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Everything you need to set your tabletop dungeon apart from the rest - including complete rooms and accessories!
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    1. Kimberly Johnson Creator on

      LOL Benjamin, I knew what you meant. I'll put it on my list and see what time permits!

    2. Benjamin Durbin on

      Ok that was terrible. Here's a better way. Look at the exploded view. Imagine adding some cells to the south side of the 4x3 hallway.

      Use that piece (in any number of multiples) to make more/longer cell walls between the corner cells.

    3. Benjamin Durbin on

      Sure. Instead of another corner block of cells, a straight section of three cells (for example) that you could use to extend the long sides of the total cell block from a big square to a rectangle. You would (of course) need more tiles to fill in the larger area in the center. I haven't sketched it out in graph paper yet but I hope you get the idea.

    4. Kimberly Johnson Creator on

      Benjamin, glad you like the new set! Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by "straight cell block inserts"? I'm not getting a good visual of the concept. Depending on time and work involved, it may be something I want to add at some point.

    5. Benjamin Durbin on

      Ok now you're just reading my mind. I was going to ask for measurements and cell door add-ons and here they are. That exploded view of the cell block is awesome.

      Have you thought about some straight cell block inserts as add-ons, so that folks can build bigger dungeons?

      Normally I am all about versatile pieces, but the cell block is a common enough dungeon theme that I might have to go for it.

      Love the price point on the 4x4 floors, I will definitely be getting several.

    6. Benjamin Durbin on

      That is very cool!

    7. Kimberly Johnson Creator on

      Thanks, Kevin. Hi, Sean. To add this on to an existing pledge, just add the amount (in this case $225 for the entire system) to the existing amount.

    8. Evil Beagle Games on

      How would one add this to an existing, higher pledge?

    9. Kevin Rau (Author of H.E.R.O. novels) on

      Very nice addition! It looks great!