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Build and manage a colony, use automation & transport systems and explore different islands in Kubifaktorium.
Build and manage a colony, use automation & transport systems and explore different islands in Kubifaktorium.
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Update #17: Closed Alpha start = End of Week

Posted by Dr. Mirko Seithe (Creator)

Good evening!

You are probably wondering what I'm working on and when the closed alpha will finally start. Fair enough! So, while most of the pledges have already been collected, a few pledges could not be collected due to invalid credit card information etc.. This is common and Kickstarter gives the backers in question 7 days to correct their data. As soon as this period has passed, I can send out the keys for the closed alpha. The build/deployment process is already working, so expect to get into the alpha at the end of this week. :)

There are plenty of improvements I've added over the past days and I'll present them in more detail in the near future. I've also hired a voxel artist to create some new models for the game. Have a look at the slime camp ruins above or the new house and well models below.

Have a nice evening!

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    1. Dr. Mirko Seithe Creator on

      @Ryan: Good point, I'll give it a try when I package the next update.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      @Dr. Mirko Seithe,
      When you package the Linux version of the game, it would be really helpful if you would name the folders and game executables "Kubifaktorium" instead of "Linux". It won't be too long before I forge that "Linux" is actually Kubifaktorium.

    3. Dr. Mirko Seithe Creator on

      @Alessandro Gerosa Hallo, die Keys sind raus! :)

    4. Alessandro Gerosa on

      Hallo Mirko, ich warte die cd key und ich bin fröhlisch probieren Deine alpha

    5. Dr. Mirko Seithe Creator on

      @Nicholas & Max: Yeah, unfortunately Backerkit turned out to be a bit more complicated than I anticipated. The download keys are already uploaded and as soon as the surveys are through their review, we're good to go! :)

    6. Max Kielland

      I guess BackerKit doesn't work over the weekend ;) Looking forward to get my key this week(?)

    7. Nicholas Main on

      I'm quite excited! Hopefully we get access soon. Thanks for all of your hard work!

    8. Dr. Mirko Seithe Creator on

      (I should clarify that it is "still" subject to review because I just submitted it for review an hour ago because I didn't know it was to be subject to review. So blame me, not backerkit.)

    9. Dr. Mirko Seithe Creator on

      Hi Fabio, thank you!

      I intended to start it later today. Unfortunately it is still subject to review on backerkit. The technical problems are already resolved, so as soon as the backerkit side is done, it will begin.
      The best way to report bugs is the in-game bug reporting tool which you can use by clicking the icon in the top right. It will send your report, some system info, the stack trace and a screenshot to me which is really helpful.

      I'll post a new update later this weekend.

    10. Missing avatar

      Fabio Mehltretter on

      Hi Mirko

      What exactly means end of the week? Today or on Sunday? I Would love to test it out on the weekend.
      BTW do you already have plans for how to send in Bugs