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$6,585 pledged of $40,000 goal
By VRFavs.com
$6,585 pledged of $40,000 goal

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    1. VRFavs.com Creator on March 30, 2016

      Yes. We will be managing it on our own. The camera will be available for orders on our website WebEyeVR.com

    2. Robert Crandall on March 29, 2016

      So will there be any way to buy this hardware if this project does not get funded?

    3. VRFavs.com Creator on March 16, 2016

      Hey Singh.
      Yes, we are very open to provide as much support as possible for our technology. Seriously.

      Keep in mind that DK1 and DK2 will be different in core electronics and firmware, while they still follow the same purpose. At 180º you get too much of a distortion on the edges. From our perspective it's not worth to fight for additional 20º from what we have now, but to focus on great consumer level product. It's something we are considering for the next generation.
      Full HD resolution is the best option for the camera, there's no issue with it so far.

      You can experiment with lenses and sensors easily at both DK1 and DK2.

      I'll answer on open sourcing a little bit later. We are at CeBit now. There's huge lack of time and good internet over here

    4. Singh Karan
      on March 13, 2016

      Looking forward to this.

      Would the DK 1 backer get support or upgrades to DK 2 or consumer product later on? As it would be nice to have some upgrades down the line.

      Also any plans to change the lens to 180' FOV for DK2 / consumer product. Maybe a stretch goal. Maybe research into making your own?

      Over even better resolution cameras or just a way to make these upgrades our selves?

      Any thoughts on open sourcing it?