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$814 pledged of $15,000 goal
By Jessica Clayton
$814 pledged of $15,000 goal


Our Story-

Why are we creating this new expansion program?

Since 2009 when Dance Exploration, LLC first began, founder and Director Jessica Clayton had a vision to bring dance to every child, in every school. In six short years, Dance Exploration, LLC has become the premier mobile dance opportunity for schools in the Denver Metro area. Jessica and her team of Dance Educators have really found a key to success in the mobile dance industry and are now ready to set out on their vision to all children in all schools nationwide!

The opportunity will allow for dancers, dance teachers, and early childhood educators with a more affordable opportunity to start and operate a dance business. The Independent Dance Ambassador program will allow interested parties to invest in a three year 'Dance to Learn!'™ Teaching Certification as well as a three year subscription to the 'Dance to Learn!'™ Curriculum website.

Right now the only options for dancers to open a studio are:

1) Make a large investment in renting a space, installing floors, mirrors and then monthly overhead of hiring staff.
2) Purchasing a franchise for $15,000-$50,000 or spending just as much in a licensing deal. 

By creating a more affordable option through a mobile in-school program we can create more opportunities not only for educators but for children who can't afford competitive studio prices. 

Why is dance in schools so important?

Not every child learns the same way. We are not cookie cutter prototypes, therefore children need to be presented with different options when it comes to their learning. Some children just want to move! When in school, they sit in their desks for up to eight hours with a 90 minute break for lunch, recess and gym! It's not enough! With childhood obesity rates across the nation at an all time high, we need more in-school movement opportunities! Dance is a fun alternative to athletics and sports. It provides all the same health benefits but adds the all important factor of creativity and self-expression! Why just move when you could move to tell a story? This is what 'Dance to Learn!'™ is all about!

Thank you for your consideration!

Thank you so much for helping us raise funds to begin our Dance Ambassador Program! Your giving is two-fold and is invaluable to the spread of the 'Dance to Learn!™ Curriculum. This program will be beneficial not only to the numerous school children who will now have the opportunity to dance- an opportunity which may not be immediately available to them otherwise. Your giving also allows the dancers and dance educators who want to spread their love of dance, and don't have the financial stability to open a studio of their own. The Independent Dance Ambassador opportunity will allow these dancers to continue a fulfilling career in dance for many years to come.

How will the money be used?

The money raised will help in kickstarting a marketing campaign to set the stage for multiple dancers to become aware of this incredible opportunity. We are planning on advertising in major dance magazines include Dance, Pointe, Dance Teacher and Dance Spirit Magazines. As well as attending dance competitions and conventions where many dancers and dance teachers frequent.

Secondly, to help scale and prepare for growth, we will be adding some additional staffing including:

Web designer and master to help with the upkeep of the new Curriculum website Ongoing support staff- to help with the upkeep of Ambassador stores, billing, and customer service Trainers- to travel and help in the certification process as the demand for new Dance Ambassadors increases Quality Assurance- A team of individuals to ensure that as the program grows, our quality of classes doesn't falter

Thank you for your continued support in Dance Exploration, LLC and our 'Dance to Learn!'™ Curriculum program.

For more information on our project please visit the 'Dance to Learn!' webiste:

Risks and challenges

Our biggest set back would come with demand of growth. This is our first time starting a Dance Ambassador program and therefore, it comes with many 'What-Ifs?'

What if we have hundreds of dancers bombard us at one time? (it may be wishful thinking- but we believe this opportunity will prove invaluable to many many dancers).

What if we can't update our videos on the curriculum website in a timely manner?

What if I'm needed for a training in two different states at one time, and haven't found appropriate staff to offer adequate training in the certification process?

What if our curriculum website crashes? Will we have enough web support?

What if we certify a Dance Ambassador who doesn't follow our brand expectations and represents our name poorly?

What if people hate us? (Oh so sad- but always a possibility we can't please 100% of people 100% of the time).

If I was afraid of every 'what if', I certainly wouldn't have had a successful business for the past 6 years. I'm committed to Dance Exploration, my staff, my service, my brand. I will continue to be committed to each and every Dance Ambassador that joins in my vision to bring educational dance classes to children in schools. Like I mention in the kickstarter video: I've made mistakes and I will probably make some more- but each mistake is a learning opportunity and I fight to come up with a quick solution and vow to never make the same mistake twice.

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