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Same small town, even bigger secrets... and funerals. Join Lillian as the epic tale of fantasy, horror and forbidden romance returns.
Same small town, even bigger secrets... and funerals. Join Lillian as the epic tale of fantasy, horror and forbidden romance returns.
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An update NOT to miss

Posted by Charlie Stickney (Creator)

Hello White Ashians,

We have so much exciting news to share with you today, but first, a shipping update.

As of this post, we are just nigh of 90% completed. If you live in the United States you most likely have your books. If you don’t, you will by early next week (at the absolute latest).

If you live outside the United States, a lot of you already have your comics. But government red tape is not being kind to us.  Several of our packages have sat in the Los Angeles branch of US customs for over 10 days after being mailed, before beginning their journey out of the country. So if you’re outside the US and you don’t have your books, November may be a more likely target date. Which, considering November was the ship date we initially promised on our Kickstarter campaign, isn’t too bad of a revised delivery window.

Speaking of Kickstarters…

That’s right, the climax of our first story arc, the 40 page White Ash: Chapter Four is launching in less than two weeks. I know a few of you received a notice that we were considering launching on October 29th, but we’ve pushed one week in order to make sure we get things just right. Team Ash has some really exciting surprises in store for you this time around that we’re just bursting to tell you about. But we’ve got to wait just a little bit longer. What we can tell you is we’ll once again have first day, early-bird specials and limited-edition exclusive rewards. Last campaign, several of these tiers sold out on day one. So please, circle November 5th on your calendar if you want to have your pick of White Ash goodies.

But while we’re on the subject of White Ash goodies, there’s another campaign that recently launched on Kickstarter. Kevin Joseph is back with Tart #7, his ongoing series about a time-traveling demon hunter.

Charlie here — if you’ve been around for a couple of our Kickstarters, you’ve probably heard us mention Tart before. Kevin is a old friend of mine and of White Ash’s. He’s often singing our praises online and it’s nice when we get a chance to return the favor and tell you about what a fun, sexy jaunt through time Tart is. But this isn’t one of your normal kickstarter plugs, oh no. See, Kevin is so convinced you’ll like Tart, he’s letting me give away the first three issues FOR FREE to all our White Ash backers. (That's right, for free)


So give them a read, and if you like Tart and want to back Kevin’s campaign, we have another special treat for you. See back in the day, before Lillian met Aleck, she took a little road trip/lake trip and happened to run into a certain time-traveling demon hunter. And Conor Hughes has captured a snapshot from that moment in this exclusive print.

And you can get a copy of that print for free by backing Kevin’s campaign at the $16 dollar tier or higher.  Just make a pledge and then when the campaign is over and surveys are sent out, enter the codeword "Lillian" when prompted and Kevin will slip the print in with your book.  It's that simple.

What's also simple is that we've been blown away by your continued support of our comic. All of us at Team Ash have been thrilled to hear how much you have been enjoying the books and we've been loving seeing the pictures on Instagram and twitter of our packages arriving safely at their destinations. To quote a comment from Ken, one of our amazing backers, we take pride in our "fortress-like packaging." It takes a bit more time for us to get each White Ash bundle out the door, but we know we've given them their best shot of arriving at their destination safely. 

So for the few of you who still don't have your books yet, they're on their way. Keep your eyes on your mailboxes and customs willing, they'll be full sooner than later. We'll be back with another update with some more revels about our Kickstarter launch next week. Till then...

Thank you,

Charlie, Conor and Fin

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      Thanks for the Tart freebie! Their campaign caught my eye so I'll be sure to take advantage of that gift

    2. Jákup Fuglø

      Joke's on you, I'm already a backer :P