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Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
6,931 backers pledged £160,055 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

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      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) about 5 hours ago

      "The next Exanima update is scheduled to be released on May 9th"..2017..;-p

    2. MannyLaMancha on May 15

      Hi guys - it has been slightly over six months since the last update. Can we have an update please?

    3. Tony Birch on April 30

      The next Exanima update is scheduled to be released on May 9th. It'll include a massive new area with all new assets, improved lighting/shadows, improved animations, new weapons, armor and other various items not previously seen. Also on May 9th Exanima will be released on for early access which is exciting news! :)

      Bare Mettle has recently hired another graphics artist which should help speed things along. The devs are making lots of progress in many significant areas and soon we'll be seeing thaumaturgy, outdoor arenas, new terrain system, dialogue, more NPC interactions, etc. Lots of interesting things to look forward to in the near future!

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      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on April 29

      can we have update ...Please

      last update was Nov 10 2015 Exanima 0.6 Released

      No news on Sui Generis the game for a while

      Estimated delivery: May 2014...that's 2 Years ago

      a update is well over due

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      Qwin Garnette on April 9

      Anyone who's got Windows, how did the game turn out? I've been curious for a while...

    6. MannyLaMancha on March 20

      I'm glad to hear that you're still truckin'

    7. Creator Bare Mettle Entertainment on March 19

      Sorry if we're quiet here on Kicstarter. Right now we're focused on getting better and richer playable builds out and completing features rather than showcasing them in updates and videos.

      There's lots of official information on the game's progress on both our site and on Steam, and we actively interact with the community. It's also just much more effective to show things in their proper context than try to explain them.

      While right now you have Exanima, and all progress there is progress on Sui Generis, we are also definitely making progress on SG specifically. We have been improving and refining just about everything well beyond what was originally planned, but there have be no notable changes in direction.

      It's understandable that some of you may be upset at how long it's all taking, but the most vocal backers are always pushing us to make the game better, and we ourselves want it to be the best it can be.

    8. Tony Birch on March 19

      Bare Mettle is still working nearly all day, every day on the game. For those asking for Sui Generis updates all you need to do is load up and play Exanima. When games assets/mechanics for Sui Generis are in a playable state they are added to Exanima so they can be tested and polished. Exanima = a front row seat to Sui Generis development.

    9. Missing avatar

      Luigi on March 16

      A year has gone by... "take the money and run " , wait, maybe it's take the money and stay?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason Baxter on March 6

      You've really mucked up the Arena. I'm holding a weapon and every time i go in im bare handed? Please simplify equipping and management and matchmaking. Seems like a confused mess at the moment.

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      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on February 24

      can we have update Please

    12. Missing avatar

      Are Thunes Samsonsen on February 13

      Guys, you are waaaay behind schedule, and we are getting kinda worried here. Please give us some reassurance, eh?

    13. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on February 6

      I'm still very excited about Sui Generis. However, I'm confused, since Exanima seems to be the game this studio is now focused on.

      Will I ever see Sui Generis?

      Can I get an idea of when?

      Answers to those questions would be greatly appreciated.

    14. Missing avatar

      Günther Hutzl on November 11, 2015

      Looks like something is broken on the account page. I cannot login with the userid and password I think I have set. Also, the lost password feature just leads to an empty page. Can you help me?

    15. Creator Bare Mettle Entertainment on November 11, 2015

      If for some reason you didn't receive an e-mail with instructions and a password you can go directly to your account page on our website and request a new password using your backer e-mail address. From the account page you can download a DRM free copy of the game and claim your steam key(s) as well as anything else you might have access to.

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      Laurids Lyngsø Rye on November 11, 2015

      I think you're far enough in your development that I want to try out the game. Where do you download it as a backer?

    17. Cody Miller on November 6, 2015

      I completely forgot about this game! So excited to see all the progress!! :)

    18. Josh Needleman on November 2, 2015

      I think it is time for another update guys!

    19. frederic tarabout on October 14, 2015

      Thanks for your answer Tony.
      I m just pretty sure they said they d talk of physical rewards and never did. :/
      Official updates are so rare that it's pretty frustrating for me. ( I'd rather have way shorter mails but once every 2 months than that).

    20. Tony Birch on October 3, 2015


      The physical goodies likely won't be sent out until SG is completed. The next KS update will likely be within a week or so when the next Steam patch is released. The devs are still making constant progress and this next patch will be quite massive; it will contain new areas to explore, new skills, new creatures, many improvements to various mechanics including animations and movement, unarmed combat, a journal, GUI enhancements, multiple character slots supported, graphical enhancements (updated old art assets and added new effects), tons of bug fixes... those are just what I could think of off of the top of my head.

    21. frederic tarabout on September 18, 2015

      Where's the update on t shirts and other physical goodies that you promised some months ago? Where are the updates on the game? At this point I'm really close to ask for a refund.

    22. Tony Birch on July 19, 2015


      I responded to you once already in a different comment but it's worth repeating: progress on Exanima IS progress on Sui Generis. Everything they're working on for Exanima is also necessary for Sui Generis.

      Their current focus is to finish Exanima and then use all of the assets and mechanics that are now fully functional (thanks to being thoroughly tested in Exanima) to finish Sui Generis. This will make Sui Generis a much more polished and complete game.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on July 14, 2015

      Hey there; I've commented several times in these forums without reply, which is very concerning considering the nature of the question has not been addressed; Previously (before Exanima was announced last year) you had done a good job of offering updates on the progress of Sui Generis every 1-3 months.

      Since Exanima was released - a game which you have called a prequel to Sui Generis - we have heard nothing about progress on Sui Generis. You have confirmed several times that Exanima is *not* the game we backed, it is merely a holdover until we get the game we all paid for and are looking forward to.

      However, information about actual progress on Sui Generis itself has been completely absent for the last year. I'm not exaggerating; even as far back as October 2014, the only information given in updates was about "the Prelude alpha." Nothing on Sui Generis.

      I'm writing because I'd like to hear from you about the actual game. I feel it is reasonable, after a year, to wish to know that progress on *actual Sui Generis* is still happening, and where you're at, and what you've been up to in terms of getting that going.

      I get that Exanima was an intermediate goal and that producing it has allowed you to pursue certain proofs-of-concept and see the community's reaction to the ideas you have presented, and that's great. I'm not suggesting that there is no value in producing Exanima. I would simply like to know what is happening in the terms of Sui Generis, rather than this other project which includes some of the same ideas.

      Considering it has been a year and my other two such requests have gone unanswered, if this also goes unanswered I will begin to seriously question this project. Which would make me sad, I've believed in you guys from the beginning and I'd really like to see positive results, but this whole Exanima distraction combined with relative silence on the Sui Generis side of things has me worried.

    24. Missing avatar

      voidzero on May 14, 2015

      Game is not full release yet, beta at the moment.

    25. Vernon Vincent on May 9, 2015

      Hello - I sent a message via Kickstarter, but haven't received a response. I haven't received my links to download tie final version of Examina. I did get the download for the beta, but not the final version. Could someone send me the links for the final download? Thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      voidzero on May 8, 2015

      I totally did not notice the name change. Btw the game is great.

    27. Grant on May 4, 2015

      I forgot about this game during the development over the past few years... Downloaded last night and holy cow. Never been more frustrated and genuinely to come home and play a game in a long time. You guys did amazing!

    28. Blackstaff on May 2, 2015

      I concur on a GOG release done the line.

      This game is too beautiful and awesome to not be among its species with the classics of old. :)

    29. Mieu OOoE|WoOS's|AoUA|BoSB on April 30, 2015

      scratch that, found em :)

    30. Mieu OOoE|WoOS's|AoUA|BoSB on April 30, 2015

      I can see no keys in my account page, tried to look yesterday to no avail so waited for today, where am i supposed to look? i have no email with any keys either

    31. Jane Dee on April 29, 2015

      Oops, please delete my last comment as I found the direct download link at your site ^_^

    32. Jane Dee on April 29, 2015

      "Exanima is now available for download to all our backers."

      Please consider GOG for those of us backers who do will use STEAM in any way and who backed the project -ENTIRELY- because of its promise for DRM alternatives :)

    33. Tony Birch on April 29, 2015

      To get out of the first room left click on the door, hold the button down and drag the door open. Some doors open towards you while others open in the opposite direction. If a door is locked when you attempt to open it you'll hear a clicking noise that signifies it requires a key. I highly suggest you read the quickstart guide located in the game options menu.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nathan on April 29, 2015

      How do you get out of the first room? Completely stuck for 30 mins

    35. Tony Birch on April 9, 2015

      I am live streaming Exanima beta gameplay here:

      Come watch and chat! :)

    36. Tony Birch on April 2, 2015

      I suggest you read their Kickstarter updates. They explain everything quite clearly. But a simple answer to your question is that Exanima is a prelude to Sui Generis. If you want to know more read the in-depth updates ;).

    37. Missing avatar

      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on April 1, 2015

      ok what is Exanima ?
      what happened to Sui Generis ?

    38. Creator Bare Mettle Entertainment on April 1, 2015

      @Kevin Willock
      I'm afraid we're not ready to support additional platforms just yet. Hopefully this will change soon.

      @chris barr
      If you're having issues with the installer you might want to try downloading the self extracting archive instead.

      The game is available directly from us and is completely DRM free. If you are not a backer it's your choice how you obtain the game and you will be subject to whatever your chosen distribution platform features.

    39. Cody Miller on March 31, 2015

      So very excited for Examina! I've been anticipating this day for a long time!!

    40. Chris Green on March 31, 2015

      @mikebert The game is still DRM free from their website, granted you are at an appropriate contribution tier.

    41. Missing avatar

      mikebert on March 30, 2015

      Hey hypocrites, what happened to DRM free?

    42. Missing avatar

      chris barr on March 28, 2015

      Anyone else having problems installing this on windows 10 build 10041? It hangs at 100% on 'extracting files'.

    43. Kevin Willock on March 25, 2015

      No Mac support for the beta? :(

    44. Creator Bare Mettle Entertainment on March 25, 2015

      @Lord Panda

      For the moment only backers with beta access, but we have submitted Exanima for greenlight (…) which seems to be going well so far and once it's live on Early Access all backers will receive a copy (including a Steam key).

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