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Next Car Game: A Motorsport With Attitude! (Canceled)'s video poster

A demolition racing game with spectacular crashes, realistic driving physics and intense car building from the makers of FlatOut! Read more

pledged of $350,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on November 22, 2013.

A demolition racing game with spectacular crashes, realistic driving physics and intense car building from the makers of FlatOut!

Bugbear Inc.
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Bugbear Inc.

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Racing on a dirt track with the Oculus Rift ;)


Hi all you racers! 

Would you like to see Oculus Rift support in Next Car Game ?

We think it would be awesome! What about you? 

The perfect racing setup?
The perfect racing setup?


    1. Creator Jacob P Duffy on November 22, 2013

      Funding canceled? What's going on?

    2. Creator Silver Ace on November 20, 2013

      I must say, I am looking forward to this game very much, so keep up the good work!! As for OR support, yes if it does not detract from other more important aspects of the game. It would also be great to have Freetrack support if possible, seeing as trackIR is pricey. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
      Again, Keep at it! We all have waited a long time for the real 'FO3' experience!
      - Ace -

    3. Creator Eddie Helmer on November 19, 2013

      I'd like to see Oculus Rift included if the game itself doesn't have to suffer from it.
      I am interested in the consumer product and it looks like a very good product including uses beyond gaming.
      I would like to know more about the timing of the two and possible price for the Oculus Rift.

    4. Creator Andreas Wilcox on November 18, 2013

      Yes, oh, yes please.

    5. Creator SoundstormVFX on November 18, 2013


    6. Creator Peter Bartlam on November 18, 2013

      And trackIR please :)

    7. Creator Philipp Schaber on November 18, 2013

      Yes please please! I tried the rift HD prototype with some racing game demo, and it was awesome already. Also, especially games where you are located in some kind of cockpit are very well suited for the rift. Definitely my favourite extra feature for Next Car Game.

    8. Creator scrub_AUT on November 18, 2013

      I habe the Rift and Racing is awesome.. Once you tried it, you cannot go back to a normal Monitor-Setup. Yes Please!

    9. Creator Nickolay Malyukov (deleted) on November 18, 2013

      Doesn't matter. I don't like 3D and don't plan to buy OR this time.

    10. Creator StarJumper on November 17, 2013

      Anyone else worried about the low pace of new pledges?

    11. Creator PsyKo on November 17, 2013

      Yep it would be nice :)

    12. Creator St. Jimmy on November 17, 2013

      Well why not! TrackIR and other head tracking devices support is always welcome.

    13. Creator Rémy Guttin on November 17, 2013

      Yes it would be awesome ! I really hope that your project will be funded !

    14. Creator Clownstrike on November 17, 2013

      (Of course, OR support IS a marketing tactic. I just don't think it's strong enough to get the other 10,000 backers we need!)

    15. Creator Clownstrike on November 17, 2013

      Honestly, don't waste your resources right now. I'd really love to see your project get funded! Put whatever you have toward some sort of marketing tactic. Release the demo now if you have to. Whatever it takes to get the green flag! See how OR sales go and add later if it makes sense.

    16. Creator snowdon_u_mad on November 17, 2013

      But I'd love to have the DRM-free game and LAN support as well, to be honest.

    17. Creator snowdon_u_mad on November 17, 2013

      There's some sense in it I think, but I don't have one.

    18. Creator matthias sweertvaegher on November 17, 2013

      no, that would be SUPER awesome :)

    19. Creator niyou on November 17, 2013

      same like TuZhao: nice idea - more important is LAN supoprt

    20. Creator Chris on November 17, 2013

      I don't own an Oculus Rift. I think an Oculus Rift has its strength in ego-shooters. Better put the effort into making another good crash car game.

    21. Creator Lauri Levälehto on November 17, 2013

      It would be awsome!

    22. Creator TuZhao on November 17, 2013

      Of couse! Oculus Rift support in this game would be reason enough to buy the device :) But please don't forget: LAN support first, then Rift.

    23. Creator Nakano on November 17, 2013

      Not really interested in Oculus Rift, 3D support or other new technology features (like more old-school features such as split screen+AI opponents and PS3 platform, but I am a minority here). But if it isn't too much extra work and there seems to be interest, Oculus Rift might be a good feature to include.

    24. Creator Nicolas Rigal on November 16, 2013

      It would be awesome !!

      But the project is not going to ends up at 350 000$ right ?

    25. Creator stevening on November 16, 2013

      This would be very awesome. Please do Oculus Rift support.

    26. Creator Fabio Trotta on November 16, 2013

      Better support more platforms before that feature.
      PS4 > Mac > Windows for me.
      After that OR support would be nice.

    27. Creator Marin / Petard on November 16, 2013

      LAN support then Oculus Rift then getting drunk while racing for ultimate LAN hilarity.

    28. Creator Ben Archer on November 16, 2013

      Yes, Rift support is critical. Also, the welds on that cage are horrible. Whoever passed that through safety is a criminal ;)

    29. Creator Benjamin Sanborn on November 16, 2013

      I'd rather have Oculus Rift support than any other feature you're planning.

    30. Creator Johannes Taxacher on November 16, 2013

      it's on top of my must-have-list. as soon as the consumer version is available next year I'll get one - so: definitely yes!

    31. Creator Teppo Hytönen on November 16, 2013

      Well duh, obviously!

    32. Creator Dennis van der Pool on November 16, 2013

      I just played 2 levels of Flatout 1 with the Rift using vorpX beta driver and Logitech G25 race wheel. I do not have head tracking and can't see cockpit, but it's still awesome. So for me a DEFINITE YES for native Oculus Rift support :-)

    33. Creator Erikvdb on November 16, 2013

      Yes, please. The Oculus Rift works exceptionally well in genres where you're strapped into a cockpit. I think that race/fly games will dominate the VR market in its early stage, because it will take a while for devs to figure out how to properly convert or re-invent other genres. Being part of that first wave of Rift-enabled games can really benefit sales, which in turn benefits the size of the online community. And it'd just be an amazing experience ;)

    34. Creator Space Monkey on November 16, 2013

      I'll get a consumer version of the Occulus Rift at release, so YES, playing a game from you with OR would be awesome!

    35. Creator Naomi Baron on November 16, 2013

      I'd rather have LAN support than support for the Oculus Rift.

      I can't afford the Oculus Rift anyway, so I'd rather see that you make the game better or add more content, then add support for devices that are only owned by a few.

    36. Creator Lenny Bliss on November 16, 2013

      Would like to see it supported.

      Would LOVE to see it come with an Oculus :)

    37. Creator Steven Becker on November 16, 2013

      You dare asking if we want awesome features supported! Come on... :-)

    38. Creator Cronson on November 16, 2013