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By Alice Taylor
£55.00 pledged of £800 goal


Suburban Peru

The sustainable lifestyles of families in rural Peru are something to admire, differing greatly to western ways of living. 70’s sitcom “The Good Life’ feeds this collection with the juxtaposed differences in lifestyle, combining the suburban routine and glamour of Margo with the ethics of Barbara. The collection encompasses suburban house prints and hand spun, naturally dyed knits, neighbouring Peruvian textiles hand woven by indigenous women in The Andes. These are colliding metaphors of lifestyles which should become the everyday. Barbara and Tom find the good life easy, so why can’t you?

Risks and challenges

Point to Point strives to create sustainable and ethical clothing by constantly promoting an awareness for indigenous crafts around the world. In order to create collections combining these crafts within our own western culture, we need to travel and find communities willing to collaborate. There are endless crafts dying out around the world because they aren't acknowledged or passed down through the generations. We need to celebrate these crafts in order to move forward.

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