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HOT like Zack Morris, We call it "All-Purpose" BBQ Sauce because it's versatile. It can used on anything: Tacos, Ribs, Wings, Tofu...
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Ogre Sauce HOT is now for sale & Tijuana Flats hot sauce bar.

Posted by Chris Lawson (Creator)

1. Ogre Sauce HOT is now for sale exclusively at and at Tijuana Flats locations. 

Buy some here.

2. 🌮 Get Ogre Sauce HOT @ Tijuana Flats! 🌮

 Help us get into every Tijuana Flats hot sauce bar in the country by requesting Ogre Sauce HOT from your local manager.

It's easy:

1. Go to your local Tijuana Flats. If we are already on the hot bar, eat up! Tell your friends "Hey, there is free all-you-can-pump Ogre Sauce HOT at Tijuana Flats!". Repeat.

Find out the closest Tijuana Flats location here.

2. If we are not on your local TF's hot sauce bar, just ask the manager to order it and add it. They will. Easy peasy!

3. Eat a crazy amount of tacos with Ogre Sauce HOT on top. Take pictures and share with us.

The person that eats the most tacos with Ogre Sauce HOT at their local Tijuana Flats by the end of October will win $100 worth of Ogre Sauce and tacos on us.

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