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Same small town, even bigger secrets. Join Aleck and Lillian as the epic tale of fantasy, horror and forbidden romance returns.
Same small town, even bigger secrets. Join Aleck and Lillian as the epic tale of fantasy, horror and forbidden romance returns.
Same small town, even bigger secrets. Join Aleck and Lillian as the epic tale of fantasy, horror and forbidden romance returns.
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Almost done.


Hello White Ashians,

Conor, Fin and I wanted to give you a quick status update on the shipping for the Chapter One/Two rewards. At this point, all the domestic rewards that we have addresses for, have shipped. So if you live in the United States and you haven’t received your rewards and we haven’t reached out to you personally, please get in contact with us ASAP so we can get you your books.

As for the international rewards, we’re almost done shipping those out as well… though a good batch just went out this week. We anticipate getting the last of the international shipments out of the door by the middle of next week. Rest assured, they are on their way. So If you live outside the United States and haven’t received your rewards by the end of August, please let us know and we’ll track them down.

Apologies again, as printing delays, SDCC and the sheer amount of backers impacted our shipping pipeline more than we anticipated. We’re going to get some help for the Chapter Three campaign fulfillment, so Charlie isn’t on his own and can get the books out quicker next time around.

Speaking of Chapter Three, thank you again to all of you who have backed our current Kickstarter. If you haven’t, you still have five days left. We’ve hit a whole bunch of stretch goals and there are now a slew of extra rewards included in the campaign from a spot varnish on the Funeral cover... exclusive prints and a new set of trading cards.  

We're really fortunate to have such an incredible group of backers.  When we were at San Diego Comic Con, other creators kept asking us, "how do you have such successful Kickstarters?" The truth is while there are several factors that can contribute, only one really matters, do your backers like/believe in what you're making and do they come back for more?  And you have.  This means everything to us.  You've helped us take 6 preview pages and a couple of lines and turn it into a successful comic book series.  

Thank you. 

Wishing you all the best,

Charlie, Conor and Fin (AKA Team Ash)

Thank you, again!


Dear White Ashians,

Conor, Fin and I just want to thank you for turning out in such epic force on day one of our kickstarter for Chapter Three.  We're tearing up the KS charts and it's all because of  you.  The first day surge makes a HUGE difference on the platform, so thank you, thank you.

Knowing that so many of you have already joined us for Chapter Three, it almost feels silly posting this, but we don't want any of you to miss out, if you want to get a copy of the the book. So White Ash public service announcement, for the next 20 hours.... we're still offering an early-bird rate on Chapter Three. After that, the tier will go away.

But really thank you.  We've said it before, but it's truer now than it's ever been, we couldn't do this without you.

All the very best,

Charlie and the rest of Team Ash (Conor and Fin)



White Ash 03 is LIVE!

We've got a bunch of day one and two, early-bird specials on The Book and Print Catch-Up Packs.  Along with our SDCC cosplay variant cover, we have some really cool rewards to show you. We hope you'll join us and help us get Chapter Three of to an amazing start.

Thank you again, we couldn't do any of this without you.

All the best,

Charlie, Conor and Fin (AKA Team Ash)

Shipping Update


Hello White Ashians,

Hopefully by now, many of you have received your packages from us.  Charlie's been a one man shipping station, working overtime to get your books out. At this point, 90% of all domestic packages have shipped.  So if you live in the United States and don't have your books yet, they should be there by early next week.  The only exception to this is if you're waiting for a signed comic. Those take a bit longer as they have to go to Conor first.  But the goal is by the end of next week to have those delivered as well.

If you're overseas, thank you for your patience.  We (and by we, we mean Charlie) are shipping those as well. It just takes a bit longer to fill out the customs forms and obviously the transit time is increased.  But hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, White Ash should start showing for you too.

However on Monday, White Ash returns to Kickstarter for everyone with Chapter Three.  And we're so excited about it, we wanted to share a sneak peek with you of one of the really cool offerings we're going to have this time around. In honor of White Ash exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con next month, Conor and Fin have created an amazing Cosplay Variant Cover.

These are going to be a SDCC exclusive, only sold at the convention.  But since we wouldn't be at the convention without you, our Kickstarter backers, Conor and Charlie have volunteer to "buy" a few and offer them up as rewards.  These will be limited, so if they catch your eye, check out our campaign on Monday, as we're guessing they'll go fast. We're also going to have a bunch of other early-bird specials. So come join us for the party on July 9th, 12pm EST.

In the meantime, if you're looking for another Kickstarter party to attend, I recommend sneaking over and checking out the Sneaky Goblins. 

Already funded, and heading towards some cool stretch goals, the tale of the assassin school dropout comes from Disney character animator Rene Pfitzner. It's fun, its got a great video, and totally worth checking out. 

Thanks again.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the shipping.

See you on Monday everyone,

Charlie, Conor and Fin (AKA Team Ash)



Hello White Ashians,

Feast your eyes on these...

Thanks to you and all your support, the comics have arrived and they look spectacular. 


Starting tomorrow, just in time to reach the tail-end of our promised June delivery date, we will begin shipping out the books. For most of you in the United States, your rewards should arrive in the next 1-2 weeks (hopefully sooner). If you're overseas, I'd expect them in the next 3-4 weeks (again, hopefully sooner).  But you never know how suspicious customs will think our packaging looks.

You can rest assured however, that you'll be the only one resting until all the rewards are out.  Which is the only reason we feel comfortable (and INCREDIBLY excited) about announcing the following...

Yep, in two weeks, on MONDAY, JULY 9th, White Ash will be back on KS with Chapter Three. As is our custom, we'll have loads of early-bird, day-one deals.  They're our way of saying Thank You to our returning backers. So if you're enjoying White Ash, and would like to continue supporting the book, please put the 9th in your calendar and join us then. 

But before we disappear into shipping madness, there are two cool projects currently on Kickstarter we'd love to share with you, starting with...

Billed as a John Wick-style revenge odyssey about the titan searching for the stolen Flame of Knowledge, Ryan Little's Prometheus is a gorgeous-looking book, drawn by Chris Shehan.  They've got another two weeks or so on Kickstarter and are heading for some cool stretch goals. So check them out.

On the other end of the tonal spectrum, from long-time and certifiably insane friend of White Ash, Clay Adams comes...

Yes, this is silliness. "48 pages of absurd comedy" to quote the kickstarter.  But sometimes, that's just what you need to scratch that funny bone itch.  So if you feel like laughing or scratching, you've got 5 days left to check out the Re-Fried Comics Kickstarter

All right, we're off to begin the packing/shipping marathon.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  We're so incredibly excited to get you your books. We couldn't have done any of this without you.

Really, we couldn't.

All the very best,

Charlie, Conor and Fin (Team Ash)