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We're making a new album!
"We" is: me, a crew of amazing musicians, and the one person we couldn't do it without - YOU.
We're making a new album! "We" is: me, a crew of amazing musicians, and the one person we couldn't do it without - YOU.
165 backers pledged $10,967 to help bring this project to life.

Change Your Disguise :: New Demo + VIDEO!


It's a lovely morning here in Dallas, and not least because I woke up this morning to see that we're 83% funded!  YAHOO!  Thanks to all of you wonderful backers, we are inching ever closer to the finish line - thank you so much for your support and generosity.

We've uploaded a home video (hmmm.... that sounds weird) this morning... what I mean is, it's a demo of a song that will be on the album, and we made a little video for it.  Nothing fancy, but you do get to see me in a pair of swim goggles, so that's pretty exciting.

Let us know what you think!  And remember, you saw it and heard it here FIRST... because you are a backer!  And that makes you awesome.

love and a little blue cinquecento,


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    1. Missing avatar

      kelli mccrea on September 16, 2011

      love it love it love it. I can't wait to hear the whole album and I love the video.

    2. Liz Poston on September 16, 2011

      I love it Vanessa! I really can't wait for the new album. Congratulations to you, Rip, and your band on everything. I see that you've reached the first goal of $10K - and I believe that you will have more backers before the 9/22 deadline.

    3. Marybeth D'Amico on September 14, 2011

      I absolutely love it! The song is quintessential Vanessa and the video is adorable! Great job guys. You got a good band there too that is not overpowering you...big kudos!

    4. Missing avatar

      Giordano Canonico on September 13, 2011

      Giordano dall'Italia trova carino , originale e godibile il tuo lavoro, come d'altronde ci avevi abituato. Trovare poi una 500 Fiat nel video mi ha fatto sentire ancora di più che sei ....a casa! ....Brava Vanessa , mi piace...

    5. Missing avatar

      Jessica Schunke on September 12, 2011

      Great video and wonderful song! Watching this makes me miss Dallas. :) And shout out to my gray jacket!

    6. Missing avatar

      Julie Leung on September 12, 2011

      Awesome song Vanessa!!!! And what a great video!

    7. Sara Cenni on September 12, 2011

      Great video!!! I love the 500.. it looks very nice and well preserved.

    8. Vanessa Peters Creator on September 11, 2011

      95%. We are so close!! Now we're shooting for $15K. Why not!? The project is gaining momentum ... and I'm planning to take the band on the road to tour this record.... every dollar counts at this point, so keep those pledges coming! $10 at a time will get us there...

      Keep sharing this with your friends! If every backer had a friend who pledged at the $10 level ... we'd be $1300 closer! It's all about word of mouth.

      Thanks for a great weekend - look for another new video this week! xoxo - v

    9. Raymond Steiner on September 11, 2011

      Awesome Vanessa!!!! Love the song and the video. So excited for you!

    10. Vanessa Peters Creator on September 11, 2011

      Hey Stephen, great idea! We'll try to figure out how to make that happen!

    11. Stephen Smith on September 11, 2011

      I like the little blue car. I also really liked the video! Maybe we backers could have a digital download of the video once the album is published! (If that can be done without violating any copyrights, etc.)

    12. Vanessa Peters Creator on September 11, 2011

      We did the outdoor shots super early in the day (most of them anyway)... one, because I was too shy to do it in front of possible onlookers... but mainly because it was 110 degrees outside most days, and even at 7 am it was 85-90 degrees.... bearable, but barely. :)

    13. Jim Williams on September 11, 2011

      That is marvelous! When you filmed the outdoor shots did you draw many gawkers? Girls with guitars always get MY attention...

    14. Missing avatar

      Edward Lopez on September 10, 2011

      Great song and video!

    15. Josh Pearman on September 10, 2011

      Love the song. Love the sound. Love the attitude. Love the FIAT.

    16. Missing avatar

      Anyse Joslin on September 10, 2011

      Finally, my wifi here in Thailand is working and I can see the whole thing! Yes, the living shouldn't play the dead! What a GREAT pearl in thie song!

    17. Catherine Beebe on September 10, 2011

      nice cameo by Rip's car!

    18. Missing avatar

      jstannehill on September 10, 2011

      Upbeat, sounds awesome! Keep the releases coming!

    19. Missing avatar

      Massimo Meregalli on September 10, 2011

      I love your beautiful cinquecento! And this ballad is so nice, it's the real Vanessa that we love.

    20. Missing avatar

      Anyse Joslin on September 10, 2011

      I really LIKE this one! This is both fun as well as quirky (which is part of what makes you so interesting!). I feel that you could actually release this as a video after the release of the album. Thank you for sharing this with us. Hugs. Anyse