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Same small town, even bigger secrets... and funerals. Join Lillian as the epic tale of fantasy, horror and forbidden romance returns.
Same small town, even bigger secrets... and funerals. Join Lillian as the epic tale of fantasy, horror and forbidden romance returns.
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Posted by Charlie Stickney (Creator)

We did it! Stretch Goal #1, #2 AND #3 are already UNLOCKED (and we haven’t even had a chance to reveal # 3 yet). First of all, thank you. The enthusiasm and pace of the support for White Ash is incredibly humbling. For sure, Conor, Fin and I think our little town is the bees’ knees, but we’re thrilled you all might be leaning in that direction too.

So, what are we getting now?

Well, everyone receiving something in the P.G.O.F.M. (Physical, Good Old-Fashioned Mail) will now get a 6x9 card stock print of Conor’s Thank You From Team Ash. You’ll also get the Glarien Card.

And because one card seems a little paltry, with Stretch Goal # 3, Traded Again unlocked, Conor’s going to draw two more cards, Gunther and Kyle. So that’s 3 cards for those of you backing at the lower levels and 9 cards (3 new + 6 from the last campaign) for those at the Print Catch Up and higher tiers.

So what’s next?

Well, at $15,000 it’s time for another Deluxe PDF. For those of you new to White Ash, with our deluxe books, we really try to go above and beyond in opening up the hood and providing the thought process behind how we make the comics. If you want a taste of a bit of that insight, check out this FABULOUS PODCAST featuring Fin Cramb as he breaks down his approach to coloring a page. Also this time around in addition to providing the full script, Charlie will break down some of the process he uses to create the motion videos at the beginning of Kickstarter video.

After that…

We’re going to add three more stretch goals at $17,00, $19,000 and… if we can get there… we’ll have a HUGE one for $22,000


So please help us get there so we can maximize your White Ash experience. Share the campaign with your comic book loving friends. We’re building something special here and we’d love to get as many people to our little town as possible.

And that’s really the wonderful thing about Kickstarter. By being on the platform, we get to find and meet such an amazing group of people to share White Ash with. Kickstarter has created the new viable distribution model for independent comics. And no creator I know is taking advantage of it like Felipe Cagno. If you don’t know Felipe, you should check him out now. He’s back on kickstarter with his 9th project, The Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand Part 1

The one-liner is: Five kids are mysteriously transported to a fantasy world filled with magic and airships must find a mythical lost city to return home.

All of Felipe’s projects have been incredibly successful, amazing looking books. From his apocalyptic western series The Few and Cursed to more nuanced romantic fare like Too Good to be True, Felipe just tells tales that entertain. Based on his track record, I’m sure that The Lost Kids will be another worthy addition to his collection.

Wherever this post finds you this weekend, know how grateful Conor, Fin and I are for all the support.  We really couldn't do any of this without you.

Thank you again, we wish you very best,

Team Ash (AKA Charlie, Conor and Fin)


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    1. Christian T Howard on

      Yes more cards!!! And congrats team ash