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Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
Sui Generis is an original open world RPG for the PC featuring dynamic story and physics based gameplay.
6,931 backers pledged £160,055 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      fakum12 2 days ago

      @Fawzi Menhour
      Exima ≠ Sur Generis

    2. Fawzi Menkhour 4 days ago

      In case some people missed it the game is still being worked on and has been steadily improving since the Kickstarter. The devs mostly communicate on Discord, but announcements are still posted on the Exanima's Steam & GOG page along with the game's forums.

      One of the more recent developments is the release of a new 0.7 patch for Exanima's early access build which comes with a lot of new content & features that you can read about in the official update:

    3. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      What a punch in the dick.

    4. terry on

      Last login May 29 2017

      We will never see this game or get our money back....Feckers

    5. MannyLaMancha on

      We're four years beyond the estimated completion date - how's it going?


      Hey assholes . Where is the updates ?

    7. Daniel Scott

      where gaem

    8. Marzio Ombra on

      And still nothing.

      Thieves and liars.

    9. frederic tarabout on

      Yup still waiting on my hoodie too. Which is total BS. Those could have been sent right away. Basically stole the money to pour into that game which likely will never get finished since it was over ambitious from the start. :/

      This is the only KS I really regret backing...

    10. Ashley Mackay on

      ...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm still waiting for my hoodie! :(

    11. Mieu OOoE|WoOS's|AoUA|BoSB on

      Bevontule: Altar of Roots
      Bevontule is an eclectic fusion of Western, Japanese, and strategy RPGs, with stunning 3D visuals and challenging tactical combat.

    12. MannyLaMancha on

      I get that they maintain their own site/forums, but when you back 100+ projects, you really don't want to make an account for each and every game. This project has taken over five years (I can live with that since I surmise that progress is actually being made,) but can they really not have found the time to copy/paste updates from their site to this Kickstarter? They haven't made an update in over two YEARS.

    13. Missing avatar

      Måns Christensson on

      Ha! I also popped in to see how my oldest undelivered Kickstarter was doing. I think my children will inherit this pledge.

    14. Marzio Ombra on

      Hello from a fellow disappointed supporter-supporter-supporter-supporterrrrrrrrrr.

    15. Missing avatar

      Coolfog2 on

      my undelivered ks

    16. Knight Porter on

      Still delivered more to its backers than Project Phoenix.

    17. Ben Turner

      Ah, my oldest, undelivered KS project. Hello old friend - just popped in so see how things are festering :)

    18. Barry Pitcher on

      Sounds promising, we'll see

    19. terry on

      Last login May 29 2017

    20. Alpha Cyberus

      This project is NOT dead or failed!
      Little PSA for those who are unaware or haven't seen, this game is still being worked on! There's an active Discord server "Bare Mettle" and a somewhat active Steam community.
      Endless debate about lateness or communication aside, I'm just bringing this information back to the top of the comments. Go to the Steam community page for Examina, the mods can give you invites to the Discord where you'll get progress updates the soonest. There is a new release of the game coming soon.

    21. Barry Pitcher on

      Was always an ambitious project, at least we got something, which is more than some other projects I supported.

    22. MannyLaMancha on

      I just realized that we're only a month shy of the five-year mark for this project. I met someone, got my teaching credential, started working on my master's, and just got married in that time frame.

    23. Marzio Ombra on

      Another Kickstarter fail.

    24. Johnathan Ellis

      I'm guessing this project is dead.

    25. El Duderino-Abider of the Obsidian Order on

      "When will the game be released?
      May 2014. We have 18 months of development planned for the initial release but we will continue to expand and improve on it after that".
      The last update was in 2015.
      Today is the 5th of September, 2017. I still have no game whatsoever - that "Exanima" is not what I backed.
      Even if this is ever released, I will still feel like I was screwed.

    26. Missing avatar

      Joe Pavlic on

      Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

    27. Tony Birch on

      What do you mean "if it ever comes true"? There already is a playable build showing progress that Bare Mettle is making towards both Exanima and Sui Generis. When they have mechanics for both games in a playable state they are added to Exanima so we get to literally see and play what they've been working on.

      Exanima is made up of the exact same mechanics as Sui Generis so saying that it's not what we backed is nonsense; progress on Exanima = progress on Sui Generis. The main difference between Exanima and Sui Generis is Exanima is limited to the underworld instead of having both the underworld and overworld to explore.

      Yes, I can defend the situation since the devs are doing what we paid them to do: making progress towards Sui Generis. Yes, it's taking longer than originally estimated by a significant amount since they decided to take community feedback into account and massively improve things as they go rather than rush out a rough-around-the-edges version of SG then improve it post release (their original plan during the KS). They realized people would not be happy with this approach so they decided to polish everything as they go which is why Exanima exists: so that backers have a playable build to play/test the mechanics for Sui Generis when they are in a playable state which allows backers to give feedback.

      If you don't like the decisions Bare Mettle have made then you are free to complain all you'd like but it's not going to help the game be released any sooner. Making people feel bad for complaining is not my goal; my goal is to keep people updated with current events since many people seem to be misinformed about what is going on (which I can't really blame them for considering BM haven't posted an update here in quite a while).

    28. Jeff Truelsen on

      @Tony Birch (from june 5, 2017):
      You say "You're getting two games for the price of one so no, you're not getting screwed."
      That will be lovely if it ever comes true, but there's really no evidence of that. What we got was a small part of a game with some similarities to what we backed. We've gotten screwed for abou three years now. I'm not saying you're evil, I'm just saying you really can't defend the situation and try to make us feel bad about complaining.

    29. Matthew Hinz on

      I completely forgot that this game existed. Its been so long I had to log in to Kickstarter just to remember what it was called. By this point I'd be very surprised if it ever sees a full release. But thats fine. I understand the risks when I invest and at no time have I felt that the developers intended to defraud anyone. Too much work has clearly gone in to it to be a scam. But sometimes things take a lot longer than anticipated or just dont work out. If it does come out someday I hope it finds success.

    30. Tony Birch on

      Progress is still being made towards both Exanima and SG. Here's a recent update post made by Madoc, the lead dev:

      "What's taking so long?

      We've been focusing on work and as usual we've neglected to keep you properly updated. I'm going to make an effort now to give you a brief overview of what we've been working on.

      As you well know we've been adding content at a slow pace, with only 5 of the total 14 levels/maps released so far. This is not however because just creating more environments is time consuming or difficult, but because we need to progress the game's core features to properly support further content and the story.

      When we came to Steam with Exanima we rapidly fell into a cycle of constant refinement in response to feedback. We spent an enormous amount of time reiterating exisiting features and trying to improve what was already there, rather than moving forward with the features that were still missing. This is a cycle we've been determined to break, but it has already left us with a huge amount of work that has yet to be tackled. We also find ourselves wanting to develop a solid and aready sophisticated foundation for new features, immediately building things to higher quality standards, in order to avoid wanting to revisit previous work yet again.

      We've taken all the feedback we've received and endeavoured to build new content to new standards. We're trying to break free of the sometimes monotonous environments, to involve the player more directly in the story and do many other things besides. The game has grown greatly in size and scope since the initial Early Access release, involving some very substantial additions and refinements.

      The upcoming update features the first part of a large non-linear environment that will make up the rest of the game's content. We're using new environment building features and we're adding a lot more intricate and unique detail. We have improved both visual quality and variety in our level design.

      In order to do this we had to make substantial additions to our level building tools, and we've also created some new advanced tools for general asset creation. These tools allow us to make higher quality visuals while hugely boosting our productivity and avoiding many pitfalls that have caused us to waste a lot of time in the past.

      With these important additions to what we're able to do, we've also been revisiting the early game content, taking advantage of new environment building features, introducing new unique elements and remastering key assets.

      Perhaps the most important addition coming to the game is dialogue and NPC companions. You may now have someone by your side to share in your misery, and perhaps even carry that damned torch. This will introduce important new gameplay dynamics and provide an avenue to better expose the story and your own involvement in it.

      While perhaps most of this could have been done with simpler methods, we've tried to build an important foundation for NPC behaviour and dialogue that has many applications within the game, and many more to explore and build upon. This has been the biggest obstacle towards a release as we are attempting something quite ambitious and there was much work to be done spanning AI, dialogue and authoring tools, even a native OO scripting language. In the long term, it is one of our most important goals to create NPCs that have believable dynamic behaviours with meaningfully diverse player interaction.

      With this complete overhaul of the AI we're also trying to tackle many other issues and add depth and variety to even the most basic interactions with the denizens of Exanima.

      While we're not quite ready to include it just yet, we have also been working on Thaumaturgy. We will be adding up to a final total of 6 forms of thaumaturgy, with many powers and related skills. Mind is the first, as it is central to the plot. It also ties in with a lot of the work we have been doing with AI.

      There will of course be many new items and various refinements to the game in general. We are not comfortable with giving you a release date for the update just yet, but we are at the end of a gigantic endeavour and doing our best to piece it all together and wrap it up."

    31. Missing avatar

      Mr3Machine on

      So disappointing, thought this game was gonna be phenomonal..or at least created.

    32. Ahmed Alkooheji on

      It was my mistake to back this project, quite honestly...

    33. Missing avatar

      fakum12 on

      @Zachary Daniel VanOverbeke Development is dead and your money is gone.

    34. Zachary Daniel VanOverbeke on

      Hey... Uh....?

      I contributed to this game 5 years ago. You stopped e-mailing me two years ago.

      Do I not get what I was promised...? You gave us a two year release date, which I was fine with... It's 5 years later.

      What happened? Can I have my money back?

      I feel like I got screwed. This is disappointing.

    35. Tony Birch on


      Every backer should have received an Exanima Steam key quite a while ago and also access to the direct download via the BM site. When SG is ready keys for it will be sent out via email and on the BM site as well (the current focus is on finishing Exanima and then development focus will shift to SG once again).

      @people saying they got screwed:

      You're getting two games for the price of one so no, you're not getting screwed. Exanima is a prelude to SG and it contains the foundation(s) necessary to support everything in SG. Basically, when mechanics for SG are in a playable state they're added to Exanima so backers can play/test the SG progress firsthand if they so wish by loading up Exanima. Isn't a playable build better than the devs simply talking about what they're doing?

    36. Jamie on

      When do we get keys? sucks others can play it now.

    37. Robberbaron on

      yep seems we all got screwed on this one.

    38. MannyLaMancha on

      They haven't released a Kickstarter update in 1 1/2 YEARS.

    39. Missing avatar

      scut on

      If you type in "kickstarter physics rpg" into google, this is the first result.

      It's been so long that apparently myself and other people have even forgotten the name of the game.

    40. terry on

      Last login Feb 20 2017

    41. terry on

      thanks...But we need a update here....

      " on December 12

      I am working on a massive update, adding to it whenever I can find a few minutes away from actually working on the game. I'm trying to cover every major topic and give a brief overview of everything that's happened with development since we started, and where we are now.

      I know it's taking a long time, and that we're terrible with posting updates, but we're always working super hard on the game and it's always getting better and more complete. Perhaps we should have just tried to make the game quickly instead of responding to every bit of feedback and striving to make something special of every little feature, but when it finally comes, and it is coming, I can't see anyone being disappointed."

    42. terry on

      Last login .....Feb 16 2017

      Last update...Nov 10 2015

    43. terry on

      Last login Feb 2 2017

      just give us the game a update or a refund

    44. Tony Birch on

      Just a heads up for anyone whom may be interested, new Exanima update is out which adds an outdoor arena and many other cool things... check it out!…

    45. Cody Miller on

      Every now and then, I remember Sui Generis is coming - and I get SOO excited!! Thank you all for your hard (and probably unseen) work - I know it will be worth the wait! :)

    46. Tony Birch on


      Using the account link I posted a few lines below you can attempt to login. If you know the email used for the account (usually same one used for Kickstarter) but not the password then you can click the "forgot password" link on the account page which should allow you to reset the password. If you're still having troubles then send an email to the support email address also listed below.

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