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Build and manage a colony, use automation & transport systems and explore different islands in Kubifaktorium.
Build and manage a colony, use automation & transport systems and explore different islands in Kubifaktorium.
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Update #14 = Progress Report #1

Posted by Dr. Mirko Seithe (Creator)

Hello there! :)

In today's update I bring you the first Kubifaktorium progress report. The progress reports, which I make every 4-6 weeks, showcase the new features I've been working on as well as my road map for the near future.

Usually they are around 10m long. This one is a bit longer because there is so much new content. Sorry. ;)

If you like spreadsheets, you can also get the long version here:

Have a nice weekend!

Patch notes:
- The shadow from the sun is now stronger and the sun moves according to the time of the day.
- The shadows from the clouds are now nicer and "morphing" over time.
- Refactored a lot of the UI code. Info panels now consist of multiple elements based on the selected object. Useful, for example, for a building that is a workshop and houses animals at the same time.
- The items you get from mining something are now shown in the UI.
- Animals on rocks should now get thrown off.
- Made some smaller performance tweaks and added the option to turn off lights.
- Increased the time it takes to mine things, especially mountains.
- Numerous other fixes.

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    1. Dr. Mirko Seithe Creator on

      @Bob Buechler: Sure, you can find a higher quality version of the table here:

      @Max Kielland: While the scope will not be as large as in e.g. Factorio, I do want to have larger maps in the game. Since many mechanics are not in the game yet, it is hard to say how it will scale. I'm also excited for Unity's ECS, it should work quite well for Kubi's many distributed systems.

    2. Max Kielland

      76.4% wants more content and I agree, more contetns are always nice. But I think the modders will fill this void quite quickly as long the modding system is flexible enough to.

      What I'm seeing as a risk here is that the game will be very limited due to the map size limitation. Have you concidered to use infinite maps, like the maps in Factorio and Minecraft?

      With infinite maps we will never run out of space and can build latrge and complex systems.
      Or is this where the Island system comes in?

    3. Bob Buechler

      I don’t think the link to the spreadsheet is working. Can has? :)

    4. Amthal Alenezi on

      I’m so excited for this game!! :D

    5. Missing avatar

      M.M. van de Sluis

      Very nice man 👍.