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Alex Cook is recording a new CD of spiritual music! 's video poster

Alex's 2009 release, Tree Of Life was a rocker. This will be a group of gentler songs, focusing on the healing message of redemption and forgiveness. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 1, 2010.

Alex's 2009 release, Tree Of Life was a rocker. This will be a group of gentler songs, focusing on the healing message of redemption and forgiveness.

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The more I share this spiritual music the more I understand the importance of togetherness. It is seeing your faces in the audience, smiling, sincere, praying, laughing, that has helped me understand see the deep, spiritual usefulness of this music. I am profoundly changed and grateful because of the interactions, both in words and without, that I have had with folks all over the country. This support has meant more to me than I can really say. In the last year I performed over 70 concerts in 16 states!

This summer I am taking on the wonderful project of recording a new CD of songs about God. Where "Tree Of Life" was the rock/funk songs exploring ideas of voice and listening (see to hear or revisit the album), these new songs are gentler, and exploring themes of redemption, forgiveness, and comfort.

As a teenager I saw a bumper sticker that said "Art Saves Lives". At the time I wondered what that meant. But now, after 15 years as a working artist and musician I have a clear understanding of how God saves lives through the spiritual love communicated through art. In this last year of performing around the country I have been touched again and again by comments like this one,

"The first time I heard your music I was stunned. I couldn't believe the words and the spirit. ...wide eyed and breathtaking... Finding your music is honestly one of the most important gems I have been led to along this way...more than I can say. So safe...and liberating."

In a world filled with expressions that are neither safe nor liberating I long with all my heart to be an instrument for expressions of purity, health, fearlessness, beauty. I look directly to the Divine Source for these expressions, and find that they are being supplied to me.

So, as I behold in my mind's eye my dear community of friends and fellow spiritual adventurers I want to include you and acknowledge your involvement in this new creation.

Recording this cd will cost about $7500. I am setting out to raise $5000 to make it possible.

Here's a breakdown of the costs:

Studio engineering/recording $2000
CD design and duplication $1500
Musicians (lead guitars, bass
drums, flute, backing vocals) $4000

$5000 would require:

200 people at the $25 level
100 people at the $50 level
50 people at the $100 level
10 people at the $500 level
5 people at the $1000 level
One angel at $5000 :)

One of my favorite things in all of life is watching an idea go from being a small, privately held desire, to being full, robust, and serving the world. It has been a blessing beyond words to watch these songs go from being newborn in the spring of 2008 to nationwide tours and playing in your homes, cars, and ipods in 2009. And the wonder continues this year as this fresh batch of spiritual love songs will grow to completion and be shared with the world.

Let's make some pure, beautiful, music of the holy heart!


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    A free signed copy of one of Alex's 2009 releases, "Tree of Life" or, "The Blessing Tree".

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    A pre-released (before the masses) signed copy of the new CD and one of the above CDs.

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    A package of all 3 CDs, signed, as soon as the new one is made.

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    A house concert by Alex if you live in the northeast, or an original signed Alex Cook drawing if you live elsewhere.

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    An original, signed Alex Cook watercolor painting or collage.

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    An original, signed Alex Cook watercolor painting and a house concert by Alex, no matter where you live. And lots of cartwheels and uncontrollable hi-fiving.

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