Funded! This project was successfully funded on November 29, 2012.

    1. Missing_small

      Creator Scottish Dragon on April 11

      Why on earth would /anyone/ trust a site that can't even master basic spelling and grammar in their 'About Us' ?
      I certainly wouldn't want any game I valued to be there.

    2. Planet.small

      Creator Cody Miller on March 25

      So very excited for this game! Every time I see it I know it's going to be something special! Great work guys, keep it up!!

    3. Puffin%20head.small

      Creator Hoggel on March 2

      I really looking forward to lay my hands on the game an test the great physics / combat. But i backed at the beta level so i'll guess i have to wait a few months longer. Maybe you could upload a few videos from the first playable version to make the waiting bearable ;-)...

    4. Backer_badge3.small

      Creator Kenny on February 24

      As a backer, I'm heartened that they spend more time working than they do making arbitrary updates. Keep up the good work, guys.

    5. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator theweirdn8 on February 13

      Do you think you will be able to distribute your game through ?

    6. 17.small

      Creator Netzbummler on February 7

      Guys, it's all well if you only want to talk about stuff that you can actually show, but still, as a backer, it would make me feel better if you could at least post a monthly update on where you currently are. This does not need to be accompanied by a video, but surely a status update and maybe a few screenshots should be doable. The fact that you only post something every few months is a bit... unsettling.

    7. Hellsing6.small

      Creator chumppi on February 3

      Two months since last update? :o

    8. Wolf-grey-wolf-snow.small

      Creator William Rose on January 22

      This is the first time I do this, but considering all the topics about dream rpgs and medieval combat, I thought the backers here would like to check out Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

    9. 120_4334604609876_1168980548_n.small

      Creator Gökhan Halil Düzgün on November 30

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    10. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Johnny Houlind Berggreen on November 21

      Game looks better and better by the day. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Friggin glad I supported this project.

    11. Missing_small

      Creator Robert on November 18

      The new video is awesome :D I especially love the end when the guads don't recognise the player, because he (she) is disguised as a guard.
      Though i would like to ask - would they suspect something when the player would have run up to them? And how good does the disguise have to be - in the video it is perfect (even the belt etc.), but would you also have a chane with an imperfect outfit to "sneak" past the other guards?

    12. Avatars_amber.small

      Creator Dawn_ on October 25

      They are active and i do receive many emails from them already with private footage.
      So, they are more active than others i can tell you. They, just don't post on KS.

    13. 1.small

      Creator Matthew Farmery on September 25, 2013

      well I spend a lot of time on other forums, so I not really visited the Sui Generis forums that much, I know KS isn't a pre ordering system, and does have a lot of risks, its just that there wasn't that much activity on the KS pages and updates, but if the devs are active on their own forums, then far enough, and many games that I supplied on KS have been delayed in one shape or another, so if things are happening, then I will be happy to wait, I was just been critical on the lack of updates here, more then anything else/ then I still hope this will be a good game and worth waiting for.

    14. Missing_small

      Creator Pilluminati on September 25, 2013

      Kickstarter means INVESTING money in a game. It's not about pre-ordering, nor receiving a Making of... documentary/blog about the game to keep you entertained. Those are simply nice things that the developers have no obligation to provide unless it's part of a reward for pledging a certain amount. If you really want to follow the games progress more closely then head over to the forums
      The devs post regularly there (which btw, they have no obligation to do either).
      If you haven't received something you should've (Hint: look at the reward tier), then you can start asking questions/complain.

    15. Bmelogo.small

      Creator Bare Mettle Entertainment on September 20, 2013

      We came to Kickstarter with a lot to show already and we communicated, if a little clumsily, as much as we could about a game we've been designing for years. We're beyond stylistic experimentation, we're doing the difficult and tedious stuff required to make this a full, functional game. Anyone who backed us hopefully knows how ambitious our design for this game is and that we can't just bang things out, much of what we're doing has never been attempted before. We're a small team with a tiny budget working on a massively ambitious project, trying to belittle what we do by comparing it to something completely different doesn't seem helpful.

      At this point we're building a large game world and developing gigantic game systems that will bring the entire world to life. We make progress every single day but it's just a drop in the ocean, none of it is particularly significant or interesting on its own. Our updates are infrequent but dense and contain exclusively relevant information. The upcoming video will show that we're making progress on all fronts. The video will also not be too revealing, we're still keen on the idea that you will discover the game rather than being intimately familiar with its every detail and workings before you play it.

      If you are genuinely concerned about the project's status or want more in depth information please visit our forums where thanks to discussion and dialogue a tonne of stuff is being communicated efficiently. You'll be able to see that the project is very much alive and just how much care and work goes into every single detail of this game. We're developers, not entertainers and bloggers but we're hard working and extremely passionate about what we do, all we care about is making a truly great game. We don't cut corners and we don't concern ourselves with much else.

    16. Missing_small

      Creator saluk on September 19, 2013

      The lack of communication and updates on a project like this is unacceptable. If we lived in a world where people saying "don't worry we are working very hard and we'll talk about it when we can" were always telling the truth it would be different. The last update posted with a few art shots was nice - but not enough after so much silence. We don't need a 20 minute polished video highlighting the 15 features implemented in the last few months - we need to feel that the project has a pulse. Currently it feels very dead. Part of the fun in kickstarting a game for me, and part of the reason I do it, is to feel like an insider, like I got in on the ground floor of something great. I feel like an outsider who threw some money over a fence. I still have hope in a great end product, but the process has been disappointing, especially compared to most other projects I back. An example of someone making a great project AND doing good updates is Limit Theory - with a smaller team and less money at that. Still like you guys, and I know what it's like on the other side of the fence (developing and talking about it are two different things) but I expect a bit more.

    17. 1.small

      Creator Matthew Farmery on September 19, 2013

      I dont think the problem is marketing, but a lack of updates, but I guess you could call it that, but there certain;y doesn't seem to be that many updates on the progress of the game, seems very slow, and also wondering if I made the right decision to back it too, I know game development takes a long time, that is perfectly understandable, but a lack of updates or very few updates on the progress of a back game can be a bit frustrating.

    18. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jonathan Rudd on August 22, 2013

      To the creators: I have seen you write that you have no time to work on marketing. I suggest that you have no choice but to work on marketing - a little at least. I see no updates from you. Nothing to keep the excitement for this project going let a lone anything to interest new customers. Is this Greenlit on Steam?

      A good example of how to work with your community is Stoneheath - another Kickstarted project. They do a Desktop Tuesday where they show some pictures of what they're working on on top of this they do stuff on Twitch now and then. There are 3-4 people in their team and they're doing a great job of working with the community and keeping their backers in the loop.

      Personally I'm regretting backing this project. Please remind me why I backed you with some decent updates.

    19. Missing_small

      Creator madGamer on August 16, 2013

      the game is still alive?

    20. Hpim0047.small

      Creator Knight Lord Marius on August 15, 2013

      I do hope they post the next updated and video soon :)

    21. Missing_small

      Creator KevinP on August 4, 2013

      Thank you for the update. I have no interest in seeing videos but a weekly / biweekly few lines on how you guys are progressing would be nice specifically, where you are currently are, what the next step is and how far are you away from your target release date.

    22. Kickstarterpain.small

      Creator Donald M Pollack on July 31, 2013

      Thank you for the explanation. Sounds very sensible.

    23. Eliteonlyavatar.small

      Creator D Morgan on July 24, 2013

      hope its not too hot in sienna ? keep cool and keep on trucking, fuzzy thoughts from london.

    24. Bmelogo.small

      Creator Bare Mettle Entertainment on July 23, 2013

      The insider forum is a place where we have open discussions and post the odd bit of information in a very casual way, we don't post exclusive updates there. Any media we release to exclusive tiers we provide in the proper context and to people who are following the development, if it was randomly available to the general public it would mostly hurt the game's image. All our efforts are going into development and we can't afford to put time into marketing. Generally things discussed in our insider forum are of a more sensitive nature, we are still involved in many discussions on the public forum.

    25. Kickstarterpain.small

      Creator Donald M Pollack on July 20, 2013

      At some point will you release the old exclusive stuff to the public? I understand it being a pledge goal but keeping it hidden away from the other 2/3 of pledgers seems a bit draconian. Can't you give them the latest exclusive stuff first and then share with the rest of your pledgers after a period?

      Looking forward to your next update soon.

    26. Missing_small

      Creator Jacob Trewe on July 18, 2013

      Cool beans, thanks for the quick note to keep us informed. I have several kickstarted projects that have gone extra quiet recently, so I was just getting a little nervous.

      Again, thanks for the mini-update!

    27. Bmelogo.small

      Creator Bare Mettle Entertainment on July 17, 2013

      Yeah. Or maybe we're working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week and drinking water.

      As you know we don't tend to post updates unless we have something significant to say. We're working as hard as we possibly can and we're making progress on all fronts. We will release a new public video before long showing some of this progress. Currently we're also trying to add another environment artist to our team, with what our limited resources allow.

      Physical rewards haven't been a priority but we'll now look into getting that sorted out as quickly as possible.

    28. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator frederic tarabout on July 16, 2013

      Hello Bare Mettle!
      Can we please have some news about the T-shirts and other physical rewards?

    29. Missing_small

      Creator A S on July 16, 2013

      Maybe they are in Thailand drinking Margarita's?

    30. Missing_small

      Creator Jacob Trewe on July 15, 2013

      Chiming in to agree with Hoggel. We still on track?

    31. Puffin%20head.small

      Creator Hoggel on July 12, 2013

      Any news? Please update soon, it's been over 6 Weeks since the last one! Pretty please ;-)?

    32. Punk%20punk%20illegal.small

      Creator 'Yngvald' aka HannesFury on June 17, 2013

      adored that update as well. everything about it just got me all giggly and fuzzywarm inside! :$ Remember, friends, you can still contribute with more of your support via their website, with things like getting the beta, or extra copy + alpha access. I myself added with an extra £10 of hard earned monies. Every single tidbit will help them release a game with more depth, that is more polished; perhaps even earlier. Sui non-Generic! A dopo!
      /aka Yngvald

    33. Missing_small

      Creator KD H on June 16, 2013

      When do we get our hoodies???

    34. Pa_profile_4.small

      Creator Kyle Tamayo on June 2, 2013

      Every time I think of this game, there's a part of me that gets all twitchy at not being able to play it yet. I hope development is going well, and look forward to playing it!

    35. Interstellar_marines_desktop_fanmade_by_superman999-d5hoafm.small

      Creator Anders T.N on May 26, 2013

      If you go for a couple of intelligent non-humanoid races with their own ambitions and motivations as well, this game would be bringing everything in the genre to the point where it should be (with respect to ambition and vision).

    36. Images.small

      Creator Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on May 26, 2013

      Super update.

      Was great.

    37. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jonathan Rudd on May 26, 2013

      Thanks for the well over-due update. I hope there will be more frequent updates from now on - like a weekly screenshot. Stonehearth have been doing an excellent job with their community - weekly screenshots and now twitch streams of them modeling objects and characters. Helps to keep excitement going. Whereas I had completely forgotten about Sui Generis before this update.

    38. Wow.small

      Creator Humbleroots on May 26, 2013

      I'm sure everyone is mostly on the forums but I just wanted to PRAISE and almost WORSHIP the new update!
      I am a Kickstarter addict and I have never seen such an Amazing update, technically and Artistically.
      This was money well spent and I am glad I invested in your dream!
      Congratulations on becoming the developers you were intended to be!!!

    39. Wow.small

      Creator Humbleroots on May 26, 2013

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    40. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Fawzi Menkhour on April 21, 2013

      I started a post in the Insider section of the Sui Generis official forums where I give an extensive detailed recap of the Dev Videos. If you're an backer with access to the SG Insider forums (£10, £15, £20, £40) but don't have access to the Developement Videos then this is for you!…

    41. Images.small

      Creator Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on April 18, 2013


      No it doesn't - it's already hit it's goal and then some.

    42. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Fawzi Menkhour on April 16, 2013

      Most pledges give you access to the insider forum. Devs frequently post information about the game there on a regular basis and the Dev videos are discussed there by those with access to them.

      If you're lazy and want to just look at the DEV comments here is a link to the profile of the game devs on the forums so you can track down official info about the game. Just click 'Postings' for each profile to see the link to the post.
      Madoc, Bethain, Brendan, Kieran, Tony, Agnes

    43. Missing_small

      Creator madGamer on April 15, 2013

      any news? tree months without a word. i hope the project has not died... :(

    44. Dude.small

      Creator Drew on April 15, 2013

      So... where's the news? Updates? The info? What's happening?

      I've looked at forums and it's mostly backer speculation.

    45. Images.small

      Creator Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on April 9, 2013


      I get that.

      Regardless. F2P is a trend. P2P will be coming back, I'm absolutely sure of it.

      Also, CU isn't going the 14.99$ route. It's going to have a much cheaper fee.

    46. Wow.small

      Creator Humbleroots on April 9, 2013

      Humbleroots just now

    47. Wow.small

      Creator Humbleroots on April 9, 2013

      I agree with a lot of things you said @Maxx Kilbride
      However, coming from someone who beat D2 10 or 12 times Path of Exile is more of a spiritual successor to D2 than D3 itself, its a good game that I have put over 50 hours into and enjoy immensely.
      If you know the history the original D3 was scrapped even though I do enjoy D3 it fell short of it's potential.
      Secondly, I wholeheartedly agree that nothing is a good as a sub system but one the rate is too high. I've played WoW for about five years and am sick of paying frankly though I love the game. And secondly unfortunately free to play is here to stay and its sub that has trended its way out. I wish it wasn't this way but it's true. Also if you look up true numbers in terms of financial stability only one or two of your listed MMO's is actually more than a step or two away from either bankruptcy or free to play models with Final Fantasy top of the list.

    48. Images.small

      Creator Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on April 9, 2013

      Path of Exile isn't a very good example. It's a Diablo clone using the hype train of D3 for fuel.

      Subscription gaming is not dead. Mark Jacobs explains.

      Also, I've played every Free 2 play title to date, and nothing beats a subscription community.

      Guild Wars 2 is terrible. I'm sorry. Guild Wars 1 was great, one of my favorite games over. Guild Wars 2 is easy as hell and has a terrible community of immature players.

      I've yet to find a MMORPG that is F2P that can keep me wanting to play it. GW2 was my hope...but it was dashed when they catered it to casuals, and it's PVP was watered down from GW1 and pretty sucky.

      Camelot Unchained is going to be incredibly successful. Make no mistake. @Humberoots

      Sub gaming will be on the rise again in a few years, when people figure out F2P sucks.

      There are quite a few successful P2P games still out there.

      Dark Age of Camelot
      Warhammer: Age of Reckoning(yeah, it's not F2P! Haha)
      Eve Online
      Asherons Call

      You know, you don't need millions of subs to be a success. Just having 25,000 - 50,000 subscribers is enough to keep most MMO's active and earning a healthy profit ^

      As the ones above have shown. Lots of MMO's fail and go F2P, but these have managed, years after to release, to not have to go F2P.

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