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Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
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Posted by Bare Mettle Entertainment (Creator)

Here's our first update. In response to feedback we thought it important to give people a sense for what kind of world Sui Generis takes place in.

You start the game as apparently just a common villager but someone obviously disagrees, this puts your village in danger and you are exiled. You will be thrown into a hostile world you know nothing about and be forced to fend for yourself. As an unworldly villager you will discover this land and learn of it's history and current affairs, of the primitive people living in awe of a misconceived past. It soon becomes clear that you are no ordinary villager and indeed have some highly exceptional qualities. Dark, ominous events are rapidly transpiring throughout the world, a terrible conclusion beckons on the horizon. You may be the only one with power enough to prevent catastrophe but it all hinges on whether or not you choose to intervene, freedom is king here and there will always be numerous ways to achieve any desired outcome, or fail in the attempt.

You will find yourself in a large open world that you can explore freely. A rich detailed terrain features many interesting locations. A vast sprawling underworld, a source of terror for the people but filled with ancient treasures, tells strange stories of the world's past.

The world features a feudal society dissolving under the pressure of thaumaturges, once benevolent miracle workers who have now turned to dark and cruel activities. Thaumaturges wield great powers, they can manipulate many aspects of the world with their minds. A recent shift in their agenda has led them to cruel experiments and dangerous incursions into the underworld, causing it's dormant threats to stir.

There will be other races besides humans but they will be very much nonhuman, more like creatures or mutants. The demon image and the ogre (we call him porky!) in our videos will hopefully give you some idea of the type of thing we have in mind. These creatures will have their own social structures but ones dramatically different and alien to those of humans. There are no elves, orcs or other common fantasy races (we use ogre as a descriptive term), all creatures are original.

The story unfolds in a hugely dynamic fashion and events will transpire even without your intervention. Your lack of involvement may lead to truly disastrous consequences for the world, the game will not end but the world may become a very inhospitable place. Even if you try your best you may not succeed, the game does not revolve around completing tasks and progressing stages of the plot. Success or failure are of equal value, the aim is to have fun.

There will be a great many unique non player characters in the world, whether they become friends or enemies or are simply indifferent is completely circumstantial. The game is not specifically designed to have a persistent party of companions, though some characters may choose to follow you and may be predisposed toward this role. If they perish they will not return to life, or at least not as they were. Ultimately no character (or creature) is special, all are subject to the same rules and the physical laws of the universe.

The Sui Generis game experience plays hugely on the element of mystery. The idea is that you are thrown into an unfamiliar fantastic world for you to discover. It's history is not understood by it's inhabitants and trying to piece it together will be an important element of the game.

More updates and a new video coming very soon, stay tuned!

Upcoming updates:

  • Combat, where will it go?
  • Character customisation and advancement
  • Items and gear. Lots of it
  • And more...
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    1. Adam on

      I guess I'm a bit late to the party but would you consider making small pieces of fiction implementing story elements from the game as advertisement? A story video, webcomic, short writing or just quotes from fictional in-game legends would help show the complexities of the story.

      The Witcher, for example, has a whole book series about a fantasy realm to fill the game with ideas, quotes, characters, monsters, and quests. This game can only be of quality if the story has more depth than the player is able to grasp. If it is as open world as stated AND the story has such depth and integrity with each path the player chooses, then this game will be revolutionary.

    2. BrecMadak on

      I concur James Jones, i also see some similiarities to Dark Souls. Devs maybe could use genuinely and witty placed shortcuts just like done in Dark Souls, that gives wow factors till the end.

      And I'd be really pleased if ever a player could be cursed that would effect him dramatically by any factor. I'm very interested to interact with monsters that would trigger one's fate within given decisions, yummy !

    3. GhanBuriGhan - WOOS Wose on

      Hmm, there is one thing I really like in this update, that is the mention of dynamic events that unfold on their own, even without player intervention. That, to me is an exiting concept, and it would be nice if it would be explained further - because the devil is in the details, as they say. Din's curse and Depth of Peril by Soldak did some interesting stuff in that direction, is that the route you are following?

      Regarding what you revealed on the story and world, I have to say though, that sounds rather generic. Starting as a lowly peasant, that is more than he seems? The hero's the only one who can stop it? Dormant threads stirring? That's Fantasy RPG plot 101. A generic plot may still make for an exiting game, and maybe there is less generic aspects you are loath to reveal, but what you revealed so far is not going to be a big selling point.

    4. Ehryk

      The bench getting hooked on the table physics engine got me immediately, I had to insta-back. Phenomenal job. Would you like any help designing levels/cities/dungeons/items? I'd love a chance to get involved designing some to help relieve some of your load! I can't wait to see this in action!

    5. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      You are right, Bare Mettle should not give away the story. That, however, does not mean that the developer should not show potential backers more of the world. The demonstration of the engine and the combat mechanics were ever so impressive. In fact, my pledge was solely based on those two factors. Hints about a fractured medieval world in decline dominated by magicians sounds mildly interesting, but it is hardly original. What Bare Mettle needs to do is to put together a demo that engages the imagination of would-be players, not just individual combat and in and outdoor environmental shots but an actual living, breathing, setting with multiple NPCs, and various interactions.

      As an example the scene could be of a wanderer entering a market town. The camera could begin with an overhead of the stranger approaching the city walls with an overhead shot and then zoom in, and pan across a thoroughfare showing the townsfolk engaged in their daily activities. To add some action and excitement a cutpurse could rob the wanderer while he is engaged in conversation with a merchant. We could then be shown a chase down an alleyway. None of these things would need to be from the actual game narrative. Rather it would be a two to five minute video to whet the appetite. To illustrate the flavor of the game world to potential supporters.

    6. Chris on

      Kamin, I'm not so sure how much of a straight up story there is.

      From what I gather, the game is about piecing together the story. So telling you what is going on, kind of ruins it.

    7. kaminkatze on

      This looks so awesome that I insta-backed, but you really, really need to let out more of the story. People love technology, but they rather identify with great characters and a compelling world. A good story will most likely boost your pitch! What you have there up to now sounds somewhat like an Elder Scrolls clone.

      Please, be more open or bring someone on board who has the same expertise on storytelling and worldbuilding that you already have on the technical side.

      This is not meant to be negative, just some constructive criticism, because I really want this to succeed! That's why I backed you :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexander Seidel on

      PLEASE guys, your game looks amazing, yet the first thing everyone see is an the artwork on the kickstarter video.
      I almost skipped this game because that artwork looks like, well, every other rpg out there. Just put that awesome long distance environment shot from the video with logo over it as the first thing every potential backers sees.
      Your game looks so amazing, but your kickstarter doesn't on first sight. It could.

    9. ET3D on

      Sounds good, but I hope that events are triggered based on gameplay. I'm worried that if not then taking my time to explore and enjoy the world will have an adverse effect on my ability to participate in the world events.

    10. James Jones

      Sounds great and a nice change from the normal high fantasy. I keep thinking of something slightly akin to an isometric Dark Souls. Looking forward to future updates.