Roar of War - Strategy & Memory Card Game

by Gizco International

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    1. Gizco International 5-time creator on

      @Nic: We haven't planned any addons but we did plan a mini expansion for the game. It won't be an addon but a stretch goal. I'd like to hear what you have in mind for addons though. Thank you

    2. Nic Matlage

      Is there going to be any add ons possible with artwork? I understand if not as it may be a huge hassle to deal with printing posters, postcards, whatever, but was just curious :)

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Roar of War is a tactical card battle game for 2-4 players. You will play as one of the four race leaders and try to locate and defeat your rivals’ King or Queen. Each race has asymmetrical Attack / Defence / Counterattack Powers; therefore, a different strategy applies for each player. You should also try to remember every card as you'll be facing them soon.

Roar of War packs pure Strategy Game mechanics and beautiful art in one box. It's easy to learn and suitable for all ages.

Each additional copy adds 4 more players to the game and enables large team plays.







Play Roar of War on Tabletopia
Play Roar of War on Tabletopia


Before starting a game, each player reviews his/her 24 cards and places 8 of them as shown above.
Before starting a game, each player reviews his/her 24 cards and places 8 of them as shown above.

Goal: The goal is to eliminate your rivals by attacking and defeating their King or Queen cards. The last player with the King/Queen card wins the game.

Gameplay: Player with the Turn Token flips one of his/her 4 top cards and attacks a rival’s desired top card. Players can only attack to a top card of their rival’s pile. (Last Row cards cannot be attacked unless all 24 cards are placed.)  

Each round, players place 4 new cards (1 on top of each of their piles) strategically. Turn token is passed to the next player clockwise each round.  

After 4 rounds, players are left with no cards in their hand and now can attack to their rival's Last Row cards if there are no cards on top of them to protect.

While attacking, the Attack Power of the attacking card and the Defence Power of the defending card are compared.  

- If the Attack Power is equal to or greater than the defending card’s Defence Power, the attacking card wins and the defending card is discarded.

- If the Attack Power is less than the defending card’s Defence Power, the defending card counterattacks. In this case, defending card’s (now the counterattacking card) Counterattack Power and the attacking card’s (now the defending card) Defence Power are compared.

  • If the defending card’s Counterattack Power is equal to or greater than the attacking cards Defence Power, the attacking card is discarded.  
  • If it is lower, player who received the most damage places a Damage Token in front of him. This is determined by comparing the Attack Power of the attacking card and the Counterattack Power of the defending card. If they are equal, both players place a Damage Token.

After attacking, it is the next player’s turn.



Atilgan Asikuzun illustrated 44 character cards for Roar of War. Burak Komurcu was the Art Director of the project and designed the game box and helped with the final card designs & tokens & rulebook. Because of the beautiful illustrations, we will manufacture the game with poker size cards (63.5 × 88.9mm) if we can reach our funding goal. Here are some of the illustrations:


The designing of the cards, the container boxes and the rulebook have been completed. Bilateral discussions have been conducted with the manufacturers.

We will be working with one of the best manufacturers (60.000 units / day capacity) for both the game and the box.  

Designs, rulebook, shipping arrangements are all ready. Now we need your help to make this real.

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We have already made all necessary arrangements, and finalized the designs as stated above.

We'll do our best once again to deliver even before the promised date with the best possible quality. Thank you for your support!

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