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Build and manage a colony, use automation & transport systems and explore different islands in Kubifaktorium.
Build and manage a colony, use automation & transport systems and explore different islands in Kubifaktorium.
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Update #15: New Patch & Final Stretch Upselling :)

Posted by Dr. Mirko Seithe (Creator)

Good evening!

With about 36 hours left to go we are in the final stretch of this Kickstarter campaign. Maybe we can still reach our stretch goal at 20k and get those fancy extra weather effects! On that note, I think I am legally required to upsell you a bit. I hope you're ready, here it comes! :D

For a start, when you are supporting the game at the 15 Euro level you will get the game as soon as it comes to Steam in the middle of 2019. However, for only 10 Euros more you will also get into the closed alpha, which will start very soon. This includes access to all the features shown in the trailer like trains, conveyor belts, the desert biome as well as the features I am about to add in the upcoming weeks and months. Without earliest access to the buggy trains, there will be only sadness. ;)

Next up, how about getting yourself a micro pet? The micro pets (you will be able to tame and domesticate them in-game!) will follow your colonists around, play with each other and do other shenanigans. And if that alone doesn't convince you, I have two words for you: Mini Hippos. I rest my case.

Finally, I am adding the Kubifaktorium thank you post card to the 100 Euro tier! So, in addition to the chance to add your own alter ego to the game, you can also look forward to get a personal thank you card in your mail some time next year. (This also applies if you have pledged 100 Euro or more prior to this update. International postage included.)

Seriously though, regardless of the amount you contribute, you have my honest gratitute! I will work hard to make Kubifaktorium an awesome game we can all be proud of. :D

Have an awesome evening!

Patch notes:
- The shadow from the sun is now stronger and the sun moves according to the time of the day.
- The shadows from the clouds are now nicer and "morphing" over time.
- Refactored a lot of the UI code. Info panels now consist of multiple elements based on the selected object. Useful, for example, for a building that is a workshop and houses animals at the same time.
- The items you get from mining something are now shown in the UI.
- Animals on rocks should now get thrown off.
- Made some smaller performance tweaks and added the option to turn off lights.
- Increased the time it takes to mine things, especially mountains.
- Numerous other fixes.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Leon Velnaar on

      @Dr. Mirko Seithe, thank you for your reply. I thought so too, I was just checking.

    2. Dr. Mirko Seithe Creator on

      @Leon: Leif is right, the micro pets are available for backers who pledge 60 Euros or more. I should have made that clearer, sorry for the confusion!

    3. Missing avatar

      Leif on

      I don't think so. I wouldn't read it like this, although I assume what you mean. The information about the micro pet tier being 60 Euro is just not mentioned. ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Leon Velnaar on

      Does this mean you Will get a micro pet when you pledge $25? That’s How I read it, or am I wrong?