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$1,468 pledged of $5,000 goal
$1,468 pledged of $5,000 goal

More about the movie!

Thanks for backing Tacoma: City of Destiny! Here's a little more about the film as of right now:

1. The movie will essentially be 100 short films about different people (and others) who live in Tacoma. Structurally, it'll be a countdown to the #1 Tacoma resident. 

2. This means that structurally, this will be similar to my first feature film, You, Your Brain, & You, which profiled 81 different clients of the Brain Institute.

3. I'm making up pretty much everything about Tacoma. There will still be a bridge that comically warped and wobbled and fell into the water, and probably still a dome. But I'm making the rest up. This will include sewer people, giant flying fish, an energy creature from space, and other things that probably don't exist in the actual Tacoma.

4. I'm early in the filmmaking process, so not a lot is filled in yet. Here are my real life Pinterest boards with ideas for the movie:

The bulletin boards I use to make a movie--these will both fill up in a month or two!
The bulletin boards I use to make a movie--these will both fill up in a month or two!


And here's the close-up!
And here's the close-up!

Basically, I start out with a few ideas, go out into the world and film stuff that fits my theme, and then write to the footage at the editing stage. This allows me a lot of flexibility at the filming stage to just go out and film amazing visuals and not worry about where they fit in until the editing starts.

This is completely the opposite of the way pretty much everyone makes a film, but it worked very well for my award-winning feature You, Your Brain, & You and some of my short Disalmanac videos on the web. 

5. If the Kickstarter succeeds, I'll be able to go to Los Angeles to film funny show-biz people I know. The last film featured many of New York City's top comedians, plus Kevin Allison from The State/RISK! Podcast and Kevin Murphy from MST3K. 

I can't name names yet, as I haven't approached anyone yet since I don't know yet IF I'm going to be able to go to LA. But during the run of the Kickstarter I'll be contacting people and updating you on any tentative people scheduled to be filmed. I hope to tell you about cool people shortly!

6. Themes! This will be a funny, quick-paced, Pythonesque romp, yes. But since Tacoma a is the City of Destiny I'll also be going a little deeper into this idea of destiny vs free will. I'm working up some cool visual metaphors and whatnot. Fun! But deep also!

7. Visually, my intention is not to film a single frame of the film in the actual Tacoma. Although: there will be archival footage of the bridge falling down, which is pretty damned cool. Also: in a way I've already started filming this movie--I film all the time, especially when I travel. 

Aside from just regular footage of people and things, I like to open a film up to all the ways of presenting info. The last film featured newsreels, Super 8 family vacation footage, charts and graphs, a Powerpoint, random slides from the 1960s I bought on eBay, a scratch-n-sniff section, and much more. I intend to be inventive with HOW info is presented in Tacoma as well.

Also also: I've been borrowing a LOT of cool ideas from the history of experimental film, so for sure there will be some crazy, inventive stuff you don't typically see in a movie in the 21st century. This is gonna be FUN.

I make the kinds of movies I would like to watch, and I know from experience that if I like something I've made, there are a lot of other people who will too.

AND BUT SO: The idea is to make another fake documentary that is funny and visually striking, with a quick rhythm that sweeps the viewer along through all 100 VERY short films (essentially: 100 short films in under 100 minutes!). I've done it before, but I can't do these kinds of movies without YOUR help--they cost about $10,000 to make, and I can only afford to put in about $5000 of my own money this time around. So let's make a movie!

If you want to know more about my work, you can see more about my previous film on the You, Your Brain, & You website! Clips! Stills! And more!


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