body.

To make clothes we use a dedicated cloth simulator and other tools we've developed. This allows us to make realistic clothes very quickly and easily. It also allows clothes to change depending on what else you're wearing. For example, long trousers will tuck into boots realistically.

This is just a placeholder but our inventory view will be somewhat similar:



Items will have properties that make sense. You won't be just wearing as many items as possible because they confer stat bonuses. You will wear specific items because they do something useful or because you like the way they look.

Most items you find will be fairly mundane. However a good, well balanced weapon can be a significant upgrade over a crude weapon; an armour made of well tempered plates that interlock cleverly and is well padded can provide a huge advantage in terms of protection, manoeuvrability and even things like insulation. Such items can also carry a high monetary value.

There will however also be a great many items with much more special qualities. These won't be randomly generated items that make no apparent sense, they will have plausible though sometimes quirky qualities, you will get a sense that someone designed them with a purpose. These items will be well hidden and well guarded, they won't just spawn at random. If you defeat an opponent you will be able to take whatever they have equipped and they will have been using this equipment to combat you.



You will be able to customise many items in terms of appearance and some even in function. While we have no player crafting planned for an initial release of the game we do hope to include the ability for professional NPC craftsmen to adorn or create items to your specification. You may for example get a Tailor to make a garment with your choice of design, fabrics and colours. What you wear can significantly affect how people perceive you and also provide useful disguises. Dyeing or otherwise colouring items is something you may be able to do yourself. Some rare items will be predisposed to draw power from additional items that may be slotted in or combined with them.


There will be items that benefit from being used in unison. Again these will typically not just provide a statistical bonus, they may produce new effects or perhaps not function correctly until worn or used together. Even mundane items may provide an advantage when matched, for example, pieces of armour made from the same smith are likely to meet better providing better coverage and manoeuvrability.



The game will feature a wide variety of mediaeval weapons including daggers, swords, clubs, maces, axes, spears, halberds, flails, hammers, staves, bows, crossbows and many others including some more exotic examples. Each weapon type and even individual weapons will affect gameplay in a noticeable way, our completely physics driven combat actually gives you a feel for each weapon and how to use it in combat. Different weapons will also feature specific attacks and manoeuvres. We also plan for weapons to realistically lodge and stick into things they hit!

There are only two close quarters weapon skills, Light Weapons and Heavy Weapons. The idea here is that if you are, for example, skilled with a sword some of that skill will also transfer to a mace. Skill milestones however will allow you to specialise in specific weapon types and learn manoeuvres that lend themselves well to particular weapons.


There will be a vast array of garments and armour following the theme of the European middle ages. Though the game is not historical we are taking many real designs of the era. We will also include more elaborate and fanciful designs than were common in the era but always maintaining the emphasis on realism.

All damage is locational and based on accurate collisions. Armour doesn't just give you a defence value, it will cover parts of your body and protect them in various ways. Armour is cumbersome and the Armour skill will help you manoeuvre better in heavier armours as well take better advantage of the protection it may offer. Different armour and attire may also produce more or less noise introducing stealth concerns.



Economics will be fairly realistic. Valuable items will be relatively rare and hard to come by. You can pick up anything but it's unlikely anyone will ever want to buy a whole bunch of junk items from you. Collecting money is not necessarily a significant objective for the player. Items will have plausible monetary values, even a valuable item is unlikely to be worth more than a few gold coins. Common transactions would take place using silver or copper coins.



We still don't have anything like a list of consumable items that will be featured in the game but we don't want these to be a fundamental gameplay component. There will certainly be no healing potions or spell scrolls, this is fundamentally a low fantasy, realistic world. Some draughts may slightly quicken your natural recovery from injuries and some items may produce effects which deplete them.


Hopefully this gives you a decent idea of what to expect from items in Sui Generis. You'll have plenty of opportunity to hunt down powerful and curious artefacts, have fun with the realistic combat using a variety of mediaeval weapons and armour and, most importantly, play dress up doll!


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    1. Yvonne Kamieniecka on

      Oh dear, only 4 days to go and only half the money raised. I was really hoping this would get funded. Why hasn't there been more publicity on the gaming websites about this game, like there has been for other games? Such a shame.

    2. Missing avatar

      Pete Boyd on

      I love this attention to real physics. Pledge doubled.

    3. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      This all sounds and looks fantastic! Really awesome, feels like the next step towards realism.

    4. William Rose on

      I agree with everything in this update. It's like you are making the perfect game for me.

      Pledge upgraded!

    5. Adam on

      How many possessions will a character be able to carry? I think the system should take weight of objects and strength of player into consideration. If some realism is to play part here, the player shouldn't be able to carry around 4 weapons without severely limiting movement and speed. Same goes for food, drink and other possessions. If the player becomes stronger, the player can carry more, but even with that, carrying capacity would never reach unrealistic proportions.

      Some sort of banking system could be used for valuables, but I think drink, food, and most weapons should have expiration dates. The player has to buy and eat/use in a certain time period and not eating fresh should have serious consequences. Cheaply made weapons should rust/break. This would prevent object hoarding and let the player focus more on the goal at hand, buying weapons when an old one breaks. After all, in the game play you propose, quickness of action is crucial as events can occur without the player.

    6. Missing avatar

      jon on

      Are you planning on having scabbards for those swords, or will you be walking around with them in your hand all the time
      minor thing I know, but hey...everything else about it looks awesome

    7. Arto Saari on

      Looks very cool!

    8. Knight Lord Marius on

      The last armor is very reminniscent of the ebony armor from Skyrim :P

    9. Kim Fredrik Svendsen on

      Alright, Ill up my pledge too. Just a note to the developers: If this kickstarter dont succed, please come back and do it again! The more content and updates to show the public, the more attention it will pull. And im very sure theres a huge ammount of rpg gamers that would notice and love this game, if the campaign had more bells and wistles from the beginning.

    10. Missing avatar

      Evan on

      I like how you are not following the usual RPG stereotypes. It's ambitious, but it's good to take some risks. Along those lines, I suggest you not go along with the usual HP thing where you lose points until you suddenly drop dead. Nor even body part system where your hand loses points until it can't be used. You should be able to do something more interesting, say with specific injuries that have specific effects, perhaps backed with a more complicated point system behind the scenes. E.g. blood loss, bruising, and stamina. So heavy armour is likely to completely deflect blades or arrows, unless you get it just right, in which case they can inflict dangerous blood-loss type injuries (so a dagger in skilled hands might be more dangerous than a sword against heavy armor). Meanwhile a mace or club will definitely connect but cause stamina and bruising damage, less dangerous in the short run but is cumulative. Take enough of that and you become more prone to receiving more serious injuries, or less likely to inflict them on your opponent. So there is a contrast behind a strong guy who hopes to outlast his opponent's stamina vs. a fast one who tries to get a dagger into the chinks for a crippling strike, as well as a need to adjust your style and weapon depending on the opponent. Also specific injuries have to be healed in specific ways, more interesting than "rest 3 days = +3 HP". Rest heals stamina and bruising quickly and sprains slowly, punctures are dangerous if unattended but can be bound up in the field, and bone fractures and serious gashes need skilled attention, etc. I'm not suggesting a Dwarf Fortress level of detail, but the HP idea is too rarely challenged.

    11. Owen Maule on

      That character looks familiar

    12. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Alright! I'll up my pledge a bit, I really want the boxed copy of the game but 80 is too high for me to afford at the moment :(

    13. Psychomorph on

      Good information, keep it up.

    14. James Jones

      Wow, a ton of great info. It all sounds good. I'm going to be inconsolable if this doesn't make it, but I think it will scrape by.

    15. Missing avatar

      Banhai on

      Fuck this, I'm doubling my pledge.

    16. Yngve Langmyhr on

      Sounds pefect....
      Would really hate to see this project fail in the pledge goal.
      Hope some rich gamers out there are looking for a really, really awesome game.

    17. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Great update that really adds to the sense that Sui Generis is a fully fledged cRPG rather than just a cool engine (though what an engine it is!)

      I hope this helps drive interest to the game.

    18. Missing avatar

      Moncho on

      Nice update, and good luck with the end of the campaign.
      I would love this game to be funded

    19. eisprinzessin on

      This is ridiculously good.

    20. Blackstaff on

      I sure love the low fantasy setting, but I am uncertain about the cloth system : 100 slots, but you don't see them ? How does that work concretely ? Do all pieces of cloth you have in your inventory mix in one automatically ?

    21. Philomorph on

      It just gets better and better! I sure hope we hit funding!

    22. Elijah Ravitz-Campbell on

      Love the low fantasy, realistic setting!
      Itemization looks awesome.

    23. Fawzi Menkhour on

      Great info! Thanks for taking the time to properly explain a very important aspect of the game.

      The whole item & equipment system seems to offer much more than I had expected. Great job on trying to be innovative while still focusing on fun. Keep it up!