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Terence MeghaniBy Terence Meghani
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Terence MeghaniBy Terence Meghani
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, May 16 2018 4:32 PM UTC +00:00

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Design Prototype

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Production Prototype

Appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match the final product.

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In 2018, after over 7 years in the wedding industry, we decided it was time to put our extensive knowledge to good use and create The Wedding Guru: A project with the sole aim of providing a platform to bridge the gap between consumers and vendors worldwide. With a refreshing take on connecting those planning a wedding with trusted industry professionals and with the help of Krazy Media, we are now launching our web-based app to further streamline this vital relationship. The Wedding Guru provides a comprehensive service to both clients and vendors alike; offering clients a dedicated wedding marketplace & providing vendors the opportunity to showcase their business to an active client base.

Clients benefit from access to a dedicated database of products and services to make their wedding planning seamless and straightforward. We offer clients more than just products and services, providing advice and inspiration for all their wedding planning needs. Alongside access to trusted local vendors, our global reach provides greater choice for clients, particularly when planning a wedding abroad. Perhaps most importantly, we ensure only trusted industry professionals are listed, with all vendors subject to stringent verification processes and accreditation by The Wedding Regulators.

Industry professionals benefit from a wide range of advantages; from access to an exclusive client base to dedicated advertising and promotion of your services. Subscription to The Wedding Guru web-based app aims to provide you access to a bespoke market of potential clientele, letting your marketing shine and allowing clients come to you. Perhaps most importantly, we make sure you keep control of your advertising. You pick what - and how - you would like your services listed according to your individual needs. Subscribing to The Wedding Guru also bestows the mark of excellence of The Wedding Regulators, which, alongside our stringent verification process affords you the prestige of being part of a community of trusted industry professionals. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive platform, and actively encourage businesses offering services on the periphery of the wedding industry to join us.

We offer vendors a range of subscription tiers; from our Start-up Guru package to our most comprehensive Royal Guru package, we have a range of commitment levels to suit your needs. Between 5% - 20% of your subscription fees are spent on dedicated advertisement and promotion of your service, so your investment in us is also an investment in you. Best of all we offer a FREE 5-day trial, with access to our Royal Guru package, so why not sign up today and see what The Wedding Guru can do for you. 

Our vision is to extend our reach and cater for all types of event planning; from birthday parties to retirement bashes, and our ultimate aim is to facilitate the connection between client and vendor for all event planning needs.

Risks and challenges

The challenges we face is making sure the Web Based App stays up to date and modern. We aim to implement various features in the future to allow better use interaction between vendor and supplier.

As a Wedding Directory, we'll be faced with marketing issues due to the vast amounts of people and cities we aim to reach.

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